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Maru ([personal profile] yakalskovich) wrote2014-01-02 05:26 pm

Doable New Year's resolutions 2014


  1. I will not grow a garden in my bathroom.
  2. I will not pursue plans to be turned into a vampire.
  3. I will not slaughter any arch-enemy of mine just to make tandoori liver.
  4. I will not buy a motorcycle for my Little Lady.
  5. I will not paint my cats' claws magenta.
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[personal profile] paceisthetrick 2014-01-03 02:09 am (UTC)(link)
These are most excellent!

Mine are more modest.

I shall check into Unfucking My Habitat once monthly to see if I can restore order to my house.

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But the boys would look very nice in magenta.
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well there is that aspect of nail painting. I thought Lucifer paid on his back and loved pedicures?
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You should see my Stella (pit bull). We lie on top of her while my assistant trainer grasps her paw and tries to clip. The other day my landlord was driving past and just stared. I'm sure it does look rather odd...
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We wouldn't get her nails clipped? Which would be fine except that she weighs 68 pounds and is under the impression that she is a lap dog. :)
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i think pit bull claws must be ultra-durable. My dog is at the barn 10 hours a day, 7 days a week and let me assure you -- they are worthy of a hand model!