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Les Misérables 1978 version -- running commentary

  • This Valjean speaks American English while  everybody else seems to speak British -- that jars. Majorly!
  • Cool boots, Javert!
  • Perkins!Vert is oddly Snape-like
  • The way he notices Valjean and keeps looking daggers at him -- that is so full of Foe Yay from the very start! I see what [personal profile] fightingthecage meant by saying he's the gayest Javert.
  • Considering Anthony Perkins' biography on Wikipedia, I can't believe that isn't intentional. He has the hots for Valjean from the start, hates the fact because he despises convicts and basically everybody, and the story will spin out from this, I suppose.
  • The camera in this movie is wobbly as it pans and zooms. Boo, hiss!
  • It's ridiculously easy for Valjean to run away.
  • Why is Toulon an old castle and a quarry, by the way?
  • That Javert glares very prettily and Snape-like.
  • Ugh, WTF, poor Valjean is going crazy?
  • Oh, the eyebrow thing and all that blinking and eye-shifting! And now, Javert stares in horror at where Valjean vanished into the water, never to emerge again!
  • The way Valjean runs is plainly ridiculous. This entire Valjean is plainly ridiculous so far, say sorry.
  • Why doesn't he hack off that riciulous hair already?
  • Why does the bishop speak with a French accent??
  • Wrong name!! Does that start again here??
  • And another subtly wrong name! Stop with that already.
  • Now Javert seems to be speaking in American as well...
  • Here comes a dark-haired Fantine devoid of any backstory.
  • And again with the eyebrows, now with a bit of nice grey in them.
  • This is literally from the Brick, now.
  • **smoulder**
  • This version of Fantine looks like a zombie stricken with the bubonic plague.
  • Passion, huh?
  • Wrong name!!
  • Javert has this strange habit of saying 'People do this and that' here that I have seen in Milliways!Javert, which means 'Do this or that!' in a very impersonal, dissociated manner.
  • Any Valjean seems to come into his own as Cosette's dad -- this one, too.
  • No Éponine -- again!
  • Javert has grown old -- and I must say, for once, the aging works quite well. Most attempts to age actors by makeup overdo it hopelessly.
  • There is a spontaneous barricade, and random shooting -- the entire background of the June Uprising is missing! As are, apparently, the Thénardiers.
  • Wrong address!
  • OMG, Cosette has the typical messy teenager bedroom!
  • They blow up the barricade several times, but it is always standing again in the next shot.
  • Why Monsieur Madeline again now, though?
  • Nice bondage thingger.-
  • Once they finally bother talking to each other honestly, they do connect. Oh Javert, you should just have talked to him a lot earlier, and all would have been well and slashy ever after.
  • That was so totally a dummy they dropped into the river. And why throw him over a railing when there was, for once, a perfectly nice parapet?
  • Wedding, the end. That's what you get from having no Thénardiers. The Thénardiers are important, apart from the fact that Hugo himself says that Madame Thénardier sitting, not standing, is the pivotal point of the story, and iif she had stood, the entire story that followed would have evaporated. That might be a fun AU to write about...
  • Well, yes, nice Javert, that one. But I think my favourite non-musical adaptation is still the one with Malko!vert.

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