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Maru ([personal profile] yakalskovich) wrote2014-01-21 05:17 pm

Sleepy Hollow S.1 finale -- running commentary

So, after Wikipedia threw a major spoiler at me as I wwas looking up the SH episodes this morning because how could that have been the finale already -- I am going to do a running commentary on this because I'm worried now...

  • Episode starts with Ichabod's voicemail and his wrestling with autocomplete and/or speech recognition -- that is, Ichabod cutely and humorously trying to wrestle modern things. That one is a staple opener by now; I hope they find variations on that for next season. It is cute, but gets old.
  • To Ichabod, Washington is 'General Washington', the man he worked for and with, not 'George Washington' the USian founding legend he later became.
  • Why is everybody dislocating their thumbs to escape handcuffs now? That shit HURTS! Well, on the other hand, that fellow is a zombie.
  • How did the man add ten verses to an already priinted bible, though??
  • I am so worried that Katrina is going to do something evil or turn out to have been misleading Ichabod for some reason. And I will be so angry at the show if it pulls that one.
  • What does keep all the demons and things in Sleepy Hollow?
  • And Abbie is worried about Ichabod turning on her -- lots of distrust here.
  • Washington's sekrit tomb is a masonic temple with classicist allusions -- it looks fitting.
  • But who would have built the thing?
  • Ichabod will keep the map in his mind as he has an eidetic memory -- which Abbie knows! So the show and bathos he puts on is for Henry Parrish.
  • Dear Ichabod, for drawing, you will want a sharper pencil.
  • Awwww that tiny hopeful smile on his face!
  • And they both get wish fulfilment dreams where everything is 'back to normal before everything went crazy'.
  • Now I finally see Katrina doing her magic -- she puts a twig in her hand and divines where something is!
  • Parallel Earth with extra bonus eclipse.
  • Can't trust whom??? **wibbles**
  • That was the 1999 eclipse when the second horseman woke and Abbie and Jenny saw Moloch!
  • WTF??????
  • Okay, to sum this up: Abbie is now in purgatory, in a replica of her childhood dollhouse, captive alongside a younger version of herself; Jenny has been in an accident; Katrina is back on Earth, but captured by the horseman, Irving has gone to jail to protect his daughter, Ichabod is imprisoned in Jeremy's coffin six feet under, and Jeremy/Henry is War and has broken the second seal. Abbie can only leave purgatory if somebody else comes to take her place, Katrina is being a terrible damsel, the story of Jeremy just got even more horrible if that is possible, and everybody is totally fucked. Wait for the first episode of the second season to unfuck them and go back to the usual setup.
  • Kate, I think we should go through canon really, really slowly because we don't want them hanging on like that for too long.

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