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Maru ([personal profile] yakalskovich) wrote2015-04-17 01:36 pm

Vikings 3x09 reaction post

Flailing, so much flailing!! This is my running commentary:
  • Oh damn, Ragnar is really peeing massive amounts of blood -- that means severe internal inuries!
  • Floki has stopped wearing clothes at all?
  • That attack is entirely conducted by shieldmaidens -- go Lagertha!
  • Corridor of Doom has Barrel of Doom!
  • Princess Gisela is positively drooling at Rollo!
  • Ragnar: spitting blood and seeing things!
  • "Don't abandon me!" **sniffle** And then, monsters come, and Odin! We will have to do something with that in Milliways.
  • Ansgar von Bremen, of course!! Completely historical. He's the one who wrote about Uppsala and all that.
  • That Earl Monsterbeast has a rough sense of humour.
  • What the fuck, Ecbert??
  • Ragnar is in a majorly bad way!
  • Shakespeare's histories and tragedies have nothing on the fucked-up royals of Wessex!
  • OMG Ragnar!!
  • Yes, he would totally do that for Athelstan -- also, one of the leaders getting baptized was historically always a major selling point for peace treaties in that context. Ragnar's baptism isn't purely emotional; it is a sound political decision. And moving as hell because of all the emotional background with Athelstan. Oh my feels!!!!!
Now, this will mean a number of things for how we handle that in Milliways when the time comes.-

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[personal profile] bjornwilde 2015-04-17 05:08 pm (UTC)(link)
My Rollo voice can't help but comment, "So, I can lead you into things." in regards to the baptism. = p

Also, did you catch Ragnar's baptismal name? Just curious.

And was that monster thing a doppelgänger?