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Spoileriffic Vikings 3x10 reaction post -- "The Dead"

 I made myself some really nice lunch and will now proceed to have my heart completely mangled. **wibbles**

  • Travis Fimmel's comments beforehand that went around on tumblr were miserably unhelpful, of course!
  • No Linus Roach on the Villain Rock once more...
  • Nobody questions why Ragnar wants to go to heaven and be with Athelstan -- it's only just "Christian king, unthinkable, etc." Isn't it obvious Ranar would join any religion whatsoever just to get him back? Christianity is purely incidental!
  • ROFLMAOPIP -- Count Odo has a dungeon! Proper BDSM! Including something of a safe word! **giggles**
  • I would have loved to see that conversation between Floki and Ragnar -- we must OOM that when the time comes. Poor Floki, though.
  • He's dead??!?!?
  • OMG Floki -- I never saw that one coming! He killed Athelstan out of jealousy, because Ragnar loved him unconditionally and hardly ever looked at Floki. Now his way of chafing at that normalcy with Helga, and his disdain for that happiness, makes more sense.
  • Why are the pall-bearers all nobodies?
  • This is wrong -- the arches are Gothic.
  • WHAT???
  • Nope, not dead!
  • Björn was in on it -- not the others!
  • They are paying attention to what MedievalPOC has to say -- there is a lady-in-waiting at the wedding who is definitely dark brown, just casually in the crowd.
  • Gisela: **long speech about how Rollo is an animal and she'd rather fuck a burning maypole or so, yadda yadda** Rollo: "Ohai, I learned your language!"
  • OMG when he finally does get to see Athelstan again, Ragnar will so be in the doghouse for using his own burial to actually conquer the city!
  • Rule with your head, not your heart -- indeed!
  • Floki neither says yes nor no -- what a cliff-hanger to leave us on!!
  • Björn, a polar bear, and lots of snow. Is he going to Iceland as well? Will he get to live in 871 +/- 2 just as I wanted?
  • Also, I don't think Ragnar will survive much longer than the first or second episode of season 4 -- on the way home from France, Wikipedia says, his ships came off course, and he fell into the hands and ultimately snake pit of King Aelle.
  • He might yet get to see or at least know about Alfred, though, and perhaps even tell Judith that Athelstan is dead.
  • However shall we deal with this in Millliways -- we are totally left hanging! Worse than Hannibal!
  • I do think that Ragnar meant it when he was baptized; see the visions before etc. However, when time passed and he realised he was neither dying nor getting better, he may have hatched a plan.
  • Interesting, though, that the Vikings just took what they wanted and then left. They made a point and didn't do much damage. "You tricked them and stole their things" is a much milder accusation to make than "You tricked them and burned, killed and raped". The former, Athelstan may easily forgive in heaven.
  • Those embarrassing things people told Ragnar's 'last boat' -- Lagertha is rather sweet, giving away she still loves Ragnar, but Floki gave himself away as Athelstan's killer by what he said. Now they must all live with having told Ragnar to his face (in a way) what they meant to say to his dead body.
  • I think banishment for Floki, and him taking his best ship and properly discovering and naming Iceland, is very likely after this.
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