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Maru ([personal profile] yakalskovich) wrote2015-08-22 02:15 pm

Hannibal 3.12

So, Saturday brunch with 'Hannibal'!

  • Agency!!
  • Good morning, Will! This realisation has taken you how long? Three years? Four?
  • Bryan Fuller is apparently all out of fucks to give & out to beat Vikings in the degree of canonisation of the main m/m pairing driving the show
  • Second hand rape threats are SO not cool, Chilton! Not even towards Hannibal.
  • "Fate has a way of writing the ending" -- and yep, fate avenges itself for the non-cool threat and takes Chilton, not Freddie!!
  • They are actually doing the fiery wheelchair thing over again??
  • And next week, finale! The very last episode ever, as far as we can tell now. Well, Fuller won't kill off Will or Hannibal, in case it ever does get picked up after all. We still might get to see what Lee Pace makes of Jamie Gumb... **hopes fervently**