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Who to app next in Milliways?

I feel the strong need to get myself a consistently playable female character that kicks some ass. Madame Thénardier from Les Mis isn't really doing anything, and I'd like to replace her with somebody a bit more interactive.

So, likely candidates (despite misgivings and doubts about each of them, but that is the usual thing with me):
  • Dot from Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (even though i only get the first season yet on Netflix here)
  • Magdalena Kuisl, the Hangman's Daughter (here I am with yet another charrie from a historical novel written in German)
  • Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black (which I am getting hooked on now I have Netflix -- but can I do her American-ness justice?)

So, anybody from Milliways who sees this -- any preferences due to your own charries and plots and fandom favourites?
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I just shrieked in absolute delight at the prospect of you picking up Alex. For the past few weeks, I have been rolling around in the first season of OITNB, and for the past few days, I have been entertaining the idea of creating a journal for Piper. (I am an enormous fan of Piper Kerman; her memoir is brain-searingly wonderful.) The show treats the source material with an intense level of respect, and I am enamored with just how much care has been put into the entire production of the series.

I don't know if I could/would be brave enough to actually app Pipes to the bar, but I would be all kinds of ecstatic to sandbox with you, should you want or need someone to bounce Alex off of.
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I just finished the first season a few days back, and am planning on starting the second this weekend. I am so damn impressed with all the attention to detail, and the intense amount of love that is so apparent in every aspect of the creative process, from the writing and casting to the acting and mindfulness of the fact that while these women are inmates, they are also still human.

Alex is my favorite; Laura Prepon is straight-up phenomenal. I adore how nuanced she is, especially in contrast to Piper, who is just a hot freaking mess. (Hah, the dryer! ♥! Poor Alex.)

Ooh, I do not yet have a name in mind. I will have to thinky-think, m'dear; as soon as I've hit upon a possibility or three, you will be the first to know.
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By which I mean, naturally, this will be amazing.

I am about to scoot out to do some grocery shopping and errand-type things, but there will be much ruminating along the way. <333
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Ahh, enjoy the read! It is tremendous; she is a smart, savvy lady with a lot to say about the literal and figurative confines of the U.S. federal justice system. Calling her writing incisive and relevant and resonant does not begin to convey just how fantastic or on-point it truly is.

But, before I devolve into a fangirly blob: user names! I have been a-thinking, and I like rhymes_with_sniper (or rhymeswithsniper), or possibly thepipebomb for Piper. (My first choice, simply pipes, is taken.) As for ideas for Alex? So far, the only thing that has stuck is secretary_glasses (or secretaryglasses, of course), because that is how Piper describes her to someone at one point. That is only a single idea, though, so don't let that box you in, by any means, okay? I'm going to keep brainstorming for the both of us.

[ Edited to add this dubious gem @ 9:52 p.m. EST: I must preface this by saying this may be the worst idea! But! If I wound up going with rhymeswithsniper (or the same with underscores), and you wanted to name Alex's journal in the same vein, rhymeswithboss would be a little bit hilarious. I think maybe I like it for comedy's sake, but I don't know if I like-it like it. /ridiculous nattering ]
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