yakalskovich: (Mun and pups)
Maru ([personal profile] yakalskovich) wrote2016-09-20 03:33 pm

Who to app next in Milliways?

I feel the strong need to get myself a consistently playable female character that kicks some ass. Madame Thénardier from Les Mis isn't really doing anything, and I'd like to replace her with somebody a bit more interactive.

So, likely candidates (despite misgivings and doubts about each of them, but that is the usual thing with me):
  • Dot from Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (even though i only get the first season yet on Netflix here)
  • Magdalena Kuisl, the Hangman's Daughter (here I am with yet another charrie from a historical novel written in German)
  • Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black (which I am getting hooked on now I have Netflix -- but can I do her American-ness justice?)

So, anybody from Milliways who sees this -- any preferences due to your own charries and plots and fandom favourites?

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