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Picture taken by my visitor from Atlanta who is [livejournal.com profile] cracicotus on LJ; bedspread was a gift from my friends at the Morningstar Manor else!game, chosen by [personal profile] essayel.
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Remember me mentioning 'Morningstar Manor', that old else!game where I played with Sal, Clare and some others who might still read this, which was ripped off by '666 Park Avenue', which in turn died an ignominious death after a few episodes on ABC last season, so I'm not even angry at its existence any more?

Remember Andras, the character who turned into my main character there, the photographer for whose PB I used Russell Brand? And how he was always bemoaning the fact that he had such a small willy, especially in relation to his height?

Well, in a moment of the Ouroubos coming back to bite its own tail, as it were, Eric just linked a picture in chat that shows that Russell Brand really has a tiny, tiny schlong.

NSFW, of course!!
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First, I need to say the following:

Loki Loki Loki Loki LOKI!! LOKI!! L O K I !!!

We loved that movie. We totally loved it, and totally didn't understand why there was only a dozen people in the cinema. WTF Munich?? Where is your fandom?

Then, some comments. DO NOT CLICK IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THOR THE DARK WORLD YET. Here are SPOILERS!! I mean it!! )
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I wrote a Milliways fic about Hannibal playing chess with Dracula and remembering his first visist to Paris that is pertinent to all the things, among them the de-aging plot that started in Milliways tonight.

It contains headcanon which is just an open invitation to be Jossed, but never mind...
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Last year, my sister and her husband had time to kill before their plane left from Keflavík airport, and so they went to this Viking museum in Njardvík (basically, across the bay from Keflavík town), and they took all these pictures of this colourful cartoonishly funny art installation about the Norse myths, so I decided I really wanted to go there as well and take my own pictures to iconise, print on large canvasses, or do other fun things.

My mother and sister mocked me for not using an audio guide but instead wandering through the exhibit just looking at what it looked like and taking pictures of cute colourful details. But really, I just wanted the colourful pretties. My flist and tumblr dash tells me enough about Norse myth as it is. Audio guide no thank you.-

OMG the colours!! Cut cut cut! )
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Off to Iceland, to see volcanoes and waterfalls and have dodgy food at Café Loki. See you all on August 1st, and will then probably spam with massive pictures posts.-
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Hey, [personal profile] skidmo and [personal profile] misslucyjane -- look who is playing in Munich this weekend!
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I enter into watching 'Rôti' with this enigmatic tweet on my mind, but otherwise unspoilered beyond last week's trailers. My list will, of course, itself contain massive spoilers. )
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I make a prediction as to what this season of Hannibal will end with, based on reading the foreword to 'Red Dragon and cut for spoilers! )

Now, if you'd like, make your own prediction/informed guess as to what the season will end with, and we'll see who guessed right on the 20th?
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This is something that had totally passed me by.

The series that was based on ripping off our old RPG 'Morningstar Manor' didn't make it after all.

Ourouboroses on the basement floor and Locke as Vision doesn't necessarily mean you'll last as long as we did, neener.

**insert lots of mean, cheap, uncivilised satisfaction here**

**also, hornfingers**

Also, totally not blaming their demise on the utter lack of lovely charries like Charlie Shaw, Deacon, or Marvin Temminck...
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So, I have been home for two days now, but my mum was here, and she doesn't like it when I'm at my computer while she's talking to her, and as she was really very, very helpful, I didn't insist.

So, I am home, I am still quite anaemic but getting better per iron pill and per day, and picking up where I left off.

For Milliways, that means I tagged all the old threads, but won't mind if anybody fades where we are; I'll put up a new multipup post to celebrate my return soon, anyway.

Okay. On with things now.-


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