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Dreamwidth seems to have finally 'fixed' the icon thing. Teja now has a paid account, Urq will follow shortly as I need the iconnage for the slendyplot; I would most likely have bought him an account anyway as I'll want some scary pictures...

I'll make a new 'Everybody' icon as well (see this post) -- if one of the usual suspects want one for their accounts, please tell me so as I'll be doing them anyway on Wednesday, which is a public holiday here.-
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On DW, I'm yakalskovich as well, so feel free to add me if you move.

As registration is open until the end of the month, I'll just make my emergency character journals* over there on Boxing Day, when my sister and her fambly are gone to see their in-laws. I don't know what´s got into LJ to treat their paying customers like that, (ab)using their admin privileges to counter their protest and get-outs, but it seems they're totally mis-estimating their customer base.

At that point, I'll install the workaround on my character journals as well so OOMs are still fun while we are over here/if we stay over here.

But until then, I'll be busy keeping little Jón's hands off my computer, and doing much online stuff will be hard, and family time more important.

* I'll be taking Teja, Urquhart, Lorenzo, Margolotta and Tamara, if we move. The rest I don't really need all that urgently, much as I do like them.
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Russian politics are in an uproar, and LJ as the main Russian language blogging platform, gets DDOSed. It makes sense, and I don't blame LJ in the least.

I just hope for Russia that the people can prevail and get a real democracy, just as the Arabic countries did/are doing.

Country domino: Russia!
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testing testing is this thing on??

Google +

Jul. 9th, 2011 05:20 pm
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I feel tempted to try Google + -- does anybody have a spare invite I could have?

Thanks in advance!

Got one! Who needs an invite, who wants to be added to circles?


Jun. 2nd, 2011 08:37 pm
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  1. I am now current on 'Game of Thrones' -- while my laundry was going and going today, I watched the two most recent episodes. Oh man -- everything starts happening now, it seems. Only three more episodes of this season...
  2. For once, LJ has put up a new header banner that isn't actively off-putting, twee, dubiously esoteric or simply ugly. And they didn't break the system while doing so. Seems people are learning.
  3. In preparation of going to see Pirates 4 tomorrow with the Nazgul, I bought the music today. It comes with remixes -- and while the score proper is somewhat predictable, the remixes are really interesting. I think I'll just put the remixes on my little all-purpose pocket computer (which one can make phone calls with, theoretically, but which I mostly use for MP3 playing, taking pictures, and text messaging).
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OMG I hate that new header banner!! How do they manage it? Each header banner is worse than the one before, each header banner means days of cumbersome slowness while they change it when really it should be just one change in the central CSS file; and for the sake of little baby hedgehogs (and other veiled expletives), what is that esoteric wurly-burly on that banner supposed to mean??
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Thanks very much to [livejournal.com profile] bitchy_brat for the fun userhead, which seems to be a medieval lady -- it looks like this: [livejournal.com profile] yakalskovich. I am now officially medieval here for the next year.-

In other news, the codeine has done its job, I slept a decent amount of time, and those debilitating coughing fits haven't returned. Still coughing and sniffling a little, still moving at the speed of a shifting sand dune, but I'm only half through my course of antibiotics, and the rest will be dealt with in the fullness of time.-
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When I first saw this, I thought 'Well, hee hee'; then I thought, 'Hey wait, [livejournal.com profile] saphyria and [livejournal.com profile] alchemistseraph  live there as well, and if anybody says they deserve tornadoes, I'll be up with an axe against them.

A related discussion erupted all over my corner of tumblr, with one lady especially chiming in again and again.

Now I wonder whether it might be the other way round: religious people are more likely to live/stay where there are tornadoes around because they believe God will preserve them, put them in the place where they ought to be, or generally are less driven to leave the place where they've got roots?

Basically, the Bible Belt is the Bible Belt because the non-bible-thumpers, statistically speaking, are more likely to move away out of reach of the tornadoes, and thus leave a significant percentage of religious people in those places?

But so not posting this whacky theory that on tumblr for the next round of general slammage. Tumblr can be so awfully earnest.
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[livejournal.com profile] carolinw's take on Teja gets featured in some impressive-looking writing advice blog! The blogger is a bit wordy, but it does give the rest of you a very first peek on what that will be like...


Sep. 24th, 2010 07:12 pm
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I finally took a deep breath and started a Fat Acceptance blog in German.

I already got referrers from Twitter. Let's see where this leads...

Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] saphyria for the user name I am using over there...
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I think this is the modern digital-photographic equivalent of what conscientious restorers of museum objects have been done for decades: when you put a Greek vase or a medieval garment back together for display, you use some contrastingly neutral material for the parts that are missing, plain grey linen among all the tyrian-purple-and-gold, or some white clay for the parts of the delicate red-figures vase that remains missing. If broken statues have hands, but not arms, they get steel bars or thin pieces of concrete.

This is what you do when you want to photoshop the background out from a candid picture of a celebrity and make a point of how honest you are, and that you're not 'shopping' the picture: you roughly outline the real object of the picture, then invert the selection and blur the rest. Roughly enough to leave that odd halo-like margin of in-focus background, but still well enough to focus solely on what you want to show.

I must admit it looks odd, but I guess we'll get used to it.-

Of course, Christina Hendricks looks stunning as always. And if this new principle gives me an excuse to repost the picture of her which I found it on, all the better...

[[From here]]
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Putting the online edition of what may have once been the most prestigious newspaper on the planet behind a paywall (hoping that old reputation would finally make people shell out the money) seems to have failed abjectly.

Not only does nobody read it, the articles can no longer be deep-linked, quoted with a reference, or listed on the page of the freelancers that wrote them. Signals can no longer be boosted. Behind that paywall, a newspaper goes back to being what it was before the advent of the internet: - a monolithical entity talking to itself, instead of part of the worldwide web of professional news sources and bloggers that process and amplify breaking news and background information. And yes, each of us is a part of that.

Only The Times no longer is.-

Are we missing it at all? Will we quote it again when it takes down the paywall?

I never quoted it much; I recently tried to because that's where quote from the snarky statisstics professor came from, but when I got to the paywall, I simply turned back and found something else to link to. Cursing the paywall as I went, and writing off the Times as a potential news source...
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I won a bag, and now it arrived.

I got it for posting 'Innocents' Song' by 'Show Of Hands' to a virtual Christmas party on the blog of the Lady who used to run boocompany.com last December, but it took me this long to realise I had won...


But it's a wonderful bag, made of lorry tarpaulin and safety belt material, big and solid. You could fill it with books or vinyls, and it wouldn't creak. And no, Lucifer didn't suddenly shrink, the bag really is that big.-

Sorry, links are in German.
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I was folding my laundry when a bloke walked in with a cannonball, in order to weigh it on the laundromat scales.

It weighed almost exactly 15 kg, hence a thirty-pounder, or rather, a 32-pounder, but they were called thirty-pounders, as Wikipedia has it. That's the name I knew as well. These things were shot from so-called demi-cannons.

It's greener on one side, and smoother, because it's been in the river; the paler, more pitted side was buried in the silt. The bloke has a blog (in German) where he goes on about it as well. It's apparently his hobby to fish historic munitions from the river, but mostly, he only gets WW II stuff.
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I now have three virtual snowflakes! [livejournal.com profile] silveraspen  and [livejournal.com profile] athousanderrors  gave me one each, too!

Erm, where does one get them? Not on the virtual gift page, at least.-
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] bitchy_brat  for the pretty snowflake on my profile page, and a happy holiday season to you, too!


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