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Picture taken by my visitor from Atlanta who is [livejournal.com profile] cracicotus on LJ; bedspread was a gift from my friends at the Morningstar Manor else!game, chosen by [personal profile] essayel.
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Sometimes, you get these eerily realistic, rational and sensible nightmares that are even scarier than the ones with mummies and Cthulhu and the like?

This morning, I dreamed I had got some fancy fireplace installed in my flat (with a gel fire or some such thing), and Mephi managed to lie in the updraft between it and the chimney (unrealistic part: don't ask me where THAT suddenly came from!) and when I picked him up, he was all listless and just opened an eye and then went on sleeping, so I decided he must have suffered carbon monoxide poisoning (I said it was a terribly realistic and rational nightmare!!), so I put out the fire, grabbed him and my purse and keys and just ran outside and flagged down the next person with a car whom I vaguely knew, some business associate of the Metropolitans', and asked him to take me to the Veterinary Hospital attached to the university, which is between the big famous park ("Englischer Garten") and the university itself, and then we were at the top of the steep bank overlooking the river Isar, looking down at Munich (which was a bit more monument-studded than it really is; this WAS a dream, after all), I wasn't sure any more that it was where I thought it was, or whether it had been moved in recent years since I'd been a student, as lots of the university departments had been moved around and expanded, for example into the buildings vacated by the major branch office of Radio Free Europe that had moved to Prague (it really has -- what a bloody sane nightmare!!) as had several, including the one where I'd been based as a student, East Asian Studies AKA Japanology. Anyway, in the nightmare, I was staring down at the city and all its monuments, and wondering if I really knew where the veterinary emergency room was any more, and if I told the guy 'Yes, I know, it's that one*, just go!' and it wasn't there any more, then my cat would die -- my silly cat, at that moment still listlessly asleep on my arm, just opening an eye to look at me when I poked him...

And in that dreadful moment of indecision and doubt in face of a life-and-death situation, my nightmare ended.

One of the first things I did when I woke up, had ascertained that it really had just been a dream, nobody had installed any dangerous fireplaces in my flat, and Mephi was as well and weird as always, was looking up the emergency service of the university's veterinary department (which is still where it was -- even the street is called "Veterinärstraße", so duh!!) and some other emergency services (there even is an animal ambulance service in Munich, both for pets and injured wild animals -- we are a seriously affluent city!) and bookmarking them for future reference in case of a real emergency.

But every time silly little Mephi comes racing or prancing past me today, some part of me is happy that it was only a nightmare, and that funny little destructive animal is all right and silly as always and likely t be in the way where you don't see him so you'll poke his ear by accident, and then he looks at you all spooked and soulful, as always...

*Our university was founded in the first half of the 19th century, and all its older buildings are a tad monumental, including the University Riding School and adjacent veterinary department, built at a time when veterinary medicine was still mostly care of valuable war horses, and hence important in a political way. Anyway, it means that I'd have been looking for a specific nice historic building that stands out a little, even in that nightmare.
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... much as the old haircut, just with less of the 'erupting with awesome' I'd been having lately.

In the sunlight, taken by the hairdresser at my request -- yep, it's a dark aubergine, not black. Just as I wanted it.

At home, with a mere webcam, but a bonus Mephi!
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I woke up at six in the morning because my cats were trying to break down the door I close between us when I banish them at night, using claws and shouting loudly.

I tried to ignore them the way I have long learned to ignore the sound of nocturnal feline antics, but when I woke up more, I suddenly realised they were on the same side of the door I was. The side where they were totally not supposed to be.

I zombied out of bed, opened the door, and they made a very relieved bee-line for the litter boxes.

Apparently, they had decided to finally find out what the human does every night when they get banished, and had hidden under the comfy chair, letting me believe they weren't in the room. They had continued to hide there with great self-discipline even while I was reading three more chapters of 'So No One Told You' on AO3 before sleeping.

And then, they had totally refrained from waking me up while spending their adventurous night in the human's room.

But unfortunately, as this idea was an utterly typical cat idea, they had failed to factor in the accessibility of litter boxes, and had to wake me at six because apparently, their little bladders were bursting...
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Nelson, the one-legged pigeon that has been surviving for some weeks in our courtyards

My cats being cuddly. Mephisto still tries to nurse on Lucifer, and now with my Pentax, I can take pictures of them actually doing this without Mephi turning into nothing but a black glob with glowy eyes.

My updated action figure terrarium -- now with 100% more Loki, and considerably less Snape hitting his head on a rafter. Snape will get a bigger IKEA lantern of his own soon...
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Dear cat, please don't sit on my chocolate! Unamused, your human.
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How can anything that big and potentially fierce have such cute toes??
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My cats seem to have flagged down a TARDIS and had their picture painted by expressionist painter.

Or how would you explain this postcard I found today, saying Franz Marc, "Two Cats", gouache on postcard, 1913??
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Thanks to the Nazgul for the link!


Mar. 26th, 2012 01:09 am
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Triumph no. 1, done as a facetious letter:

Dear Liberal Democrats of Germany, you are fucked. You are so fucked, there isn't even a word for it. It's only one state, you may say, but two more are set to vote soon, and you will cease being a part of the political landscape. We hate you now the way you've deserved to be hated since 1982. Absolutely no love, your former* electorate.

Triumph number 2:

The first mosquito of the year came inside tonight. The cats hunted it, but I ultimately killed it, flattening it against the wall. I won't be stung tonight!

* I never voted for them, as I remembered they are a bunch of opportunistic traitors ever since 1982, but everybody else has now, after 30 years, woken up to that fact as well.
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Why do cats -- whatever bizarre thing they might be doing? The answer is always 'because they are cats!', but the questions must be asked.

So I am asking them. On tumblr.


Feb. 5th, 2012 12:08 am
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What I have: Two extremely cute sleeping cats.My blood pressure drops five points just from looking at them, they're that de-stressing.

What I don't have: My warm woolly to wear. They're sleeping on it.-
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This is what happens when I suddenly stop answering pings on IM -- there is a large red cat sitting on me!

Captured just now by the Nazgul with the Pentax that is neither new nor mine, but still brilliant -- this was taken without a flash!
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When Thomas the Metropolitan took my new resumé pictures (a special German thing, as you have to include a picture of yourself when you send your CV to potential employers), I showed him the picture of the Light Boat Festival and deplored that my camera and my little multipurpose computer (AKA smartphone) both can't capture nearly as much light as the human eye.

So he decided to lend me one of his older Pentaxes. Apparently, he has several. He added a simple multipurpose lens of the kind that come with the camera, and brought it over last Saturday.

Here are some of my first efforts. )
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This is totally Count the cat from Milliways when he was young...

I fled!

Oct. 28th, 2011 12:22 pm
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I am home!! I got my heparin to inject myself, and then was sent home. Next Thursday I go to Prien for rehab, but now I have a few days to re-tame my feral cats.

Lucifer loves me, but Mephisto is horrified the time of feline rule and freedom is over.-
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Lucifer got accepted on 'Get Out Of There Cat' yet again!

Well, it's not hard, but still.


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