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Oh, [personal profile] saphyria, my sister is making cinnamon rolls! They already smell incredibly delicious! My Inner!Urq and Inner!Poins are expecting to see Sunshine any minute now...
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I'm off to No Computer Land for a week, and while I am taking my netbook and the 'surfstick', I suspect the mobile connection wil be all EDGE out there in the boondocks, so I'll check email once a day like it's 1995, and not be seen online or take tags for a week.

Going through ALL THE FEEDS AND TIMELINES one more time just now, I discovered that UnfuckYourHabitat was made aware of and mentioned the fact that I mentioned UnfuckYourHabitat in a fic, and liked that fact. So, with the nice buzz from this oddly circular flattery, I'm going to flounce off into the wilds of RL. See you all next Saturday!

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Dec. 21st, 2011 09:09 am
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Yay!! It looks lovely, and Martin Freeman makes a wonderful Bilbo.

Also, I go to my sister's today, but I take the netbook, and they have wifi. So you'll be seeing me over the holidays. Just not during the usual family activity times, when I will doing, well, family holiday activities.-

Also, I wish those of you to whom it means something a lovely solstice.
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My sister sent me pictures of that infamous corner bench, now with the room complete, the last seat upholstered as well, and everything decorated for the joint birthday party they had for the little boys today (whose birthdays are within four days of each other).

Cut for lots of green and terminal cheerfulness )
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The corner bench about which I was so unhappy yesterday is now repaired and in its new place in my nephew's room as it was meant to be.

Here you see how my BiL bridged the part where the dowels had broken out of the old particle board (top) with extra blocks of wood, and screws.

The completely assembled bench with one of the seats open so you can see the intended storage space. The long seat will get upholstered properly in a bit, when the second half of the football fabric Sphinx ordered has been delivered.

Bench, table, football light and football decoration on the wall. We hope my football-mad little nephew will like it...
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Today, I met this cute kitten named August at a friend of my sister's where we were fetching plums. And then, I whitewashed my sister's future larder.

The end.-
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My mother and I took a train to Frankfurt (they don't seem to have their transporters installed yet even though they are sort of advertising them*, so train it is),

looked at a very interesting photographic exhibition. then had Japanese food for a late lunch (I had that phenomenally brilliant coconut-wasabi sauce** again),

then bought me a nice, warm and cozy cardigan/sweater thing with a fisherman kind of collar, then had some utterly luxurious mocha type coffee at a Starbucks clone, and took the train (not a transporter!) home again.

Where we now are.

I'll thread lightly now, and pack my stuff. Tomorrow, Sphinx comes to fetch her guinea pigs (who have relaxed a little and trust me to feed them instead of eat them), and then, I go home to my cats.

* The billboard says 'Our goal is to get you to yours', and then proceeds to say they haven't invented beaming yet, but do everything else to get their passengers from A to B. I love the idea of public transporters on quiet traditional Hessian market squares.

** The original awesomesauce, if there ever was one!
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a. Being in a hurry to do what people told me this afternoon, I posted an attempt at a Daily Entertainment to my journal instead of [livejournal.com profile] ways_back_room. I deleted that now. My apologies to all the bewildered people who replied there and whose comments I deleted as well because honestly, I'm very embarrassed about the mispost and didn't want to keep the reminder of my mistake around. My bad!

b. I said I'd be online tonight, and wasn't. I had a good reasons: - no hands free for the computer!
What kept my hands occupied? )


Dec. 2nd, 2010 12:13 am
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Dear cats,

why do we have 43 square metres if for most of any given evening, we all three of us fit into three? Perhaps for the reason why, when I'm visiting my parents and the kiddies are there as well, my mother, my little lady and I all tend to pile into my tiny tiny bedroom and poke the computers. Still, it's odd.-

your human
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I'm off to Wiesbaden and Eschborn to see my family and meet my new little nephew Jón. I'll be intermittent in the usual way while there, as people can pull me away from the computer any minute without warning, and will be wanting to do RL stuff.

I'll be online this evening and Sunday evening, and very sketchy on Saturday as I shall be with Sphinx, meeting wee little tiny fellow, being made to play on their Wii, and looking at thousands of pictures from Iceland.

I'll be back home on Monday evening.

Don't burn down any places while I am gone!
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... and the Little Lady is playing with the Mad Men Dollmaker since she saw the one I had made on my desktop. She's currently on my EEE, experimenting with them.

I still like her sense of style:

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My mother told me on the phone last night that my Little Lady's littlest brother has started mainlining dinosaurs, and that she's got all my old dinosaur books from the attic for him -- which is why she told me, as I have sometimes protested against her disposing of my surviving childhood possessions; I want to have a say in which kiddie gets the things I used to love.

I approve of that, though. It's the same little fellow who's into Vikings, too. He knows all the dinosaur names on his collecting cards even though he can't even read -- he's only four! He can say 'pachycephalosaurus' without batting an eyelash, while my mother had difficulties with the name when she told me. (He had been wondering why the pachycephalosaurus skull shield/bony forehead was green in one book, and red in another.)

But what is it with kids and dinosaurs? I know greater minds than mine have been pondering the question, but as he's one of ours, it gets additional significance for me.-
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A new hot spring has been found in Wiesbaden when trying to construct geothermal heating for some public building. It totally fucks up plans 'they' had for commercially exploiting that piece of terrain, and simply refuses to be stopped -- the hot water keeps coming and comig and coming.

My mother told me that today while we went shopping. In my head, Sirona, the goddess of hot springs who used to have a temple here and who is based here in the canon I take her from for Milliways, keeps giggling and giggling and giggling.

She still rules here!
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Kalkriese wasn't really a trip down memory lane any more as we hadn't been there before; the site wasn't know yet when we still lived not-so-far from it, and we still thought of Porta Westfalica and the Arminius monument as the site of the Varus battle.

But it was the same road trip, and it was our old stomping grounds as well -- my mother's grandmother and other relatives used to live in Bückeburg, about two to three stone's throws away. I remember going there as a kid, and coming past those monuments on the way.

Now, to the potentially real battle site, and some timber framed buildings on the way )


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