Mar. 18th, 2015 10:15 pm
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I found a Silmarillion fanfic by accident that it infinitely brilliant -- an apocalyptic thriller about Elves in modern times! It pitches the two most Doomed families of Tolkien's canon against each other -- at least so far, perhaps they learn to cooperate eventually. Amrod and Túrin managed at least one sensible conversation already, at this point.

At The End of All Things (44054 words) by lintamande
Chapters: 16/?
Fandom: The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien, TOLKIEN J. R. R. - Works
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Characters: Túrin Turambar, Niënor Níniel, Urwen Lalaith, Morwen Eledhwen, Húrin Thalion, Celegorm, Fëanor, Maedhros, Maglor, Curufin, Caranthir, Amrod, Amras
Additional Tags: Elves in modern Earth, Political Thriller, apocalyptic fantasy, Suicide Attempt, dagor dagorath

A drilling rig off the coast of Norway breaks down under mysterious circumstances. A petroleum engineer in North Dakota gets called off a major discovery because there's trouble back at home. It's the Dagor Dagorath, as apocalyptic fiction set in modern Earth starring the reborn Children of Húrin, and anything else I say would be a pretty major spoiler.

My additional blurb for this is slightly spoilerish the way blurb for for-pay books usually is )


Apr. 15th, 2013 12:05 am
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It's really mean of the Nu!Trek costumers to use a standard element of costuming that simply cannot be replicated so you have to buy it from the official source if you want to cosplay as a Nu!Trek crewmember. Even if you manage to do the weird shiny seams at the top, the fabric isn't one that's available anywhere, and can't be made.

I feel they did that on purpose to piss off the cosplayers.-
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Inspired by the pictures of RDJ in German ‘Lederhosen’, I wrote a cracky ficlet about Tony Stark wearing them to a conference, and Lady Loki being amused.

It's here on AO3 -- thanks to [personal profile] paceisthetrick and [personal profile] ladyoflorien for the beta!
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What really bothers me about some XM:FC 'fix-it' fanfics is, oddly enough, when they try to twist and turn as to make Charles Xavier not paraplegic after all, post-movie. That doesn't just defeat the point of the movie (which is about telling how things came to pass so they're the way they are when the first X-Men movie starts) but also ableist as hell and negating the complex intricacies of that character: being in a wheelchair is as much part of the character "Professor X" as his telepathy is. Those people writing fix-its for that essentially make Charles less than he is, not more.

I've even used him as an example in a for-pay article about accessiblity, along the lines of 'Anything is possible for people in wheelchairs if they're Professor X and can throw money and/or mutant genius inventors at the barriers of bad/inconsiderate design until it goes away; real accessibility is about taking barriers like that away for everybody in that situation'. One of the points of the X-Men (which Ian McKellen already went on about on his website back in the nineties when he was in X1) is that they're all outsiders, alienated from society, and a great example to anybody who feels alienated from society as well (he was thinking of young gays, of course): use that which sets you apart as a superpower, rather than something to be ashamed of!

So any fic that goes out of its way to 'fix' Charles that way? Gets kicked right off my Kindle app for not getting it.-
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Here is the fourth chapter of 'Bag Of Cats' that I finished on Wednesday, all decommafied by [personal profile] paceisthetrick and posted up on AO3. Chapter 5 is done as well and will be posted (and announced) in the course of the weekend.-
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At long last, I've found something to crack the point where I was stuck with my Avengers fanfic, 'Bag Of Cats'.

I inserted just a dash of smut at the place where I was stuck, faded to black on it, faded in again where I needed people for the actual plot to continue, and took it from there.

The rest came out in one big chunk, having sat all ready in my mind for months.

It's finished, the beta (our lovely friend [personal profile] paceisthetrick, to whom I am very grateful for her decommafication of my writing and her very useful observations otherwise!) is added to the doc, all is done and waiting for the dusting.

Then, I can post the chapter and the coda, and turn my mind to new creative ventures...
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Oh damn, how does one tell a fanfic author on AO3 that their ideas are charming and one would like to see more of them, but it's blaringly obvious that English isn't their first language (I'd guess French or maybe Italian), and they should get a beta. Because what they write is worth reading, but I just can't -- all that without kicking off a flame and wank war?

There is no PM function on AO3, either.-


Jun. 11th, 2012 11:07 pm
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... I was suddenly impelled to write 'Avengers' fanfic while I really had lots of other things to do, when my life was 'splodinating in all directions anyway? And I got an AO3 account?

Having written the second chapter now (currently in beta), I finally trust that this is a thing that's happening, and have posted the first chapter.

May I introduce 'Bag of Cats', where Loki is imprisoned in Asgard and hatches a plan. That plan involves tricking Sigyn, charming Tony Stark while incognita, and generally striving to achieve by deceit what might be freely given under other circumstances -- a typical 'bag full of cats' Loki plan that involves shape-shifting, sex, and wasabi...

Thanks to [personal profile] paceisthetrick for the brilliantly merciless beta!
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Automated messages can be a good thing!

There is a special sort of small happiness that comes from turning on GTalk and seeing the mail notifies of the night go through, when there is both a) a tag on one of your favourite current slowtimes and b) an update notify from AO3 that your very favourite fanfic of the moment has finally updated.

Tag shall be replied to momentarily; the chapter of fic I will read after going to the gym with the Nazgul, to enjoy it properly.

What Maru loves at the moment, or, can there be recs? Yes. RP: Teja finally discovers that women are a thing; fanfic: an Avengers college AU that, with characters completely spot-on, would work as a original novel with a simple search-and-replace. Especially in the probably most done-to-death genre of AU fanfic. They're that good.

ETA: Ahh, and my tumblr dashboard greets me with random Loki. Ahh, yes, good morning, Loki. And now I'll go and do stuff IRL.-
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Had my friend Stephan over for dinner, basically the 'Draper' in the 'Sterling Cooper Draper Priyce' sized agency I'm going to start working for in September?

He'd brought me DVDs, and suggested I might like to watch that one on Sunday with the Nazgul.

"Nope," I said, "we're going to watch Iron Man 1 and 2, and Thor."

"Oh dear," he says, not really convinced.

"Well, we watched The Avengers last weekend, and" -- Joss Whedon yadda yadda yadda -- "now I'm hooked!"

"Yep I know about that stuff," he says. "We work for Marvel, occasionally."

I SQUEEED all through the staircase for a moment.

We work for Marvel, occasionally.

The we includes me now.
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I went to see Thomas the Metropolitan about photography and  learned a lot, and came away with telephoto lens for 'my' Pentax. Ooops. Now I owe him more money -- but as he's going to let me have and keep the Pentax for a VERY moderate price, and there is money in my future in the shape of new job with three months of overlap which means regular moneys from old slavery, and freelance pay from new job, I can afford to pay him off.

But before that, I woke up with a post-Avengers fanfic (ooops!!) complete in my brain, struggling to get out sideways all at once in a big bloody chunk of brainwidth, so I slapped the plot outline into a Gdoc and shall now proceed to write it. The Nazgul arrives at seven for going to the gym, but before that, I can make a start. Would anybody here volunteer to beta before I post it to my brand-new AO3 account? It's going to be a short, in four easy-to-handle parts.

Tomorrow, I go to Prien again with the Lady Lena as I asked to come along the next time she has business there, as I need stuff from St. Irmingard that I failed to buy when I was there in autumn; also, I want to have a shot with the Pentax at that amazing landscape. Now with extra telephoto lens!!

And in the evening, the friend at whose agency I'm going to work will pop by and show me a few things and watch a movie of some sort (non-avengers-related, but I am not that braineaten to mind), so until then, I think I'll have done stuff of some description, but can't yet predict if it's going to be fanfic, picture post, paid work, or something else entirely. It all wants out at the same time.

People can use opiates (and get addicted to them) because there are receptors for that sort of thing in our brains that will react to endorphins, the kind of hormones that cause runner's high and the like. I guess whatever originally owned the receptors to which cocaine or crack docks? My system is probably awash with it right now. I wish I could split myself so I can do all these things at once. Cress! Telephoto lens! Gym! Avengers! Drupal! Picture post! Cats! Prien! Salad! Loki, Loki, Loki!

Erm, yes. Tea, I think...
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I just learned a useful new word: 'paracosm', which means an imaginary world that's throroughly thought through. Seems we fans and RPers aren't sad nerdy escapists any more. Quite on the contrary -- the future, that article says, belongs to those that can imagine it.

Well, we can, and we do.-
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Why do TSA agents iconically wear blue rubber gloves, and not some other colour(s)? Are they not aware of the unfortunate cultural implications of the 'Hands Of Blue'?

At least that's what it makes me think of. But I may be biased, as a SciFi fan and Milliwayser...
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Why are there no were-bears?
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Hey, Nazgul, [ profile] cracicotus took pirate pictures for me at the Dragon*Con parade -- I'm sure you'll like them as well!
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In other news: Woody Allen has completely lost his f***ing mind!!!

And not just because I am a disappointed fan of that woman. I mean, all movies she has been in so far have been soft porn at some time in the late eighties!
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Ahhhhh, Carla Bruni, Carla Bruni...

**shakes head**

She used to make such cool music.


Thanks to [ profile] nazgulwears for the first link.
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With the brilliant new Star Trek movie, fanfic writers and readers are rediscovering K/S, the grandmother of all slash.

So, as a service to those only now getting into this, I offer you my old fics in that fandom:

The Demon of Beta 55

First-time fic set during the Original Series and trying to stick as closely to its look-and-feel as possible, including the cheesy special effects, and resetting all to 'start' for the next episode. I wrote this in 1993 before I had ever read and actual K/S fics that were mostly in hectographed zines at the time; I had only heard of the concept, and re-watched all the eps recently. This is my take, at the time, of what it would be like.

Mastery of the Unavoidable
'Established relationship' fic steeped in fandom and set  between movies 1 and 2. Picks up some of the thoughts I had about slash on the one hand as I had read it by then, and the RL gay people I knew at the time (1994) and still know, largley thanks to... -- well, read the story!
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Ahh it was a good day, and there was so much, and I am so pleasantly tired from it, I can just enumerate it all quickly:

  • Woke up early, had good thread with the Nocturnal Americans
  • Yay plot is really coalescing and getting underway -- to think this was started as a mere stopgap measure!
  • Cats majorly cute!
  • Eeeeeeee Supernatural! But why is heaven's waiting room so rococo? Also, WTG, Bobby!
  • Left on time, came to the station, no trains -- people somewhere on the rails! Gah, why didn't they just flatten the idiots, they were ASKING for a Darwin Award!
  • Caught a tram to the Underground station, texted the Nazgul I was coming
  • Caught the Underground, where there is no net
  • Was majorly late, but when I arrived at the cinema, my ticket was waiting for me at the box office where the Nazgul had deposited it (clever Nazgul!) as I hoped she would
  • Went in, found the Nazgul
  • Watched the last commercial, then the movie started
  • Loved the movie -- review under spoiler cut to follow tomorrow!
  • EEEEEEEE Hikaru Sulu's collapsible katana was the coolest thing EVAH! And against a Romulan with an honest-to-god  battle axe!
  • Trains ran again when I went home
  • Bought mozzarella, made me the most luscious mozza-tomato-basil salad for dinner
  • Had more nice thread, including Captain Jack Harkness
  • Cats still majorly cute
  • More tomorrow!

Good night!


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