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My new sports jacket is very brightly orange.

Also, I walked 5K in 1:05 h -- personal best. Must be the very, very familiar route to the old castle by the river Rhine that I often walk with my mum. She kept the time, and I just walked.-
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I read my horoscope at Free Will Astrology this morning on my iPad because [personal profile] ceitfianna linked to that site. The content is, well, relevant but not extraordinary. But the 'advertisement' for the man's book at the bottom gives me an extraordinary snippet of a radical self-acceptance mantra that is very relevant to my interests:

Speak the following lines out loud:
I love everything about me
I love my uncanny beauty and my bewildering pain
I love my hungry soul and my wounded longing
I love my flaws, my fears, and my scary frontiers

I will never forsake, betray, or deceive myself
I will always adore, forgive, and believe in myself
I will never refuse, abandon, or scorn myself
I will always amuse, delight, and redeem myself
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  • Giving notice at work, and getting a completely civilised reaction while still getting the satisfaction of seeing my soon-to-be-ex boss' face when he read that piece of paper.
  • Using 'I Do What I Want' in a facetious joking argument I was having with my sister via email.
  • Legitimately infiltrating the infamous 'loki' tag on tumblr with some sneaky Fat Acceptance activism.
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We walkers started ten minutes after the runners. I was still very slow, but you know what? I don't mind. I'm just glad I did it.-
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Here you see me at the finish line of the 5k walk I did today. You have to believe, for now, that it's meant to be me. The resolution of the Nazgul's cameraphone is a bit, erm, tiny.

But in this picture of the warm-up before that, you definitely recognise me. And when I arrived, the announcer said my name and said I'd come especially from Munich to take part, so I guess it really was me who did that most atypical thing.

I really meant it as one for the bucket list, and as yet another proof that fatness doesn't preclude fitness. But we're already making tentative noises about doing it again. There's another event offering 5k (walking for me, running for the Nazgul) right here in Munich at the end of June...
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Me and my Nordic Walking sticks taking a stand.


Nov. 4th, 2011 07:13 pm
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Today started out as a bit of uphill work, but I then my doctor picked me spontaneously to test a brand-new echocardiography machine on me, with the company rep explaining the functions of that new model while she worked, which was really interesting (yay new machinery of any kind), and from then on, things went swimmingly, I managed to get my points across, I managed to get an early permission to go swimming because of the very nice things the brand-new machine had to say about me, all the measurements that had been off dropped back to normal, I totally hijacked the session with the dietician I was scheduled for, and then I took a walk by the lake to de-stress.

Cut for shamelessly beautiful scenery )
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I like this sentence:

Powerful women scare the hell out of weak-minded dickweasels.

[[from here]]
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I'm part of a New Year's Revolution. I've joined this movement that inspires me to love my body and seek out Health at Every Size. Today, do something that makes you feel good in your own skin, and re-post this message to encourage others to do the same. For extra credit, take action to reinforce body love TODAY. Visit HAES Inspirations for ideas to get you started!

Since first reading about it via a link in [livejournal.com profile] dawning_star's journal, Fat Acceptance and HAES have changed my perception of myself, and given me a much more relaxed outlook on life. So, as New Year is, in recent tradition, the date to reinforce body hate messages and promote self-hatred and costly weight loss methods, some FA activists decided to pick this day to promote an alternative message.

There are strong indications that long-term weight loss does not work, and that fat does not necessarily mean bad health. I  want people to have access to these alternative resources and data, and decide for themselves, instead of following the mainstream paradigm of slimness = fitness = health, and the belief in sustainable weight loss as an attainable goal for everybody, and to encourage body diversity and autonomy.

It seems as if dieting and slimming culture is without alternative, and adapts to every world-view and subculture, just like Eastpak backpacks. This is simply not true and right.

I've posted about this before, I have a tumblr and a blog in German especially about Fat Acceptance, because I want to be part of that movement and promote the non-mainstream information that has been so very liberating to me. Body autonomy means that every choice along the continuum is valid as long as one doesn't try and impose one's own views and preferences on others.

I just want nobody to be stuck for lack of information.-
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My copy of 'Paragenesis' arrived yesterday! Now I have the book with my short story in on paper, to touch and carry around! Here it's lying face-down on one of the little outside tables of my favourite Italian café, where I was enjoying one of the last few nice days of the year while reading up on what everybody else wrote for it.

Today, my order from Evans arrived as well! I had to get Falk the Metropolitan to take some pics of me wearing it at once, as I can't possibly wait with posting about it on my tumblr until the Nazgul is back from the Fake Plastic Trees. Today she was in Muscat, haggling over the price of daggers...

Autumn arrived as well, so here you see my cats, cuddled up in my wonderful dark purple fleece blanket, being comfy and cosy. I have been mean to them by buying a little bottle of catnip scent oil with which I made them go doolally earlier. Anything can be turned into instant catnippy kitty lovedoll now!

Also, a discful of recent Bollywood music as MP3 arrived as well. I was at the Indian shop this afternoon, getting more chai spices, and when I took out my earphones to ask the bloke behind the counter about some Bollywood movies, I realised that my life contained entirely too much Medieval Scottish Heavy Metal Bagpipe Folk Rock, and not enough Bollywood, so I hastened to remedy that!

What did not arrive was episode 4.10 of 'Mad Men' on surfthechannel.com. They didn't even make an entry for it. I am worried...


Sep. 24th, 2010 07:12 pm
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I finally took a deep breath and started a Fat Acceptance blog in German.

I already got referrers from Twitter. Let's see where this leads...

Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] saphyria for the user name I am using over there...
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As of today, there is a new Beth Ditto collection at Evans, and I went right ahead and ordered what I wanted. Things are sold out far too soon anyway, or at least were, last year.

The fat ladies on my flist who've been thinking about sprucing up their wardrobe recently? Go there and get something, the stuff is made well and fits nicely, on top of being really bleeding-edge, fashion-wise. They deliver internationally.
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... but as the Little Lady has gone home, I'm catching up with my usual life.

I liked this article about how repressed we are, today, compared to the sixties. Especially about the duty to be healthy at other people's standards.

I guess that's why fat people, and especially those of us into fat acceptance as a cultural and political movement, get so much hate thrown at them: - we walk around brazenly denying our society's cardinal virtue, 'health' (as defined by other people's rigid standards). You can smoke or drink or bonk in secret; you can't be secretly fat. And if you're not walking the walk and talking the talk of 'OMG I must lose weight I am gross and so unhealthy!!1!1eleventy-one!!', we are really dangerous rebels.

People can see us having fun and might fall off the wagon peer pressure has put them on, no matter what it is about for them personally. Others, who have perfected their self-repression in the name of health, just hate us for very visibly scorning, ignoring or plain old despising something they use up all their spoons for.
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  • Volcano ash allergy
  • bumblebees
  • fresh starts on old things
  • Gogol Bordello
  • denim vest over fancy clothes
  • unashamed kitsch
  • art nouveau
  • well-seasoned mature blokes
  • reinventing old IT tricks
  • women with real boobs (Christina Hendricks or Amanda Seyfried)
  • mainlining things one missed the first time around
  • bran flakes

ETA: More boobs!

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Beth Ditto 01Beth Ditto 02Beth Ditto 03Beth Ditto 04Beth Ditto 05
Mia Tyler 01Mia Tyler 02Mia Tyler 03Mia Tyler 04Mia Tyler 05

Yep, I am hatching a new character for Morningstar Manor. And yes, she is meant to be unapologetically fat, so 'she looks fat' is not an argument against either. And yes, I am asking for opinions because I really can't decide.-

ETA: Unanimous! 9:0 in favour of Mia Tyler! So I will be definitely going with her. Thanks to everybody who voted! Expect to see a New Charrie Announcement in Morningstar Manor soon.-
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It really pisses me off that putting up an advertisement like this is still thought a) acceptable and b) funny. The post I link vigorously protests against it, but an ad agency came up with the bullshit, that organisation is paying for it, and thousands of people are probably finding it funny, not only thin people, and people that 'successfully' fight their own body to stay thin, but fat people of varying degree as well, because they of course (almost) all internalised that they shouldn't be what they are, and all ridicule heaped on them is their own fault.

I have left that building a while ago, and never really looked back.

Where did I go? )

What did I learn? )

Where am I now? )
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I'm wearing the Domino Dress to work today, for no better reason that I have it, it's new, and I want to wear it, and as it's lined, it's not really compatible with a normal Munich August, but what with yesterday's torrential cloudbursts signaling the end of the world, it's cool enough to wear it. Who knows when that'll be the case again, so I put it on today.

And I didn't even make it all the way to the train station without a seriously positive case of getting The Nod. It was a small, sweet, curvy and slightly domme-ish brunette I had in fact noticed around the quarter before* for her slightly offbeat and rather interesting sense of style. She was walking across the traffic lights towards me, noticed me in that dress, did a little double take of (presumably) 'Oh wow is that -- IT IS!' and gave me a bright, friendly, wholly positive smile while we walked past each other.

Who knows, she might be a fashion pro of some sort (enough of those in Munich) who'll mark this down as 'Spotted that Beth Ditto Domino Dress in the wild'; or she might just be somebody who reads the same blogs as I do. Anyway, it was a great boost for a grey Monday morning to have my new dress approvingly recognised.-

ETA: Now with pictorial proof:

Me at my desk at the slavery, wearing the Domino Dress and grinning like a professional gingerbread horse...

* Haidhausen is a village within Munich. Falk the Metropolitan knows half the people he sees while walking around to speak to, and half of the rest to gossip about. Should I ever want to buy some nefarious substance, I can't do it at the drugstore-cum-record-shop around the corner; people know me there, and would remember. I would have to take the train into town like any village person.
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As I said yesterday, I was going to get [livejournal.com profile] nazgulwears to take some decent pictures of me in the domino dress. Here they are!

Pictures! )


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