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My computer, which I have had for three years, now runs Windows 8, is much faster, has lost all the OEM gunk, and is fun. iTunes works as well, I have to see whether paint.net is enough or whether I need to get PaintshopPro back, and GTalk runs in Pidgin which the old setu refused to do.

What I am missing is all the fonts; but I do have them on my previous computer, so when I get that out in order to screenshot the Malko!Vert version of Les Mis for the Thénardiers, I'll get my fonts from there. I cannot possible live without Gill Sans!!
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Loki is a 'realistic' supervillain: first he's got a team, and then he has an army. Seems killing lots off people by yourself isn't really all that easy...
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... as this is working, mostly. Dreamwidth isn't really responsive the way sites can be for iPads and the like, so logging into it takes some aiming before I hit the right spots.

That sounds slightly dirty...

Anyway, this is the first post to DW from my new iPad, which is neither new nor mine.
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That's the thing I mean -- you grab your data on these semi-transparent screens/holograms, manipulate it with your hands, visualise, correlate, pull closer or dismiss...

And no, that's not as utopically futuristic as it looks. Knowing what I do about the advances in Virtual Reality (many of which originate from the bleeding-edge high-tech engineering candyland area in and around Stuttgart that I mentioned), I dare say that we'll get them in five years. Siri already does quite a credible 0.5 version of JARVIS*.

Anyway, I was missing my (potential) Stark screens badly today when I was explaining some data base queries to my soon-to-be ex-boss, and instead of doing it visually and understandably the way Tony does in that picture, I was dividing myself between drawing Set Theory diagrams with pencil and marker(!!), on paper (!!!), alternating that with checking boxes with my computer mouse, on a dreary list -- which even produces more dreary SQL code in the background!!

I sort of whent 'Argh argh argh I want the VR screens from the future now!!!' at my boss, and told him, whatever he does with his business once I am gone ('Après moi, le déluge!'), he's not to ditch the VR related magazine we (soon: they!) have as that's where the future is going.

You know, there I was with my paper and pencil and knowing that that thing there is going to be possible soon -- a very special sort of geeky frustration and high-level first-world complaining...

*That there is so going into the next chapter of 'Bag Of Cats'!!
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Presently writing part 3 of 'Bag of Cats', I am very much amused by the fact that for the thesaurus/spellcheck in Chrome and Google Drive (one would assume it is the same?), 'Midgardian' is very much a word.

Firefox thinks otherwise. But then, Forefox thinks that 'Firefox' isn't a word, either...
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There was a tremendous hail- and thunderstorm here today, and I was seeking refuge under an awning while there was thunder and lightning and tremendous downpours that was so loud, I didn't even hear the loudly wailing (from the way its face scrunched up and its mouth was open) baby whose mother was hiding under the awning right next to me with the carriage, the street had turned into a white-water rafting area, and the hailstones were pinging off the pavement and hitting me like little icy pinpricks.

And I was standing there, grinning to myself, and thinking, "Really, Thor, you can't be that pissed off merely because all the fangirls like your little brother better than you?"
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So, as you my dear flist know, I'm from Germany, and I sometimes dredge up background stuff about European politics because I find it important.

This is my journal, and I get to write about what I find personally important, anyway.

So I'm going to explain about Stuttgart. There are several possible explanations of why Stuttgart of all places, and they happen on an IC and an OOC level both.

Spoilers are a given, as this is a srs bsns post If you haven't seen the movie yet and don't want to be spoilered -- avoid!!

So, a little multiple choice test.

Why did Joss Whedon pick Stuttgart?

a) As a very obscure slur on Loki's very wide scope of sexuality in Norse myth?
b) He stuck a pin in a map of the world?
c) Because of an Art Deco train station?

OOC Answers )

Why did Loki pick Stuttgart?

a) Because of engineering?
b) Because of a dangerous error in judgement?
c) Because he always wanted to pluck out an eyeball to the strains of Schubert's Rosamunde?

IC Answers )
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For some reason, DeepestSender works again when I install the newest version from the mozdev site. I finally got my easy posting tool back!
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The Guardian about how superheroes are the modern equivalent of anthrompomorphic gods as an archetype of the human condition, and provide all the tropes of the narrative of everybody's life.

Taking that into account, I might find the costumes less silly tomorrow. After all, the classical gods wore silly things as well, like winged sandals and tridents and the like.
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What with all the enthusiasm on my flist and in crackchat, I am very much looking forwards to seeing 'The Avengers' tomorrow afternoon. I'm already very much prepared to like Loki best (as I did in 'Thor', too) and to seeing Nick Fury in action.

I haven't been looking forwards to anything that much for a while. Well, maybe to the start of the second season of GoT. But yes, really. Joss Whedon -- bring it on!!

**wibbles happily**

And afterwards, I probably would like if people recced all the fic...
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I just learned a useful new word: 'paracosm', which means an imaginary world that's throroughly thought through. Seems we fans and RPers aren't sad nerdy escapists any more. Quite on the contrary -- the future, that article says, belongs to those that can imagine it.

Well, we can, and we do.-
yakalskovich: The Nazgul and I in nun costumes at Kaltenberg posing with a bloke dressed as Jack Sparrow (Jack Sparrow makes nuns happy!)

For Kippur, whom I told about this.-


Jul. 30th, 2011 08:26 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] japanologist pointed me to a little free program called Screamer Radio -- it's basically just a radio player for internet radio stations. It has more stations than you can possibly hope to listen to in one lifetime (and in more languages than you can possibly hope to learn), but if it doesn't have one specific station (like Heart FM from Cape Town which [livejournal.com profile] japanologist had been recommending on his Google+, which started my search for a way to get at its stream), it will accept an URL for the stream and open it.

Now I can listen to my beloved Klassik Radio again, can follow up all sorts of recommendations the world over, tune in to the BBC when [livejournal.com profile] essayel tells me about the interesting stuff they're talking about via IM, and yes, listen to Heart FM, which is really the ideal mix of upbeat music for a grey weekend in July. I can listen to [livejournal.com profile] celticangel76's show when it is on, and get my dose of Bhangra and fast-talking Hindi from BBC Asian Network. I can have news in Finnish and were-Balkanese party music from Ljubljana.

They have re-invented the dear old shortwave DX radio, and I can have one for free!!

Google +

Jul. 9th, 2011 05:20 pm
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I feel tempted to try Google + -- does anybody have a spare invite I could have?

Thanks in advance!

Got one! Who needs an invite, who wants to be added to circles?
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I have been saying, archly, for years, that unlike connectors, humans can't just connect male-to-female.

Now, finally, connectors can, too. And quite expertly. Fear the geeks bearing soldering irons!


Jul. 22nd, 2010 08:21 pm
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It is just sitting up there in the sky, doing nothing. There are clouds, it is windy, but otherwise, it's just too darn hot.

Lucifer is lying by the french windows again, listless.

Today at work, the network fainted five times from the heat (some hardware in a node in Loonybin Village kept turning itself off), and the actual hardware under my desk (Compaq computer made in 2000 and running Win98, essentially a dumb terminal for the virtual XP computer that lives on a big server in a data centre somewhere beyond the node in Loonybin Village) spontaneously restarted itself twice.

And when I got home, the graphics board on my big laptop needed a special invitation to switch over to windows, as it sometimes does when it's too hot; but the cooler pad I bought on [livejournal.com profile] bigfluffball's advice is taking care of it very well now, so there's no danger of it fainting from the heat now it's running properly.

ETA at half past nine: It came! It finally came, and now is cooling down nicely. Erm. Not that way.-


Jul. 22nd, 2010 01:37 pm
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I guess most of everybody on my flist that is in Britain is going to watch this on Sunday, so I don't need to bother and try threading in Milliways while it's on?

It sounds bloody brilliant from the description. My friend [livejournal.com profile] japanologist pointed me to it, and quoted dialogue from the trailer:

Modern!Watson is standing in this total dump with the housekeeper [[Mrs. Hudson, I presume]], and the housekeeper says, "Oh we've got another bedroom upstairs for you, unless you'd like to share..." and turns around cutely. Watson staaaaares at her, and she goes, "Oh, we've got all sorts of people around here, you know!
Very nice people!"

Written by Stephen Moffat. With Rupert Graves, who shone quietly in 'Maurice' and 'V for Vendetta' as Lestrade. Produced by the BBC, who makes the best TV in the world anyway, at the moment.


Please, please, SurfTheChannel, don't fail me on this or on 'Mad Men', which is what the US Americans will be watching on Sunday instead of threading in Milliways...
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Putting the online edition of what may have once been the most prestigious newspaper on the planet behind a paywall (hoping that old reputation would finally make people shell out the money) seems to have failed abjectly.

Not only does nobody read it, the articles can no longer be deep-linked, quoted with a reference, or listed on the page of the freelancers that wrote them. Signals can no longer be boosted. Behind that paywall, a newspaper goes back to being what it was before the advent of the internet: - a monolithical entity talking to itself, instead of part of the worldwide web of professional news sources and bloggers that process and amplify breaking news and background information. And yes, each of us is a part of that.

Only The Times no longer is.-

Are we missing it at all? Will we quote it again when it takes down the paywall?

I never quoted it much; I recently tried to because that's where quote from the snarky statisstics professor came from, but when I got to the paywall, I simply turned back and found something else to link to. Cursing the paywall as I went, and writing off the Times as a potential news source...


Jul. 16th, 2010 11:45 am
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From the Department for Silly Lurgies:
I have the Turbo Cold, I think. Yesterday around lunchtime, I started feeling a scratch in my throat, last night when I came home I felt feverish and woozy, after a nap my throat really hurt and I needed sage and honey tea while unable to eat, then around midnight my brain and throat cleared up while my nose started running, now throat and nose are mostly fine and I started a little cough. This is a week's progress on a non-accelerated cold, within 24 hours. I guess I'll keep coughing slightly for a day or two (coughs stay for a while after the rest of the lurgy is gone), and then the thing will be history.

From the Department of Silly Gadgets:

I just got my laptop cooling pad. It does work, at least with the EEE. It's a little tilted raised platform with no-slip rubbery leg things, and three computer fans. It came quite cheap. It does cause a constant hum, but that's a small price to pay for having my valuable machinery cooled down while in use. I'll now turn off the EEE and try it with my main computer. Which I need anyway to make a 'secret' graphic or two for today's DE...


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