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Last night in chat I mentioned Oxarárfoss in Iceland, and how some scene in the 4th season of 'Game of Thrones' were shot there? It is known they were there when we were because in some making-of interview about the locations in Iceland they mentioned having had the best, nicest weather in Icelandic memory, and that started just shortly before we came. I am pretty sure that especially the approach to the Eyrie is Oxarárfoss.

In actual history, the waterfall was created by the Viking settlers at some stage in the 10th century to bring water to the assembly grounds of Þingvellir, where the entire country met to democratically (sort of) make policy.

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My sister put an hour-long edit of her slide show with pictures from our vacation last summer up on YouTube -- with panning, zooming, animation, music, the works. Enjoy!

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Last year, my sister and her husband had time to kill before their plane left from Keflavík airport, and so they went to this Viking museum in Njardvík (basically, across the bay from Keflavík town), and they took all these pictures of this colourful cartoonishly funny art installation about the Norse myths, so I decided I really wanted to go there as well and take my own pictures to iconise, print on large canvasses, or do other fun things.

My mother and sister mocked me for not using an audio guide but instead wandering through the exhibit just looking at what it looked like and taking pictures of cute colourful details. But really, I just wanted the colourful pretties. My flist and tumblr dash tells me enough about Norse myth as it is. Audio guide no thank you.-

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