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**hates Betty Draper even in the dubbed German version**
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... and catching the episode where the Lucky Strike sleazebag gets Sal Romano fired, I noticed something.


Has nobody ever noticed how much Jon Hamm looks like Michael Fassbender, and vice versa?

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Spoilers )

Ahhhhhh my dear beloved psiTunes frees me from the 'Turn Turn Turn' by bringing up 'Utgard' right away -- that is an even worse earworm!
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... sorta, because I have a new job: - I'll be starting in the little agency (Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce sized, not Sterling Cooper sized) where my old, old friend [livejournal.com profile] japanologist is a partner in September (officially and salaried-ly), but will do jobs for them before, which is very doable, as I only work part-time at my present slavery.

I'll be doing everything I can there: - managing servers, databases, CMSes, filling and building web sites (Stephan will teach me Drupal programming, too), editing graphics, typesetting, copywriting, translating, anything that needs doing. They do mostly online stuff and promotions, not classic print media (which is dead, anyway), but basically,yes,  I'll be joining a modern day version of one of my favourite TV shows.

I'll bet you anything that before the year is out, I'll have used Finnish for them, and taken pictures with my beloved Pentax (which I will now be able to buy off Thomas the Metropolitan) in some bland but professional capacity as well. Everybody does anything they can and that is needed, just as they tend to do at SCDP.

It'll be part time (20 hours, which I work now as well, but for a better salary and an option for 30 hours when I've learned the ropes, found me feet and do projects on my own), and that's what I wanted so I can still RP into the night and write for-pay articles for those book magazines. Oh, and if my present slavery wants me to carry on with my biweekly column in their new e-law newsletter, I'll do so as well for the usual fee, no problem. I'm definitely not ragequitting. Ragequitting is unprofessional and only causes more stress than it relieves. Much as I will be happy to never, ever see Madame Main-Stressor again, ever.

I'll sign the contract next Friday (25th), so that's why I am keeping this flocked for the moment, but I'm already in their system, have an email address and a Google drive account there, will be making my 'official' realname Google+ account for work (so if some Martina circles you in the next few weeks or so, that'll be me) so I can do official tech and promo communication there, etc., and have generally hit the ground with my feet already running -- I did the first work with the CMS for them today, putting an article online and fiddling with the illustrations, of which there were far too many to let the text flow around comfortably...

And I won't have to hide who and what I am -- nothing of it! Not the RPing, the fannishness, the geekery, the sports, the HAES, nothing! Stephan knows my blogs, I showed the lady who had the idea to hire me around [community profile] collected_fudz ('That fish chowder -- best thing EVER EVER EVER!!') because they have cooking related projects, there is no need to hide either Yakalskovich or Sethos or Xarminta there, on the contrary, it's an advantage that I've been blogging since 2003 and have been writing text with a wild variety of disparate people in different time zones over the internet as a matter of course for years and years. Stephan even holds similar political views and knows I've joined the Pirate Party recently. I can use everything that I know and enjoy and am good at, and they're even going to pay me money for it!

And I'm going to be in an RL version of Mad Men. Sorta...

**squees incoherently and skips off**
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I'm re-watching 'Mad Men' season 2, and am very amused to notice that the first time we ever meet Dr. Scumbag Prime, he tries to snog Joan, but Joan would much rather watch Jackie Kennedy on TV showing the viewing public around the White House.

From the word go, he's not good enough for her. If he were good enough, he'd either be distracting enough for her to forget all about interior design (which Sal and Kitty are avidly watching together, heee!), or he'd be sensitive enough to let her watch it in peace and wax romantic afterwards.

Dear Matt Weiner, please let the man die and rot in Vietnam in season five. Pretty please?
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Betty Draper shoots pigeons -- what a classic!

She does it to defend her kids' dog, actually.

In the first season, she's not Entitled Bitch Prime yet...
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The German dubbing of 'Mad Men' is actually quite good, and the voices are picked well. Except Joan, whose German voice actress is too tame.

But Roger Sterling puking on the carpet in front of Nixon's team is just as funny in German.-
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There is a perfection to the episodes of the mid-first season of 'Mad Men' that hasn't been reached by anything else ever since, say sorry.

I've just rewatched 'Babylon' on German TV. So many classics in 45 minutes!
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It's only been a week, but I already miss 'Mad Men'.

**pokes internet**
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Today, there were even more billboards advertising the start of 'Mad Men' in German television. My whole train station is full of Joan in backlit glass cases!

The one with Don and Rachel (yay Rachel!) says 'Behind each successful woman, there is a man leering at her ass', and the one with Joan says, 'In the leading role, the role of women [in society]', which sounds less starchy in German than in translation.

Here is the first slogan again, on a large outdoor billboard, done with Peggy and Pete, and this

this is the best I could get of the larger version with Joan on it.


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