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I posted one picture at the time, but was too sick to get up the energy for an entire picture post. In fact, on the day, I felt too ill to get up the energy to take pictures much. Most of these, the Nazgul took with my camera. She has a way of looking at medieval merchandise that I quite like.-

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The Nazgul and I went to the first medieval market of the year. I probably shouldn't have gone, as I am still quite sick and went through that place wheezing, coughing, spluttering, and largely useless. Most of the time, I sat on a beer bench drinking mead beer and looking at people's costumes with the Nazgul. I did get two more pint mugs from the same potter as last year's (in the icon), and we posed with the other hobbyist 'Scot' with his veeeeeeeerrrra laaaaaaaaaaaaaang sword...

There are more pictures, but I'm not quite up to making a full picture post right now.

Soon. Promise!
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My sister suggested that I should adapt the 'Scottish medieval' costume to a version wearable in an everyday context.

Or at least for special occasions, for I can't quite see myself going to work like that.

So, today I did:
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Yesterday, we saw this picture on the wall of the Blutenburg chapel, and wondered why that saint is so hairy. Now we found who he is: Saint Onuphrius.

The Little Lady and I just speculated that he is so fluffy because his name means 'beautiful rabbit' in the original ancient Egyptian...
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There weren't that many new things this year in Kaltenberg, so this post gets a bit eclectic. For more general pictorial explanations, refer to the post from former years, found through the 'Kaltenberg' tag on my journal.

We went on a Sunday, which meant it was full of kids. That wasn't as bad, actually, as we'd thought. What was bad was that there were hardly any visitors in costume, and nobody cheered for the Black Knight, except us, more or less. We decided not to go on a Sunday again. If we get trouble with rain again, we'll just not go.

But on to the pictures! )
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After we'd seen large groups of 'Scots' at the medieval market here in Munich in early May, the Nazgul and I decided to go Scottish this year as well. All the more as the Nazgul found these forum threads where these hypercorrect and very German medieval costuming purists mocked the Scots fashion and/or earnestly demanded they ought to be banned from any serious event for the sake of historical correctness.

Well, we don't go to that sort of serious event with historical correctness anywhere, so we went ahead with the Ren Faire fashion type costumes that were generically influenced by this page the Nazgul had found.

Yesterday, I did my costume, and as the Nazgul popped by to lend me a tool that she has and I don't, she took pictures afterwards.

Here's a bonus one with surprise!ninja!cats. I honestly didn't realised they were there when I stood there. Mephi's under the chair in the first one, too, which you can only see if you know it...

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Jousting as a serious competition -- thanks to [livejournal.com profile] carolinw for the link!

Kaltenberg, I must admit, is all show. We nevertheless plan to go again, on July 24th.
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The Nazgul and I have just decided what to be next year.

It's this:

She'll do the Hospitaller noblewoman, and I'll do the simple Hospitaller nun. We hope nobody will ask us again whether we're genuine.-

For this year, however, we are still working on the Scottish late medieval costumes. I'll keep it simple because I don't want to be too hot. And I'll recycle stuff I already have.-
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Here I am, agreeing to earn some money with Latin. Somebody I know is doing a Latin training box thingger for middle school student doing Latin, and I agreed to help.

I think I earned money for knowing Latin about, erm, once before? Having done nine years of Latin in school, and then studied Medieval Latin as a minor subject at university, one might say it is a breadless art -- not really, it's the basis for all Western culture, but never mind.

But now, Latin => money!

Now I was waiting for the bus the other day in the Miserable Village, listening to a piece by Helium Vola that happened to be in Latin. I had never heard or seen the lyrics, but found I could follow the medieval Latin without any hitch.

There's no real reason that Latin suddenly comes so much more easily to me again. It's been sort of shaken loose in the last year or two, though, what with two medieval Milliways headvoices who second language (as active as English is for me) was Latin. I do feel that helps...
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Today, I went out long before wake-up time (especially for a Sunday) to meet the Nazgul and have brunch at the medieval market.

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When [livejournal.com profile] nazgulwears and I go to medieval events, we go for three things: a) to invest time and research in our costumes, make them, and wear them; b) to see the market stalls, eat, drink, and be merry, and perhaps buy some nice medieval things and c) see the show they put on.

We found Maxlrain 'the better middle ages' than the big event in Kaltenberg, beause it was less commercial, and there were lots more people in period costumes, period however counting as 500 to 1500, with some un-historical elves and undead on the side. Too many people wear black and dark red, too, if you take into account that there was no reliable black dye, and dark red (= purple) was costly in the middle ages. But it wasn't mostly mundanes come to gawk and see the show, and the market stalls were to the point, instead of selling cheap stuff for kiddies. They carry that too, but we could have found trim there, and I did find a sensible, working sahs just as I wanted.

See Maru and the Nazgul being big-G Goths! )

See a medieval market in torchlight! )

See a show with horses! )
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... and now I have gained:

1) a proper sharpened sahs knife of sturdy steel

2) a dramatic-looking bruise on the inside of my left elbow which was caused by archery: an improperly loosed bow-string snapped against my arm. Ouch!!

Here are the archery butts where it happened. Please note the young orc who wears armour over blue jeans. We found that a tad historically incorrect...

Proper picture post tomorrow, when I have processed the Nazgul's photos!
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I'm going off to be a big-G Goth for a medieval event this afternoon and evening, and shall be back around my 1 or 2 at night. I'll pick up tags then, and maybe thread a bit.

Dont't burn down the internetz!

Oh, and do admire our period clothes:

Also, I found a solution for the peplum: - not use it all, and instead wear a floor-length brown linen skirt I have anyway! Amusing how, now we are done and dressed, the Nazgul is clearly the mistress and I the maid, or she a noble lady and I a simple farming woman...
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It is still pissing down hard, and I am so pissed off by not being able to go to Kaltenberg, I even use rude vocabulary and don't thread because my charries would get mun bleed.

One single good thing today: new phone. Having it on hand means I get to take spontaneous pictures of the cats being cute.

Here is Mephi, for example, sitting on the TV and worshipping UFOs.

My kitties, canoodling.-

Cut for feline TMI, and human lamentation )
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Dear World,

you have about five hours to be stopping this deluge already. Or I shall be infinitely pissed off.


- Maru

ETA: It's still raining now in the afternoon, and icy cold. We're not going. I'm REALLY pissed off!
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Sorry for the low quality of the pictures; you can't take better ones in a mirror, without the flash.-

Peplum, or no peplum? )
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Wheeeee 'Prince Caspian' in Kaltenberg was about the coolest thing ever! Only half the market was open, and what there was was rather emptier than usual, due to the fact that only two thirds of the arena was in use, the rest having been sacrificed to the hugest screen ever.

And now -- spoiler!! )

For the way back, we got lucky. We refrained from leaving before the film was over to catch the regular bus and last train, and instead were allowed on one of the VIP buses without any fuss or questions. That went from Kaltenberg directly to Munich central station -- so convenient! And totally free. The Nazgul and I sat with a group of rather stoned VIP wannabes that giggled their heads off and knew all the silly songs the abysmal radio station running in that bus were playing. Also, two started rather rough horseplay, but after I announced loudly that we'd throw the corpse off the bus once the first gets killed and we'd all have more room, they stopped.-

Picture post, hopefully, tomorrow. For the moment, I am having my knee nibbled by Mephi; and then I will go to bed.


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