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Through Twitter, one of my oldest online friends contacted me today, a bloke with whom I used to run Star Trek games on Compuserve back in the mid to late nineties. I'd googled his name some time ago and found that twitter account and sent him a tweet going 'I might know you -- does the name Baroonuk ring a bell with you?' (that was our most successful ship, manned by Federation and Cardassians far away in a galaxy full of insectoids and other interesting aliens), and today, he pinged me back there, and yep, it's him.

Back in the day, when my rather naive younger cousin went to the US to see some family and then insisted on going to New York all by herself, I asked him to meet her just so somebody would keep an eye on her from far away; they went to the top of the World Trade Center, if I recall correctly. That's how long ago it was.


Also, it reminded me of how my main character on that ship, a Cardassian doctor names Sekla, actually specialised in psychological damage, so I do sense a pattern here...
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i recall rainy evenings
something or other
on the television
as i sat on the sofa,
placidly, with the dog,
his funny white face
on my lap, his eyes
half closed while i stroked him.
there was a fire to warm us
and now and then we had a nut.
then i was at ease with the world.

i recall windridden days
clouds piling up
over the grey-green sea
roaring forever
as i walked along the beach,
joyfully, with the dog,
the gale in his white fur
also ruffling my hair;
he jumped about excitedly,
his tail straight in the air,
his nose down on the ground,
following upon his short legs
the path i went along.
then i did love all the world.

Old poem of my own; I cheat and toot my own horn.-
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This so totally has to be resurrected for a DE at some stage...
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I was just on the phone with a bloke who does web stuff for us at work and can only work on our projects on evening and weekends beside his day job, so I consented to sacrifice half an hour to that; and while I was talking to him, Mephisto started to jump up the window pane, really high (five feet or more) to catch some tiny dark bug bzzzz-ing away there.

He took about a dozen loud, vigorous jumps, then had brought the poor thing down. Lucifer had been watching him curiously, and now, as the insect was flailing half-dead on the floor, Lucifer just pounced and ate it.-

Also, one year ago, the weather was mostly nice, and I was in Ljubljana...

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Kalkriese wasn't really a trip down memory lane any more as we hadn't been there before; the site wasn't know yet when we still lived not-so-far from it, and we still thought of Porta Westfalica and the Arminius monument as the site of the Varus battle.

But it was the same road trip, and it was our old stomping grounds as well -- my mother's grandmother and other relatives used to live in Bückeburg, about two to three stone's throws away. I remember going there as a kid, and coming past those monuments on the way.

Now, to the potentially real battle site, and some timber framed buildings on the way )
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About a month ago, I went on a road trip with my mother, to visit some places where we'd used to live, and then see the exhibition about the Varus battle at Kalkriese. First, we went to Gevelsberg, where we used to live until I was six, and where my grandmother lived until 1998; via the former Cistercian monastery known as 'Altenberger Dom', which is  a popular destination not too far away.

So, without further ado, to the pictures! )
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I seem to be talking entirely in exclamation marks; but that's not a problem as this road trip is worth it.

We spent all day today in Münster. My mother dragged me all through the city several times back and forth. Like in any old city the old part is sort of roundish, and we crossed the cathedral square in the middle about half a dozen times in our perambulations, and we saw about a dozen churches.
In addition, we saw the peace hall in the city hall, where in 1648 the 30-Years-War ended and Spain let the Netherlands go. Then, we had goat cheese cake in the Picasso Museum (made by that bakery the Nazgul recommended), and then we went and heard an organ-and-harp concert in the cathedral.

Then, we had a nice meal with a good burgundy, and took the rest of the bottle with us for tomorrow, when we'll be in a country inn by the old battle-field of 9 AD, where I would suspect wine, let alone decent one, will not be forthcoming...

I don't know if we will have internet; if so, I will be there and post more, if not, I'll be reading 'Abhorsen'.-
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Pavement Stones
(ca. 1986)

This is the time when pavement stones
Won't be ripped out but put in.-

As I wander down the street,
My eyes on the pavement, my mind deep in thought,
The grey stones in swinging semicircles
Entice my foot to stride on.

Circling, dancing their silent pattern
They draw my glance away, ahead;
Their frozen rhythm fascinates me, and inspires
My mind, my foot, my heart.

When afterwards dead concrete begins again
I look back at the cobblestones, alive underfoot,
These stones, mild in the sun, darkened with rain or
Shining like jewels with frost.

There once was a man who paved this street.
Hours and hours he sweated over his labour,
Arranged the heavy stones as he though best,
Then looked back on his work with pride.

I was reminded of this just now as I was watching the building site orcs pave what used to be our first back courtyard with cobblestone paths.-
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MTV has Nirvana only this evening because it's ten years since Kurt Cobain killed himself. I remember sitting at my computer, alternatingly writing my magisterial thesis and my long keeping-my-mind-off-uni-work fic Lieutenants, listening to MTV all the time in the background, and then those news coming through.

They played the Unplugged set over and over again on MTV in those days. I never enjoyed Nirvana as such very much, to be quite honest - but I bought  the Unplugged album and must have played it hundreds of times. It was one of those albums everyone had, like Buena Vista Social Club or Swing When You're Winning. I then gave it away to a colleague that left at my first job, and didn't have it for years until I bought it again, recently, in some "Utter Classics" edition. I had quite missed Kurt Cobain singing "Lake of Fire"...

And now it's all ten years ago - I fell so utterly ancient!!


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