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I feel the strong need to get myself a consistently playable female character that kicks some ass. Madame Thénardier from Les Mis isn't really doing anything, and I'd like to replace her with somebody a bit more interactive.

So, likely candidates (despite misgivings and doubts about each of them, but that is the usual thing with me):
  • Dot from Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (even though i only get the first season yet on Netflix here)
  • Magdalena Kuisl, the Hangman's Daughter (here I am with yet another charrie from a historical novel written in German)
  • Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black (which I am getting hooked on now I have Netflix -- but can I do her American-ness justice?)

So, anybody from Milliways who sees this -- any preferences due to your own charries and plots and fandom favourites?
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 I made myself some really nice lunch and will now proceed to have my heart completely mangled. **wibbles**

Here there be all the spoilers!! )
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Through Twitter, one of my oldest online friends contacted me today, a bloke with whom I used to run Star Trek games on Compuserve back in the mid to late nineties. I'd googled his name some time ago and found that twitter account and sent him a tweet going 'I might know you -- does the name Baroonuk ring a bell with you?' (that was our most successful ship, manned by Federation and Cardassians far away in a galaxy full of insectoids and other interesting aliens), and today, he pinged me back there, and yep, it's him.

Back in the day, when my rather naive younger cousin went to the US to see some family and then insisted on going to New York all by herself, I asked him to meet her just so somebody would keep an eye on her from far away; they went to the top of the World Trade Center, if I recall correctly. That's how long ago it was.


Also, it reminded me of how my main character on that ship, a Cardassian doctor names Sekla, actually specialised in psychological damage, so I do sense a pattern here...
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So, after Wikipedia threw a major spoiler at me as I wwas looking up the SH episodes this morning because how could that have been the finale already -- I am going to do a running commentary on this because I'm worried now...

Cut for spoilers -- the usual deal )
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I wrote a Milliways fic about Hannibal playing chess with Dracula and remembering his first visist to Paris that is pertinent to all the things, among them the de-aging plot that started in Milliways tonight.

It contains headcanon which is just an open invitation to be Jossed, but never mind...
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Hey, [personal profile] skidmo and [personal profile] misslucyjane -- look who is playing in Munich this weekend!
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So, I have been home for two days now, but my mum was here, and she doesn't like it when I'm at my computer while she's talking to her, and as she was really very, very helpful, I didn't insist.

So, I am home, I am still quite anaemic but getting better per iron pill and per day, and picking up where I left off.

For Milliways, that means I tagged all the old threads, but won't mind if anybody fades where we are; I'll put up a new multipup post to celebrate my return soon, anyway.

Okay. On with things now.-
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You know you lost control of your brain to your Shakespearean character if you check back on the last tag because you can't remember if you'd done the grammar for 'thou' properly and want to amend, having written it in passing while unfucking your habitat, and discover that yes, of course, you have done so without thinking because 'thou' is now default.-


Apr. 6th, 2013 06:38 pm
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+ Urquhart's PB is on yet another thing being a medieval character.

- He wears a bloody big face fungus in that one, so I get no new icons whatsoever out of it.
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Oh, [personal profile] saphyria, my sister is making cinnamon rolls! They already smell incredibly delicious! My Inner!Urq and Inner!Poins are expecting to see Sunshine any minute now...
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I thoroughly enjoy playing Poins. He's grown on me like Teja or Urquhart did before, or Sooty at the very beginning. Antinoos (surprisingly, to me) failed to do that, but Poins prevailed.-
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... occurs when you use 'thou' and 'you' in the same sentence, indicating singular and plural. I have an advantage here, though, because I use 'du' and 'ihr' every day in German that way.-
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So, after last night's election in the USA, I have this cheerful political goddess in my head going hornfingers all over because the brokenness of the system and all those shitty voting computers couldn't steal the election this time, and all the shady creeps were thwarted. After all, her canon is all about voting computers and why they are a Bad Thing. She is making atrocious jokes in my head about people being fired because the dubious fix in Ohio didn't work out after all. Her own Xanatos gambit in canon started in Florida, so she's quietly cackling to herself that Florida STILL didn't get its stuff together.

And then, I have this dead Ostrogoth king being grimly satisfied at the defeat of wishful thinking this linked article declares, and finding his view of 'fate' mirrored in the facts-and-faith dichotomy of it. The world is all that which is the case, what has happened stays happened, and people have to deal with it instead of flailing and acting entitled. Nobody is entitled to their version of reality. Nobody is entitled to ANYTHING except that which is granted in laws and contracts, and if those aren't kept, you can sue in due process. All the rest just clouds your vision and makes you unable to deal with what's coming -- and while there is never any guarantee, it is better to go with the most likely event, and prepare accordingly. Sandy could have pulled an Irene, but it's better to prepare for an Irene than face a Sandy unprepared. Same goes for intricate mathematical projections of likely election outcomes, so the pity for dramatically sore losers is limited. That's what Teja is about, actually: his idea of 'fate' combines the 'that-which-is-the-case' type of fact-set, plus a very likely projection of the immediate future, growing uncanny by adding an complete lack of wishful thinking when facts + accurate projections clearly tell otherwise. Teja, although 'conservative' to the bone, would very much approve of the suddenly restored good political sense of those strange people in the Lands Beyond The Sea.

I think they both get an EP tonight where they can get the chance to voice those opinions to all comers, and to drink to Obama's victory. Poins can be hung over for a change and shut up with the blank verse already so I have the brainwidth for my political pups.-
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Dreamwidth seems to have finally 'fixed' the icon thing. Teja now has a paid account, Urq will follow shortly as I need the iconnage for the slendyplot; I would most likely have bought him an account anyway as I'll want some scary pictures...

I'll make a new 'Everybody' icon as well (see this post) -- if one of the usual suspects want one for their accounts, please tell me so as I'll be doing them anyway on Wednesday, which is a public holiday here.-
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[personal profile] essayel was poking around some historical database of soldiers for names, and found

John Poynes, Archer, under Lord Edward Despenser, serving the earl of Cambridge on the expedition to France in 1375

We totally agreed that this must have been Ned Poins' father -- that is, if Poins had been historical and not just a fictional character made up by Shakespeare.

Sal suggested the elder Poins (Poynes -- spelling optional) possibly survived that war and fathered Ned during a moment's inattention in a whorehouse in Gravesend, but I find Poins comes over more like a legitimate son of an moderately wealthy man, because a sister is mentioned whom he needs to get married to somebody -- and if that's his business, even only theoretically to joke about it, then he's not illegitimate. Some of the archers were very well to do, Sal said, and I guess Ned squandered his inheritance, which means his father would already be dead.  He inherited what that archer brought home from the war, wasted it all on cheap wine and cheerful company, and by the time of the play, he's just stuck in Eastcheap, living for the moment, with nothing to go back to and nothing to look forwards to.

It rhymes with what I have been surmising about Poins so far, but being the son of one of Despenser's archers is much more tangible.-
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Found this brilliant little essay whether Loki (Norse and comics and MCU) is evil on tumblr, thought I'd spread it here, too.

Loki makes people doubt his innocence and his villainy,at the same time, which makes him an intimidating presence and someone people are not likely to underestimate or overlook (Loki hates being overlooked). He does evil things because he’s batshit insane, and he does almost-sort-of-sweet things because he wasn’t ALWAYS batshit insane.

[[from here]]

Yep, that rather covers the Milli!Loki I know, as well...
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I walked my third 5K today; pictures might follow on Monday, if they caught me on any. The more you do something, the less spectacular it gets. My feet hurt a little, and I had a long hot bath, but otherwise, no big thing, really.

Now I have Kingfisher beer and currywurst and Tony Stark looking terribly worried on my telly -- I watched the next bit of 'Avengers', but then ALL THE THREADS came alive at once, so I decided to rather thread. Tony isn't going anywhere.-
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I've been an RPer for so long, and I still totally love it when other characters talk about mine. This one, though, is especially special as the charries involved are Mogget and Loki talking about Teja and his cats.

The combo of 'Eighth Bright Shiner' and 'Norse Trickster God' alone makes the mind boggle...
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Oddly enough, writing middle-high-falutin' dialogue for Poins in Milliways is much less taxing than expected.-


Sep. 2nd, 2012 07:04 pm
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Here is me, with Teja's work shirt and his weapon, so to speak...

Also, the Nazgul found a Lego Loki for me at the Lego shop, an official one on a keychain. He'll go on my backpack and come everywhere with me.-


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