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First, I need to say the following:

Loki Loki Loki Loki LOKI!! LOKI!! L O K I !!!

We loved that movie. We totally loved it, and totally didn't understand why there was only a dozen people in the cinema. WTF Munich?? Where is your fandom?

Then, some comments. DO NOT CLICK IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THOR THE DARK WORLD YET. Here are SPOILERS!! I mean it!! )
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The shop around the corner had it really cheap and even gave me a free packet of crisps with it because it was some sort of cross-marketing promotion, so the Nazgul and I are now watching 'An Unexpected Journey' with the ability to rewind and slow-mo. And I got an answer to something that I was wondering about since I'd seen it in the cinema!

Spoiler -- of course! )
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What really bothers me about some XM:FC 'fix-it' fanfics is, oddly enough, when they try to twist and turn as to make Charles Xavier not paraplegic after all, post-movie. That doesn't just defeat the point of the movie (which is about telling how things came to pass so they're the way they are when the first X-Men movie starts) but also ableist as hell and negating the complex intricacies of that character: being in a wheelchair is as much part of the character "Professor X" as his telepathy is. Those people writing fix-its for that essentially make Charles less than he is, not more.

I've even used him as an example in a for-pay article about accessiblity, along the lines of 'Anything is possible for people in wheelchairs if they're Professor X and can throw money and/or mutant genius inventors at the barriers of bad/inconsiderate design until it goes away; real accessibility is about taking barriers like that away for everybody in that situation'. One of the points of the X-Men (which Ian McKellen already went on about on his website back in the nineties when he was in X1) is that they're all outsiders, alienated from society, and a great example to anybody who feels alienated from society as well (he was thinking of young gays, of course): use that which sets you apart as a superpower, rather than something to be ashamed of!

So any fic that goes out of its way to 'fix' Charles that way? Gets kicked right off my Kindle app for not getting it.-
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Really, what happens with all the other avatars and their pilots during the final conflict? There must have been at least two dozen people at that compound, but afterwards, it seems like Grace, Norm and Jake are the only ones.-
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In the long exposition about the dwarves and Erebor, there was one more thing I wanted to mention!

One more spoiler! )
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Because movies open on Thursdays and sometimes Wednesdays in Germany, the Nazgul and I went and saw 'The Hobbit' today.

Bullet points of spoileriness )

Also, I can has iPhone! Which means tweeting from anywhere, from now on.
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[personal profile] athousanderrors was right: "The Fall" is a very gorgeous movie. And strange -- the Nazgul was wondering what the writers and/or director have been smoking.

Also, guys with long curved horns seem to be a thing lately.

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... in 'Snow White And The Huntsman', let me list some of them:

Spoilers! )
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Have now bought 'Snow White And The Huntsman' for no other reason than wanting to finally 'meet' in his own canon that unwashed emo peasant lout over whom Teja got into so much trouble in Milliways.-
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I'm watching 'My Own Private Idaho' again for the first time since somewhere in the late nineties, to see exactly how Gus van Sant has made mincemeat of 'Henry IV.' (both parts) there, after having paid a lot of attention to the historically correct version in 'Hollow Crown'.

And yes, River Phoenix' character is Poins. At the time, the critics wrote that the character was entirely made up. Nope, it's just that nobody seems to pay enough attention to poor Poins.-
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No cut, as these are no spoilers.

a) Why is there an entire album of hard'n heavy music for 'Avengers' if they only used ONE of them in the end credits, plus one song that is NOT ON THAT ALBUM for the entrance of Iron Man?

b) The movie is about 'What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?' Really, that's a bit of a leitmotif there. It literally happens several times, too.

c) Loki Loki Loki LOKI!!!
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I went to see Thomas the Metropolitan about photography and  learned a lot, and came away with telephoto lens for 'my' Pentax. Ooops. Now I owe him more money -- but as he's going to let me have and keep the Pentax for a VERY moderate price, and there is money in my future in the shape of new job with three months of overlap which means regular moneys from old slavery, and freelance pay from new job, I can afford to pay him off.

But before that, I woke up with a post-Avengers fanfic (ooops!!) complete in my brain, struggling to get out sideways all at once in a big bloody chunk of brainwidth, so I slapped the plot outline into a Gdoc and shall now proceed to write it. The Nazgul arrives at seven for going to the gym, but before that, I can make a start. Would anybody here volunteer to beta before I post it to my brand-new AO3 account? It's going to be a short, in four easy-to-handle parts.

Tomorrow, I go to Prien again with the Lady Lena as I asked to come along the next time she has business there, as I need stuff from St. Irmingard that I failed to buy when I was there in autumn; also, I want to have a shot with the Pentax at that amazing landscape. Now with extra telephoto lens!!

And in the evening, the friend at whose agency I'm going to work will pop by and show me a few things and watch a movie of some sort (non-avengers-related, but I am not that braineaten to mind), so until then, I think I'll have done stuff of some description, but can't yet predict if it's going to be fanfic, picture post, paid work, or something else entirely. It all wants out at the same time.

People can use opiates (and get addicted to them) because there are receptors for that sort of thing in our brains that will react to endorphins, the kind of hormones that cause runner's high and the like. I guess whatever originally owned the receptors to which cocaine or crack docks? My system is probably awash with it right now. I wish I could split myself so I can do all these things at once. Cress! Telephoto lens! Gym! Avengers! Drupal! Picture post! Cats! Prien! Salad! Loki, Loki, Loki!

Erm, yes. Tea, I think...
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Am in Wiesbaden now and marathoning Jane Austen movies with the Little Lady, because she got a box set for Christmas from her other wild aunt (who I admire the hell out of, as she's LOTS wilder than me, even).

The Little Lady is 12 and three quarters, and getting into Jane Austen. How charming is that??

We will definitely watch 'Sense and Sensibility' on our first evening in Munich, as that's not included in her boxed set. And 'Becoming Jane', as we're at it...
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The Little Lady and I went to see PotC4 today, in 3D -- that was the only version still on, anyway. This was the first movie I've seen where the 3D didn't distract from the story or jar with the cinematography.

What struck me as especially interesting was how alive and real the fabrics seemed. Rich soft velvets, woollen coats on the soldiers and sailors, the canvas sails on the ships: - they all seemed so much more tangible than on normal film. That was an effect I really hadn't been expecting. There were a few other nice gimmicks to make full use of the 3D technology, but this I found most impressive.


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