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A capella version of 'Skyfall', sung by five blokes from Heidelberg.-

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Long ago, when Big Ben was a little pocket watch and I was first playing Margolotta in the old Discworld RPG, I learned of the existence of a certain Carla Bruni, who made quite charming contemporary chansons, with rather cracky lyrics in French, via Ji (whose DW user name I don't know, if any).

I liked. I liked her second album, which was in English with even crackier lyrics, just as much.

But then, colour me extremely dismayed when suddenly she turned up in the tabloids as having an affair with (and then even marrying!!) that miserable little populist and wannabe Napoleonoid that France had just elected president, Nicolas Sarkozy. I kept wailing how she used to make good music, and what a terrible terrible waste, and aberration in taste, that was. What the fuck was she doing there, out-glamouring Michelle Obama??

Today, Sarkozy was voted out. Now, Carla Bruni can go back to making music. If her next album has nice and cracky lyrics again, and that sauntering rhythm I like about her first two (the third, which she made while first lady, was too tame and somewhat unremarkable, as she probably didn't want to offend anybody), I might forgive her aberrations and buy her music again...


Jul. 30th, 2011 08:26 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] japanologist pointed me to a little free program called Screamer Radio -- it's basically just a radio player for internet radio stations. It has more stations than you can possibly hope to listen to in one lifetime (and in more languages than you can possibly hope to learn), but if it doesn't have one specific station (like Heart FM from Cape Town which [livejournal.com profile] japanologist had been recommending on his Google+, which started my search for a way to get at its stream), it will accept an URL for the stream and open it.

Now I can listen to my beloved Klassik Radio again, can follow up all sorts of recommendations the world over, tune in to the BBC when [livejournal.com profile] essayel tells me about the interesting stuff they're talking about via IM, and yes, listen to Heart FM, which is really the ideal mix of upbeat music for a grey weekend in July. I can listen to [livejournal.com profile] celticangel76's show when it is on, and get my dose of Bhangra and fast-talking Hindi from BBC Asian Network. I can have news in Finnish and were-Balkanese party music from Ljubljana.

They have re-invented the dear old shortwave DX radio, and I can have one for free!!


Jun. 2nd, 2011 08:37 pm
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  1. I am now current on 'Game of Thrones' -- while my laundry was going and going today, I watched the two most recent episodes. Oh man -- everything starts happening now, it seems. Only three more episodes of this season...
  2. For once, LJ has put up a new header banner that isn't actively off-putting, twee, dubiously esoteric or simply ugly. And they didn't break the system while doing so. Seems people are learning.
  3. In preparation of going to see Pirates 4 tomorrow with the Nazgul, I bought the music today. It comes with remixes -- and while the score proper is somewhat predictable, the remixes are really interesting. I think I'll just put the remixes on my little all-purpose pocket computer (which one can make phone calls with, theoretically, but which I mostly use for MP3 playing, taking pictures, and text messaging).
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Suddenly, to the great astonishment of my cats, birds started tweeting from the computer.

But that was because of the music I had just bought...
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I was just dozing, mostly asleep, with iTunes running as a jukebox, when suddenly a familiar little bleating voice started going 'Meeaow meeaow meeaow meow meow!' That's right, he went 'meow' like a normal cat, not 'Ngah!' as usual.

I was so amused that I woke up and started paying attention, and found it was the piece iTunes was playing, or rather, the nyckelharpa.

Whenever the nyckelharpa went off, Mephisto belted out the melody with it, or tried to.

He was singing along.

Here's the song. See if your cats sing along as well.
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At the end of a long day with lots of spontaneity at work and an excursion to feed the Nazgul's budgies, I was sitting in the train feeling slightly grumpy and only wanting home any more, idly listening to two women in their late fifties that had come from Oktoberfest and had obviously met there, because they were telling each other basics about their life stories.

I couldn't help it, they were right behind me, and not quite worth getting my MP3 player back out for.

One of them was telling the other about how she'd been born in Cincinnati and come to Germany as a professional singer, and how much she loves classical music, etc.

"Can you sing 'Ave Maria'?" the other asked.

And she just started to sing.

In a soft, perfect mezzo, very warm and gentle, not loud at all, with a bit too much tremolo (but that was to be expected, in a almost-sixty-year-old voice), she sang the Bach/Gounod Ave Maria in the middle of a suburban train.

Everybody turned their heads and fell silent.

The woman she sang it for had tears in her eyes. I don't know what the music reminded her of (my storyteller's instinct tells me it might have been her mother's funeral), but it was an utterly moving moment.

It had not been an especially nice, or just remarkable, day for me, before. But now, it definitely was.

One I won't forget.-
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My copy of 'Paragenesis' arrived yesterday! Now I have the book with my short story in on paper, to touch and carry around! Here it's lying face-down on one of the little outside tables of my favourite Italian café, where I was enjoying one of the last few nice days of the year while reading up on what everybody else wrote for it.

Today, my order from Evans arrived as well! I had to get Falk the Metropolitan to take some pics of me wearing it at once, as I can't possibly wait with posting about it on my tumblr until the Nazgul is back from the Fake Plastic Trees. Today she was in Muscat, haggling over the price of daggers...

Autumn arrived as well, so here you see my cats, cuddled up in my wonderful dark purple fleece blanket, being comfy and cosy. I have been mean to them by buying a little bottle of catnip scent oil with which I made them go doolally earlier. Anything can be turned into instant catnippy kitty lovedoll now!

Also, a discful of recent Bollywood music as MP3 arrived as well. I was at the Indian shop this afternoon, getting more chai spices, and when I took out my earphones to ask the bloke behind the counter about some Bollywood movies, I realised that my life contained entirely too much Medieval Scottish Heavy Metal Bagpipe Folk Rock, and not enough Bollywood, so I hastened to remedy that!

What did not arrive was episode 4.10 of 'Mad Men' on surfthechannel.com. They didn't even make an entry for it. I am worried...
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Do I really want to buy the new Apocalyptica album? On half the tracks, some idiots I am supposed to know about (but don't; none of them is either Ville Valo or Tarja, whom I'd like to hear work with Apo!) are singing, or rather, metal-growling for a better leopard-stuck-in-foundry effect.

Three or four of the tracks I just briefly listened to pieces of at Amazon sounded like one wants an Apo track to sound.

Perhaps I'll buy just those and disdain all foundries and leopards.

Pity about Apo, though. They used to be very good. And nice, friendly people.
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Canonically, Urquhart quotes large swathes of the 'Goliard's Confession' to the false monk he kills with a skilful massage in a bathhouse.  That poem is part of the Carmina Burana, and has been set to music several times since their discovery. So Urquhart, like Teja, has something of a canonical theme song that nobody can agree on a melody for...

From Carl Orff's Carmina Burana (20th century classical music)
From Cantus Buranus by Corvus Corax (loud renn faire music/medieval rock)
Version by Helium Vola (techno/electronica)
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Why the fuck do I have this song in my iTunes library???

**seriously weirded out**
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My new computer did its thing without any hassle, and now has all my data and music, and I've been on it, with the old one closed down, for about five or six hours.

I made a play list of all music I'd never played, according to iTunes. Now it's playing them one by one, then kicking them off the play list. Fun, eh? So I make sure, in the next days or weeks, I have nothing on there I've never listened to.

And my cats are cute. Lucifer's paws are huge.

And I should go to sleep soon. I want to be awake tomorrow in the afternoon, after all, to go swimming with the Nazgul...
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I just allowed a Wagner opera (in which Siegfried was some blue dreadlocked orc with bare legs and big boots) to run on my telly, promptly fell asleep, and woke up two hours later to a some terribly TMI-y medical discussion program.


That is two hours of prime tagging time I am not getting back. And a pint of chocolate ice ream melted, and half a pint of boilermaker gone stale.

And I missed [livejournal.com profile] essayel coming back online, telling me she had tagged, and signing off again after I just didn't answer.

And others were discussing my charrie again in an utterly heart-warming manner. Teja, not Urquhart, of course; I doubt one can discuss Urquhart in a heart-warming manner at all.-

Apologies to all I dropped thread on; I am catching up now.

**grrrrrrs at Wagner**

Earlier tonight, though, I got to use Urquhart's bizarrely anachronistic phone icon for the first time ever in this utterly fun thread with [livejournal.com profile] corchen 's newest character in [livejournal.com profile] mixed_muses.
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In other news: Woody Allen has completely lost his f***ing mind!!!

And not just because I am a disappointed fan of that woman. I mean, all movies she has been in so far have been soft porn at some time in the late eighties!
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Isn't technology amazing?

[livejournal.com profile] essayel is in Cardiff for the day, and she sent me a picture of a big old sailing ship (= replica of such?) she saw there, mentioning there was pirates and filming. She sent it from her cameraphone to mine as an MMS, and I saved it separately on my fancy phone and then got if off with the USB cable, turned the contrast waaaaaaay up (grey and cloudy day there, and I wanted to see the ship regardless), and here it is:

Picture wot Sal took in Cardiff just a little while ago, already on the intarwebz thanks to l33t mobile tech!

And here, you can have a song about tall ships (and other naval things) which is long and nice to listen to.

I'm still not sure the internet, all these modern inventions, and civilisation as a whole aren't going away again in some Interesting Times soon to come, but while we have them, why not enjoy them?

P.S.: [livejournal.com profile] misslucyjane, how do I embed the box.net player? I have been poking around box.net and its help functions, but found nothing.-
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Today, while sipping a white wine spritzer in the little Italian café on my way home, I listened to a young woman busking with a hang.

A hang is basically a portable steel drum shaped like a double wok; it is very esoteric, very rare, and only recently invented in Switzerland.

All you can do on one is, basically, improvise in a half-percussive way, not play tunes or pieces; but the sound is very relaxing.

It was a moment of purest RL luxury. If I ever see her busking again, I'll buy her CD.-
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Ahhhhh, Carla Bruni, Carla Bruni...

**shakes head**

She used to make such cool music.


Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nazgulwears for the first link.


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