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Last night in chat I mentioned Oxarárfoss in Iceland, and how some scene in the 4th season of 'Game of Thrones' were shot there? It is known they were there when we were because in some making-of interview about the locations in Iceland they mentioned having had the best, nicest weather in Icelandic memory, and that started just shortly before we came. I am pretty sure that especially the approach to the Eyrie is Oxarárfoss.

In actual history, the waterfall was created by the Viking settlers at some stage in the 10th century to bring water to the assembly grounds of Þingvellir, where the entire country met to democratically (sort of) make policy.

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My sister put an hour-long edit of her slide show with pictures from our vacation last summer up on YouTube -- with panning, zooming, animation, music, the works. Enjoy!

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Picture taken by my visitor from Atlanta who is [livejournal.com profile] cracicotus on LJ; bedspread was a gift from my friends at the Morningstar Manor else!game, chosen by [personal profile] essayel.
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Last year, my sister and her husband had time to kill before their plane left from Keflavík airport, and so they went to this Viking museum in Njardvík (basically, across the bay from Keflavík town), and they took all these pictures of this colourful cartoonishly funny art installation about the Norse myths, so I decided I really wanted to go there as well and take my own pictures to iconise, print on large canvasses, or do other fun things.

My mother and sister mocked me for not using an audio guide but instead wandering through the exhibit just looking at what it looked like and taking pictures of cute colourful details. But really, I just wanted the colourful pretties. My flist and tumblr dash tells me enough about Norse myth as it is. Audio guide no thank you.-

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Sep. 2nd, 2012 07:04 pm
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Here is me, with Teja's work shirt and his weapon, so to speak...

Also, the Nazgul found a Lego Loki for me at the Lego shop, an official one on a keychain. He'll go on my backpack and come everywhere with me.-

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So, I start working at my new job more and more while still at the old place as well, which means I sort-of have two jobs at the moment where I need to turn up occasionally. The new job is fun, though! At an agency, you definitely live high on the hog, and people are quite intense. Agencies do exist on the edge of chaos, AKA a level of High Catastrophic Normal. I'll deal with it. In fact, I have been hired expressly to de-stress the situation as I am a sensible and experienced Old Fart.

Yesterday, there was an important meeting with important customers about an important project, and when I came in today, there was this tiny!cake left over from it, which a bloke with the same name as Urq's dog (which secretly amuses me) offered to me. The whole thing was about 5 cm across (max!), and what glitters on it was actually gold, and it reputedly cost as much as two pieces of sensible cake from a normal bakery. Oh, and it was brightly purple, and the taste wasn't artificial grape or blueberry (as one would expect from the colour), but juniper berry. Huh. I am still unjaded enough (and will hopefully always be!) to thoroughly enjoy it. Anyway, that was such a posh little cake, it deserves my dramatic Lady!Loki icon.

My new desk -- I brought the first items along from my old office. Coffee comes from a posh espresso machine there, and you can drink as much as you want. I am very well caffeinated today. One of my new colleagues pointed out that nothing worse than Rasputin and a few icon!icons will convince nobody there of a) my weirdness or b) my dangerousness. I said that I can bring a Kali and a Ma'at next, but she went 'Still, nope, not scary', so I will have to think of something really scary and strange. **ponders** Some grisly old Apocalyptica poster, perhaps? Or is there a high resolution fanart poster of Jotun!Loki? In any case, I do wish to up the ante on weird. I mean, it's ME!! I can't be anywhere and just be normal! Can I?

One of the partners (the Sterling in the SCPD, so to speak, if my old friend is the Draper -- unfortunately, they have no Cooper, and nobody ever misses poor Pryce) rescued a baby bird the other week which he is now raising in a cage. It is a tiny, chirpy, cheeky, altogether adorkable tit of some sort! Of course I had to take pictures.

They have this menhir(ish stone) as a garden decoration, but the agency people are innocent of that -- that was the building's owner. Still, menhir! **giggles**

And on my way home, I bought a little aloe vera plant for my Loki action figure terrarium to replace the severely wilting sprig of ivy.
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... much as the old haircut, just with less of the 'erupting with awesome' I'd been having lately.

In the sunlight, taken by the hairdresser at my request -- yep, it's a dark aubergine, not black. Just as I wanted it.

At home, with a mere webcam, but a bonus Mephi!
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Nelson, the one-legged pigeon that has been surviving for some weeks in our courtyards

My cats being cuddly. Mephisto still tries to nurse on Lucifer, and now with my Pentax, I can take pictures of them actually doing this without Mephi turning into nothing but a black glob with glowy eyes.

My updated action figure terrarium -- now with 100% more Loki, and considerably less Snape hitting his head on a rafter. Snape will get a bigger IKEA lantern of his own soon...
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Here you see me at the finish line of the 5k walk I did today. You have to believe, for now, that it's meant to be me. The resolution of the Nazgul's cameraphone is a bit, erm, tiny.

But in this picture of the warm-up before that, you definitely recognise me. And when I arrived, the announcer said my name and said I'd come especially from Munich to take part, so I guess it really was me who did that most atypical thing.

I really meant it as one for the bucket list, and as yet another proof that fatness doesn't preclude fitness. But we're already making tentative noises about doing it again. There's another event offering 5k (walking for me, running for the Nazgul) right here in Munich at the end of June...
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This is what happens when I suddenly stop answering pings on IM -- there is a large red cat sitting on me!

Captured just now by the Nazgul with the Pentax that is neither new nor mine, but still brilliant -- this was taken without a flash!


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