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Because I was fed up, I googled "hangouts sucks want old google talk client back", and the first answer it gave me had a link to the direct download path for GTalk as I have been loving and using it for years.

So, deactivate hangouts in Chrome, close and/or restart Chrome, then install that! Works even under Windows 8 and will enable me to chat with my most immediate Millifolken and the Nazgul while still not being on AIM for general conversations.-

This has been a public service announcement.-
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Off to Iceland, to see volcanoes and waterfalls and have dodgy food at Café Loki. See you all on August 1st, and will then probably spam with massive pictures posts.-


Jul. 15th, 2012 07:31 pm
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I am home from my internet-less (almost) family holiday by the Baltic sea. Did anything momentous happen while I was gone? I fear there’s no way I can catch up with my flist, so I'd appreciate comments with the important or especially amusing bits. Thanks!
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I'm off to No Computer Land for a week, and while I am taking my netbook and the 'surfstick', I suspect the mobile connection wil be all EDGE out there in the boondocks, so I'll check email once a day like it's 1995, and not be seen online or take tags for a week.

Going through ALL THE FEEDS AND TIMELINES one more time just now, I discovered that UnfuckYourHabitat was made aware of and mentioned the fact that I mentioned UnfuckYourHabitat in a fic, and liked that fact. So, with the nice buzz from this oddly circular flattery, I'm going to flounce off into the wilds of RL. See you all next Saturday!

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I've got a fever and don't think I can tag today. Sorry.-
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Dear writers of historical fiction,

pumpkins are exclusively a New World crop. If your story is set in the Old World before 1500, no can haz pumpkins, savvy? For dome-like structures and rolling around humorously in marketplaces, you can use melons instead, as there were cultivated plants of the genus cucurbita here, just no pumpkins and squash. Kthxbai.

- Maru
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Dont't expect me to say anything witty, or anything much at all, because RL is rather demanding at the moment. My sister's renovations are a bottomless pit, but we do have established some planks across it. My brother-in-law and my Little Lady especially are total heroes.-

That means I'm not going to thread much at the moment, either.-

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Dear world,

I need a holiday, and I want to go to Iceland. It looks nice there.

Fed up with lurgies and work stress,
Maru Yakalskovich
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Crowds with Easter candles in the Orthodox church, seen from the gallery.

Lilac bush in our back yard.
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I'm off to Wiesbaden and Eschborn to see my family and meet my new little nephew Jón. I'll be intermittent in the usual way while there, as people can pull me away from the computer any minute without warning, and will be wanting to do RL stuff.

I'll be online this evening and Sunday evening, and very sketchy on Saturday as I shall be with Sphinx, meeting wee little tiny fellow, being made to play on their Wii, and looking at thousands of pictures from Iceland.

I'll be back home on Monday evening.

Don't burn down any places while I am gone!

I am back!

Sep. 7th, 2010 04:49 pm
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My mini-vacation with my mum in Bad Blumau was amazingly wonderful. There will be picture posts eventually, and I am immensely relaxed. I didn't turn on the computer once between her arrival and this morning, when we sorted the pictures we've taken.

Now she's gone again, too, and I have an afternoon alone with my cats, my laundry, last weekend's 'Mad Men', and catching up with things.-

I see that those annoying GrimaceBook and Birdnoise buttons are still there; or is it too much to hope that the current abysmal slowness of LJ is a sign they're in the process of taking them away?
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OMG I have cleaned all the things and am still not done with what I have to do before my mum arrives tonight at eight, and then we go to Austria really early tomorrow and she will want to natter, not see me sit at the computer even if I am listening and responding, so I guess you'll see me when you see me OH MY GOD MUST HURRY NOW BYYEEEEE!

Off I go!

Mar. 25th, 2010 10:29 am
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I'm off to Wiesbaden to see my fambly, arriving there this afternoon. I will be online, more or less, most of the usual times, but I may be spottier or more intermittent, as I'll be with these people who will be all 'Oh noes you love your computer more than me!!!eleventy-one!!' if I don't drop everything right there and then at their every smallest mewl for attention.

They don't quite realise that on the other end of the internet there are people: you!

So, expect to see me as usual, but don't be offended if I'm a tad slower in answering or tagging from now until Easter. Thanks!
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My WLAN router died the death of spontaneously malfunctioning hardware in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, and since then, I have been offline at home. Alice (my provider) are sending replacements which will arrive next week; until then, I will grab brief moments of internet in internet cafés and suchlike, but won't be around reliably to thread.

As there is nothing really urgent going on anyway, and not much plot waiting for my input, I don't even feel too bad about it. Teja will be upstairs recuperating, and then outside, recuperating even more in the fresh air. My MM charries will be going about their business behind the scenes.-


Oct. 25th, 2009 01:44 am
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Internet was not invented at the site of the Varus battle; as the Nazgul pointed out per SMS, otherwise Varus could have emailed to Xanthen for reinforcements...

Also, all Germans are Celts, the battle is a place not an event (at least, road signs point to 'Varusschlacht' even though it has been over for two thousand years), navigating a drained ex-moor is easy if adventuresome, and I have a plot bunny, but it might wither and die like almost all I had before.

And now, I am bloody knackered and want to sleep. See you all tomorrow. Then, my milli!charries will return and I will thread, either working on my picture post or on Sirona's app during slow times.-


Oct. 20th, 2009 04:51 pm
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Am in Münster now, hotel has WLAN for free and it works. Heading out for coffee and stuff now, will be back later and thread a bit.-


Oct. 19th, 2009 08:04 pm
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I'm on the road, and internet is sketchy so far as the WLAN of our first hotel doesn't extend to our room, and even if it did, it would be awfully expensive.

So I'm at the hotel PC in the corridor where it is draughty, but for free -- for some inane reason. Perhaps the draughtiness. I'll try and post pictures if I get my EEE into the hotel WLAN tomorrow in Munster. [livejournal.com profile] corchen, I have pics of that bloke we killed once, and the place where we did it... **grins**
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I am going on a road trip with my mother, to see places where we used to live, as well as a big exhibition commemorating the 2000th anniversary of the Varus battle, and will be online less frequently for a week.

I am taking my EEE, of course, and will try to be there in the evening, but it depends on hotel WiFi, so...

Back in Munich and on my main comp next Sunday!

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I'm going off to be a big-G Goth for a medieval event this afternoon and evening, and shall be back around my 1 or 2 at night. I'll pick up tags then, and maybe thread a bit.

Dont't burn down the internetz!

Oh, and do admire our period clothes:

Also, I found a solution for the peplum: - not use it all, and instead wear a floor-length brown linen skirt I have anyway! Amusing how, now we are done and dressed, the Nazgul is clearly the mistress and I the maid, or she a noble lady and I a simple farming woman...


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