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So, Saturday brunch with 'Hannibal'!

Spoilers! )
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 I made myself some really nice lunch and will now proceed to have my heart completely mangled. **wibbles**

Here there be all the spoilers!! )
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Now embarking on the adventure of watching the French 1995 version of Les Mis with Belmondo -- from what I have read, set apart by the fact it uses a framing device set in 1942 to stress the point of 'Why is the classical novel Les Misérables still relevant for us today?' Oh what a happy age -- nobody in 2013 or 2014 questions why Les Mis is still relevant. Globalisation, the raging neo-con and neo-liberal ideologies as well as the global economic crash they caused, and in consequence the movements trying to defend us against all this, like Anonymous and Occupy, have brought us right back to the barricade, and to the despair and poverty surrounding it. The book's opening motto is as painfully current as ever. Les Mis needs no justification for us today.

No, the most adventurous part for me is that it's entirely in French -- and there's not even closed captioning to support my far-less-than-perfect auditory comprehension of the language. I know the story, yes, but getting through the framing device and putting together who is who in 1942 and in 1832 (and before) will take some concentration.

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So, after Wikipedia threw a major spoiler at me as I wwas looking up the SH episodes this morning because how could that have been the finale already -- I am going to do a running commentary on this because I'm worried now...

Cut for spoilers -- the usual deal )
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I enter into watching 'Rôti' with this enigmatic tweet on my mind, but otherwise unspoilered beyond last week's trailers. My list will, of course, itself contain massive spoilers. )
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Spoilers )

Ahhhhhh my dear beloved psiTunes frees me from the 'Turn Turn Turn' by bringing up 'Utgard' right away -- that is an even worse earworm!


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