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Last night in chat I mentioned Oxarárfoss in Iceland, and how some scene in the 4th season of 'Game of Thrones' were shot there? It is known they were there when we were because in some making-of interview about the locations in Iceland they mentioned having had the best, nicest weather in Icelandic memory, and that started just shortly before we came. I am pretty sure that especially the approach to the Eyrie is Oxarárfoss.

In actual history, the waterfall was created by the Viking settlers at some stage in the 10th century to bring water to the assembly grounds of Þingvellir, where the entire country met to democratically (sort of) make policy.

On to the pictures! )
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Last year, my sister and her husband had time to kill before their plane left from Keflavík airport, and so they went to this Viking museum in Njardvík (basically, across the bay from Keflavík town), and they took all these pictures of this colourful cartoonishly funny art installation about the Norse myths, so I decided I really wanted to go there as well and take my own pictures to iconise, print on large canvasses, or do other fun things.

My mother and sister mocked me for not using an audio guide but instead wandering through the exhibit just looking at what it looked like and taking pictures of cute colourful details. But really, I just wanted the colourful pretties. My flist and tumblr dash tells me enough about Norse myth as it is. Audio guide no thank you.-

OMG the colours!! Cut cut cut! )
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Off to Iceland, to see volcanoes and waterfalls and have dodgy food at Café Loki. See you all on August 1st, and will then probably spam with massive pictures posts.-


Jul. 15th, 2012 07:31 pm
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I am home from my internet-less (almost) family holiday by the Baltic sea. Did anything momentous happen while I was gone? I fear there’s no way I can catch up with my flist, so I'd appreciate comments with the important or especially amusing bits. Thanks!
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I'm off to Wiesbaden and Eschborn to see my family and meet my new little nephew Jón. I'll be intermittent in the usual way while there, as people can pull me away from the computer any minute without warning, and will be wanting to do RL stuff.

I'll be online this evening and Sunday evening, and very sketchy on Saturday as I shall be with Sphinx, meeting wee little tiny fellow, being made to play on their Wii, and looking at thousands of pictures from Iceland.

I'll be back home on Monday evening.

Don't burn down any places while I am gone!

I am back!

Sep. 7th, 2010 04:49 pm
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My mini-vacation with my mum in Bad Blumau was amazingly wonderful. There will be picture posts eventually, and I am immensely relaxed. I didn't turn on the computer once between her arrival and this morning, when we sorted the pictures we've taken.

Now she's gone again, too, and I have an afternoon alone with my cats, my laundry, last weekend's 'Mad Men', and catching up with things.-

I see that those annoying GrimaceBook and Birdnoise buttons are still there; or is it too much to hope that the current abysmal slowness of LJ is a sign they're in the process of taking them away?
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Kalkriese wasn't really a trip down memory lane any more as we hadn't been there before; the site wasn't know yet when we still lived not-so-far from it, and we still thought of Porta Westfalica and the Arminius monument as the site of the Varus battle.

But it was the same road trip, and it was our old stomping grounds as well -- my mother's grandmother and other relatives used to live in Bückeburg, about two to three stone's throws away. I remember going there as a kid, and coming past those monuments on the way.

Now, to the potentially real battle site, and some timber framed buildings on the way )
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About a month ago, I went on a road trip with my mother, to visit some places where we'd used to live, and then see the exhibition about the Varus battle at Kalkriese. First, we went to Gevelsberg, where we used to live until I was six, and where my grandmother lived until 1998; via the former Cistercian monastery known as 'Altenberger Dom', which is  a popular destination not too far away.

So, without further ado, to the pictures! )


Oct. 25th, 2009 04:24 pm
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Laundry has been washed, all the things from the journey put away, and all the pictures are on my computer. I didn't feel like doing the picture post right away; better let everything settle. Instead, I got [livejournal.com profile] source_fairy ready to be apped come next Sunday (at which time I will also retire Asar-Suti and Ma'at, so I won't have too many deities, and redo all the 'Everybody' icons). I fell in love with the charrie Sirona the moment I finished her canon (and knew who she really was), even knew who had to be her PB the first time she was described, and tested her with [livejournal.com profile] ceitfianna's OC in Mixed Muses so I know I have an inner!Sirona to speak to me. So let us try the 'Maru can do female charries, too' thing, again. In Milliways, that is; in Morningstar Manor I have several, and acquired another one recently.

I have dealt with all attempts of feline interior decoration, and taken the summer clothes into storage, bringing out the winter things. My kitchen really looks like a kitchen now, having acquired tiling around the surfaces while I was gone; in the evening, I will take the laundry to the dryer and meet the Nazgul for dinner at the little Chinese part, and then RP some.

Tomorrow: return to slavery.-


Oct. 25th, 2009 01:44 am
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Internet was not invented at the site of the Varus battle; as the Nazgul pointed out per SMS, otherwise Varus could have emailed to Xanthen for reinforcements...

Also, all Germans are Celts, the battle is a place not an event (at least, road signs point to 'Varusschlacht' even though it has been over for two thousand years), navigating a drained ex-moor is easy if adventuresome, and I have a plot bunny, but it might wither and die like almost all I had before.

And now, I am bloody knackered and want to sleep. See you all tomorrow. Then, my milli!charries will return and I will thread, either working on my picture post or on Sirona's app during slow times.-
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I seem to be talking entirely in exclamation marks; but that's not a problem as this road trip is worth it.

We spent all day today in Münster. My mother dragged me all through the city several times back and forth. Like in any old city the old part is sort of roundish, and we crossed the cathedral square in the middle about half a dozen times in our perambulations, and we saw about a dozen churches.
In addition, we saw the peace hall in the city hall, where in 1648 the 30-Years-War ended and Spain let the Netherlands go. Then, we had goat cheese cake in the Picasso Museum (made by that bakery the Nazgul recommended), and then we went and heard an organ-and-harp concert in the cathedral.

Then, we had a nice meal with a good burgundy, and took the rest of the bottle with us for tomorrow, when we'll be in a country inn by the old battle-field of 9 AD, where I would suspect wine, let alone decent one, will not be forthcoming...

I don't know if we will have internet; if so, I will be there and post more, if not, I'll be reading 'Abhorsen'.-


Oct. 21st, 2009 10:22 am
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That's one of the tree pictures in our room; it is a photograph!! It was made by a local artist/photographer by name of Pan Walther who took mostly pictures of trees all his life. I really, really wonder how it was done, technically...

In any case, I like this better than the Warhol, and the Haring on the loo...
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I am in probably the most valuable hotel room I have ever stayed in. The owners of our hotel are modern art collectors and have originals in every room.

In our room, there are: a huuuuge Warhol sunset, a huuuuuge Haring (in the bathroom, two waving/drowning people over whom a dolphin jumps), a small Jeff Koontz, two Josef Beuys (the hotel proprietor's favourite artist), a Wunderlich, and a three-part serigraph of gnarled trees the style of which I don't recognise and the signature on which I can't read.

Contrary critter that I am, I like the last one best.-

Pictures will follow eventually!


Oct. 20th, 2009 04:51 pm
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Am in Münster now, hotel has WLAN for free and it works. Heading out for coffee and stuff now, will be back later and thread a bit.-


Oct. 19th, 2009 08:04 pm
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I'm on the road, and internet is sketchy so far as the WLAN of our first hotel doesn't extend to our room, and even if it did, it would be awfully expensive.

So I'm at the hotel PC in the corridor where it is draughty, but for free -- for some inane reason. Perhaps the draughtiness. I'll try and post pictures if I get my EEE into the hotel WLAN tomorrow in Munster. [livejournal.com profile] corchen, I have pics of that bloke we killed once, and the place where we did it... **grins**
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Yesterday, I successfully returned to Munich and picked up all thread. Now, I'll go to work and pick up things there before settling back into my usual routine.

Which includes not posting every day.-
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I am happy I survived the hangover.

Also, I am alone at the hostel; two Poles come in later, but I have my dorm to myself. No more Italian vampire werewolves coming in at the break of dawn! There is a specialised TV channel for classical music here, on which I am not watching a terribly old-fashioned production of 'La Bayadere'.

Also, the Lady Antonia made a wonderful salad à la 'What Was Left In the Fridge' before she went, and shared it with me.


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