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So, Saturday brunch with 'Hannibal'!

Spoilers! )
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 I made myself some really nice lunch and will now proceed to have my heart completely mangled. **wibbles**

Here there be all the spoilers!! )
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 One of our customers is called Ansgar!!!

**giggles forever**
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I enter into watching 'RĂ´ti' with this enigmatic tweet on my mind, but otherwise unspoilered beyond last week's trailers. My list will, of course, itself contain massive spoilers. )
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I make a prediction as to what this season of Hannibal will end with, based on reading the foreword to 'Red Dragon and cut for spoilers! )

Now, if you'd like, make your own prediction/informed guess as to what the season will end with, and we'll see who guessed right on the 20th?
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Spoilers )

Ahhhhhh my dear beloved psiTunes frees me from the 'Turn Turn Turn' by bringing up 'Utgard' right away -- that is an even worse earworm!

Shout out

Sep. 30th, 2011 02:45 pm
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Am watching a random if current episode of 'Castle' with my early afternoon tea, and there is somebody killing with a sword -- and the first thing Castle thinks of when they say 'sword' is 'Game of Thrones'...
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I just found out how 'Ashes to Ashes' ended and BAAAD spoilers! )
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Oh, I missed Pam!! "Let these good people practice their constitutional right to be fucking idiots."
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... and HUGE spoiler!! )

ETA: Oh, Pam, I missed you! 'Tree in a plaid shirt' indeed.-


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