Apr. 6th, 2013 06:38 pm
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+ Urquhart's PB is on yet another thing being a medieval character.

- He wears a bloody big face fungus in that one, so I get no new icons whatsoever out of it.
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Oh, [personal profile] saphyria, my sister is making cinnamon rolls! They already smell incredibly delicious! My Inner!Urq and Inner!Poins are expecting to see Sunshine any minute now...
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I seem to be improving if I have the brainspace for a headvoice to go 'guh' in again.

[[from Daily Fail via Lipp Sisters]]
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Awwww dog!

I had heard about something like that, vaguely, and got some RP mileage out of it here, but it is nice to have a proper article about it.
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**will be in his bunk**
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Reading this, I think I'll go back to my first fandom evah for a visit and research whether Data's (and hence, Lore's) eyes can be damaged by, say, an iron-tipped crossbow bolt...

It might come in handy.-

RP musings

Oct. 10th, 2010 01:49 pm
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Now, it is always nice to wake up to other people's charries discussing yours.

Rarely do you get two whole 'zillas full of it. Well, the first one has other things as well, but is rather Urquhart-tinged, as he was the one to damage Gene that badly, and the name comes up again and again.

The threads with Dinah Lance are especially interesting, on both posts. One day, Urquhart will have to tell her that he neither loves nor cares about anybody as that is the way he works, though.

That doesn't stop him from dealing out bloody noses to people that insult 'his lady', of course. He enjoys Saffron, and Moist, and if anybody talks trash about them, Urquhart will be insulted and teach that person manners. Physically, if they don't shut up.

Same is true for MM!Urq, by the way. Should any random young orc around the City ever call Ruth a retard within Urq's earshot, that unfortunate critter will probably find himself in an alley soon after, being slapped repeatedly by a very large hand...
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Dear world, I need a nap.

Please wake me when Moist and Saffron tagged.


ETA: They did, and I revived.
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There are deep passes you just can't ignore. You just can't.

People just invite you and leave their defence so wide open, you can't resist.

The pun absolutely has to be made.
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Inner!Urq thinks that another crusade to 'save' the Holy Land for Christianity would be a really, really bad idea...
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Here I am, agreeing to earn some money with Latin. Somebody I know is doing a Latin training box thingger for middle school student doing Latin, and I agreed to help.

I think I earned money for knowing Latin about, erm, once before? Having done nine years of Latin in school, and then studied Medieval Latin as a minor subject at university, one might say it is a breadless art -- not really, it's the basis for all Western culture, but never mind.

But now, Latin => money!

Now I was waiting for the bus the other day in the Miserable Village, listening to a piece by Helium Vola that happened to be in Latin. I had never heard or seen the lyrics, but found I could follow the medieval Latin without any hitch.

There's no real reason that Latin suddenly comes so much more easily to me again. It's been sort of shaken loose in the last year or two, though, what with two medieval Milliways headvoices who second language (as active as English is for me) was Latin. I do feel that helps...
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Canonically, Urquhart quotes large swathes of the 'Goliard's Confession' to the false monk he kills with a skilful massage in a bathhouse.  That poem is part of the Carmina Burana, and has been set to music several times since their discovery. So Urquhart, like Teja, has something of a canonical theme song that nobody can agree on a melody for...

From Carl Orff's Carmina Burana (20th century classical music)
From Cantus Buranus by Corvus Corax (loud renn faire music/medieval rock)
Version by Helium Vola (techno/electronica)
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IKEA originally started out promoting 'democratic design' -- back in the days when businesses had ideals and IKEA was mostly pine wood furniture and stripey fabrics. And it still aims to be a furniture store for everybody, small families with yowling brats little kids, urbane gay couples, not!Taylor Durden, elderly women with their daughters (<= us) and even Urquhart...

Well, a bloke who looked extremely like Urquhart, at least. He  was arriving when we left. He drove a Jeep Grand Cherokee.


Disclosure: I hate SUVs and all the related adapted-military, pseudo-offroad roadhoggery with a hot and fiery hatred. Twice hot and fiery since a Humvee once tried to ogg my mother, the Little Lady, and me while we were on one of our customary walks to our favourite tiny ruined castle by the river Rhine. We narrowly survived by jumping into a hedge. It was the one time my mom wasn't upset with me for making rude hand signs and cursing fluently in three languages; normally, she hates it when I do this. So, Jeep Grand Cherokee => OMG ebil on wheels!!!!111!!! Still, it's a car that fits Urquhart. Mornignstar Manor!AU!Urq is definitely going to drive one...
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In Milliways, we write in the present tense; in Morningstar Manor, in the past.

AU!Urq is taking off there quite nicely, if not quite like a house on fire (he's still working his way in, after all); but I find that I am having to retag quite often to change the tenses, and even then I miss half of them.

Urq in my head is talking in the present tense, I fear.-

The plot so far (for the Milliwaysers who are curious):


Mar. 20th, 2010 05:53 pm
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Yesterday, the Nazgul and I went to have our hair done again, just by the way of reminding ourselves we're really girls. **grins** She had her blue streak thickened and the blue colour made more intense, and I got it recut in a slightly more snappy way. The Nazgul still said that I look extremely serious and respectable with that haircut, which wasn't quite the intention... **pout**

And then, here is a picture of my actual Urquhart mug at my work:

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Everybody's suggestions for the LolUrq were good, but [livejournal.com profile] corchen's was the one that made me laugh out loudest, and which is funny for people who don't know the charrie.

So: - pick something I should write a short fic about, or a person or subject for ten icons?
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In the early 1990s, I used to love MacGuyver...

I re-watched some terribly cheesy old episode today which is one of the oldest things on Vladimir Kulich's IMDb entry.

He plays a big blond goon with a German name who is, well, blond.

And looking terribly eighties, which is no surprise, as it's an episode from 1989.

So I took some screen caps as you have to prepare in time when you want to be mean to your pups later.

This one, however, positively beg for a LOLcat style caption, but I can't for the life of me think of one. So, here's a chance for everybody (whether they do know the character I'm using this PB for from Milliways, or only from the writeup of his AU version, from my mentioning him here, or not at all):

=>Competition time!!

Suggest a caption for this picture which can then be added with the ICHC LolBuilder (breaking news, demotivational etc.)! The winner gets a short fic of their own choosing about anything whatsoever, or ten icons of whatever they want.

I might be needing practice in GIMP anyway...
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You know you've really got a good connection to your canonical RP charrie when they start doing in canon what you've established as their Millicanon because it felt right...

No, there isn't more canon for Urquhart. But I'm reading more books by the author of his canon, and Urq definitely fits one of his recurring character archetypes. And in the one I am just starting on, what does he do? He's a sniper in the 1991 Gulf war, and -- sharing a package of dried dates with two fellow mercenaries.


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