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I wrote a Milliways fic about Hannibal playing chess with Dracula and remembering his first visist to Paris that is pertinent to all the things, among them the de-aging plot that started in Milliways tonight.

It contains headcanon which is just an open invitation to be Jossed, but never mind...
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Inspired by the pictures of RDJ in German ‘Lederhosen’, I wrote a cracky ficlet about Tony Stark wearing them to a conference, and Lady Loki being amused.

It's here on AO3 -- thanks to [personal profile] paceisthetrick and [personal profile] ladyoflorien for the beta!
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Spontaneously, an idea fell into my brain, and I picked it up and wrote it:

Ignominiously Incognito Among Ignorants

X-Men, post X-3, past Erik/Charles

After losing both his powers and Charles, Erik Lehnsherr is condemned to go on living as a nobody.
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Over on tumblr, I had a spontaneous ramble about ways of doing work in the MCU/The Avengers.

And I'm not even touching what S.H.I.E.L.D. does. That would require yet another mega-ramble...

More fanfic

Jul. 2nd, 2012 10:43 pm
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I wrote (and finally posted) more Avengers fanfic:

I put up the third chapter of 'Bag Of Cats', my Loki/Tony fanfic, and yesterday, I spontaneously wrote a sequel to my spontaneous Darcy/Loki fanfic 'All English', entitled 'Blue Monsters'. It comes with special acknowledgements to [personal profile] ashen_key and [personal profile] innerbrat for valuable inspiration.-
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I'd brought my Yakalskovich twitter account live* in order to follow the AO3 updates and to participate in the Friday twitfic challenge that some of the Milliwaysers have been doing. As an afterthought, I followed the usual B-list celeb fandom gods: Stephen Fry, Wil Wheaton, Tom Hiddleston, Neil Gaiman, Misha Collins.*

They are amusing, of course, and it's fun to see how they work their reach. This is how it goes. It can't be faked, really. You have to be the real thing for that kind of attention. All marketers (including my future job, which is part of why I'm suddenly so interested in twitter) will just be regarded as noise.

But the real point is connecting to my online friends and the Milliwaysers in general via this interesting semi-fleeting near-realtime medium, and part of this is #FicFriday, in which I took part for the first time yesterday.

Prompts and fics )

And I spontaneously ran the DE yesterday (not a twitter thing, though, but a Friday thing, for me), and it was rather lively. Things seemed to come from it. People were having plot ideas for their charries through that. Note to self: repeat once a quarter or so. Also, now that 'Fremdschämen' succeeded, I'm going to try and export the word 'Kummerkasten' next.

*If you have a twitter account and would like to connect with me, leave me a comment!
**Isn't there a woman of that status? Why are all these blokes? Why are four of the five Brits? So many QUESTIONS!!
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  • I picked up Tony Stark at the mutant beastie record shop/chemist, with the kitty litter...
  • Then there was surprise Saffron Joan Christina Hendricks on my tumblr dash, and my inner!Urq went GUH!!! immediately and started to drool...
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The second chapter of my Avenger fanfic ‘Bag Of Cats’ is now online at AO3. This time, we’re looking at the plot unfolding from an entirely different pair of eyes.

Which fall into the eponymous bag of cats, metaphorically speaking: - hook, line, and sinker…


Jun. 11th, 2012 11:07 pm
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... I was suddenly impelled to write 'Avengers' fanfic while I really had lots of other things to do, when my life was 'splodinating in all directions anyway? And I got an AO3 account?

Having written the second chapter now (currently in beta), I finally trust that this is a thing that's happening, and have posted the first chapter.

May I introduce 'Bag of Cats', where Loki is imprisoned in Asgard and hatches a plan. That plan involves tricking Sigyn, charming Tony Stark while incognita, and generally striving to achieve by deceit what might be freely given under other circumstances -- a typical 'bag full of cats' Loki plan that involves shape-shifting, sex, and wasabi...

Thanks to [personal profile] paceisthetrick for the brilliantly merciless beta!

AO3 live

Jun. 10th, 2012 11:18 pm
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I put most of my fic backlog on AO3 just now, right from back in the 90s, thus rescuing it all from the Pit of Voles where it was languishing uselessly.

I'm yakalskovich there as well.

Poor AO3 is all put out at the moment, though.-

ETA: OMG, they are piling into 'Mastery', compared to the other ones. It is very odd for one's ego to be able to see the hits. But really, why do they all want to be hammered over the head with a large clumsy Aesop??
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It seems I needed another Web 2.0 site to have an account on. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest seems actually useful for me.

Anybody here who's got a Pinterest account as well so I can follow them? I'm yakalskovich there as well.

And special thanks again to [livejournal.com profile] a_is_for_amy for the invite!


Sep. 24th, 2010 07:12 pm
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I finally took a deep breath and started a Fat Acceptance blog in German.

I already got referrers from Twitter. Let's see where this leads...

Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] saphyria for the user name I am using over there...
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As of today, there is a new Beth Ditto collection at Evans, and I went right ahead and ordered what I wanted. Things are sold out far too soon anyway, or at least were, last year.

The fat ladies on my flist who've been thinking about sprucing up their wardrobe recently? Go there and get something, the stuff is made well and fits nicely, on top of being really bleeding-edge, fashion-wise. They deliver internationally.
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Tumblr is down!

There were some error messages about maintenance this morning, and then it went away completely and hasn't been back for at least four hours.

I'm sure it wasn't scheduled that way.

Sounds more as if they took it down for that maintenance and now can't get it up any more.

**sends Viagra**
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It really pisses me off that putting up an advertisement like this is still thought a) acceptable and b) funny. The post I link vigorously protests against it, but an ad agency came up with the bullshit, that organisation is paying for it, and thousands of people are probably finding it funny, not only thin people, and people that 'successfully' fight their own body to stay thin, but fat people of varying degree as well, because they of course (almost) all internalised that they shouldn't be what they are, and all ridicule heaped on them is their own fault.

I have left that building a while ago, and never really looked back.

Where did I go? )

What did I learn? )

Where am I now? )
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I was just testing the new A9 search engine(Google + Amazon + IMDB, nicely done) by asking the obvious, and when I aked for "Dmitri Pavlovich" the first thing it brough up was - my Wikipedia article, as stolen by some commercial free encyclopedia which simply uses Wikipedia and adds ads. And a bit further down, again. And then the actual Wikipedia link.

What the web has to say about Dmitri now is what I found out!! Schoolkids and students the world over that have to mention him in the course of their studies will go with what I had to say about him. It doesn't say it was me who said so, such is the nature of Open Source (unless you have the Wikipedia version, of course, which has version histories for all articles), but still, I am tickled deep magenta! I am the one now who got to tell the world who Dmitri was.

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I feel good and ethical: I just wrote an article on Dmitri Pavlovich Romanov for the Wikipedia.

Now I half expect a gaggle of enraged royalists, historians, and others with a vested interest to roll over it and tear it to bits. Unless it's so not interesting  to the public any more that nobody bothers. Quite possible, what with the take general history has on poor Dmitri....

Of course I did it because I disliked the Dmitri-less state of the Wikipedia (there were actually red links with his name, calling for someone to write an article), but that is why anybody does anything in Open Source, after all.

And thanks to [livejournal.com profile] schiarire, a discussion with whom spurred my impulse to do it!
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To be able to take part in discussions that happen there, and in order to experiment a bit more with blogging, I've started a second blog, in German, on the German version of Blogosphere Central, which is called Blogger.de

My new blog is at:

Of course I'll continue this blog on LJ; I went here for the community anyway (mostly the Wraeththuites around [livejournal.com profile] raythoo). Some of my future posts will only be put up over there in German, some here and in English; some stuff I will cross-post in both languages. Depends on the context, really.

There isn't much yet, but [livejournal.com profile] japanologist, [livejournal.com profile] wiebke and [livejournal.com profile] floppy_hat are very welcome to come have a peek...
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