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Over on tumblr, I had a spontaneous ramble about ways of doing work in the MCU/The Avengers.

And I'm not even touching what S.H.I.E.L.D. does. That would require yet another mega-ramble...
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And now roams free in 'Mr. Sterling's office.

The whole entire creature is about 5 cm long.

I especially took in the Pentax today to get good bird pictures, and it did not disappoint me.
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So, I start working at my new job more and more while still at the old place as well, which means I sort-of have two jobs at the moment where I need to turn up occasionally. The new job is fun, though! At an agency, you definitely live high on the hog, and people are quite intense. Agencies do exist on the edge of chaos, AKA a level of High Catastrophic Normal. I'll deal with it. In fact, I have been hired expressly to de-stress the situation as I am a sensible and experienced Old Fart.

Yesterday, there was an important meeting with important customers about an important project, and when I came in today, there was this tiny!cake left over from it, which a bloke with the same name as Urq's dog (which secretly amuses me) offered to me. The whole thing was about 5 cm across (max!), and what glitters on it was actually gold, and it reputedly cost as much as two pieces of sensible cake from a normal bakery. Oh, and it was brightly purple, and the taste wasn't artificial grape or blueberry (as one would expect from the colour), but juniper berry. Huh. I am still unjaded enough (and will hopefully always be!) to thoroughly enjoy it. Anyway, that was such a posh little cake, it deserves my dramatic Lady!Loki icon.

My new desk -- I brought the first items along from my old office. Coffee comes from a posh espresso machine there, and you can drink as much as you want. I am very well caffeinated today. One of my new colleagues pointed out that nothing worse than Rasputin and a few icon!icons will convince nobody there of a) my weirdness or b) my dangerousness. I said that I can bring a Kali and a Ma'at next, but she went 'Still, nope, not scary', so I will have to think of something really scary and strange. **ponders** Some grisly old Apocalyptica poster, perhaps? Or is there a high resolution fanart poster of Jotun!Loki? In any case, I do wish to up the ante on weird. I mean, it's ME!! I can't be anywhere and just be normal! Can I?

One of the partners (the Sterling in the SCPD, so to speak, if my old friend is the Draper -- unfortunately, they have no Cooper, and nobody ever misses poor Pryce) rescued a baby bird the other week which he is now raising in a cage. It is a tiny, chirpy, cheeky, altogether adorkable tit of some sort! Of course I had to take pictures.

They have this menhir(ish stone) as a garden decoration, but the agency people are innocent of that -- that was the building's owner. Still, menhir! **giggles**

And on my way home, I bought a little aloe vera plant for my Loki action figure terrarium to replace the severely wilting sprig of ivy.

Okay, done

May. 29th, 2012 06:18 pm
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I've gone and signed the contract at my new job; I've got the written notice for the old one in my backpack to hand in tomorrow.

Also, I de-flocked the entry where I first talked about it; it's official now.

I can now crow and cackle as much as I want!!
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Had my friend Stephan over for dinner, basically the 'Draper' in the 'Sterling Cooper Draper Priyce' sized agency I'm going to start working for in September?

He'd brought me DVDs, and suggested I might like to watch that one on Sunday with the Nazgul.

"Nope," I said, "we're going to watch Iron Man 1 and 2, and Thor."

"Oh dear," he says, not really convinced.

"Well, we watched The Avengers last weekend, and" -- Joss Whedon yadda yadda yadda -- "now I'm hooked!"

"Yep I know about that stuff," he says. "We work for Marvel, occasionally."

I SQUEEED all through the staircase for a moment.

We work for Marvel, occasionally.

The we includes me now.
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... sorta, because I have a new job: - I'll be starting in the little agency (Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce sized, not Sterling Cooper sized) where my old, old friend [livejournal.com profile] japanologist is a partner in September (officially and salaried-ly), but will do jobs for them before, which is very doable, as I only work part-time at my present slavery.

I'll be doing everything I can there: - managing servers, databases, CMSes, filling and building web sites (Stephan will teach me Drupal programming, too), editing graphics, typesetting, copywriting, translating, anything that needs doing. They do mostly online stuff and promotions, not classic print media (which is dead, anyway), but basically,yes,  I'll be joining a modern day version of one of my favourite TV shows.

I'll bet you anything that before the year is out, I'll have used Finnish for them, and taken pictures with my beloved Pentax (which I will now be able to buy off Thomas the Metropolitan) in some bland but professional capacity as well. Everybody does anything they can and that is needed, just as they tend to do at SCDP.

It'll be part time (20 hours, which I work now as well, but for a better salary and an option for 30 hours when I've learned the ropes, found me feet and do projects on my own), and that's what I wanted so I can still RP into the night and write for-pay articles for those book magazines. Oh, and if my present slavery wants me to carry on with my biweekly column in their new e-law newsletter, I'll do so as well for the usual fee, no problem. I'm definitely not ragequitting. Ragequitting is unprofessional and only causes more stress than it relieves. Much as I will be happy to never, ever see Madame Main-Stressor again, ever.

I'll sign the contract next Friday (25th), so that's why I am keeping this flocked for the moment, but I'm already in their system, have an email address and a Google drive account there, will be making my 'official' realname Google+ account for work (so if some Martina circles you in the next few weeks or so, that'll be me) so I can do official tech and promo communication there, etc., and have generally hit the ground with my feet already running -- I did the first work with the CMS for them today, putting an article online and fiddling with the illustrations, of which there were far too many to let the text flow around comfortably...

And I won't have to hide who and what I am -- nothing of it! Not the RPing, the fannishness, the geekery, the sports, the HAES, nothing! Stephan knows my blogs, I showed the lady who had the idea to hire me around [community profile] collected_fudz ('That fish chowder -- best thing EVER EVER EVER!!') because they have cooking related projects, there is no need to hide either Yakalskovich or Sethos or Xarminta there, on the contrary, it's an advantage that I've been blogging since 2003 and have been writing text with a wild variety of disparate people in different time zones over the internet as a matter of course for years and years. Stephan even holds similar political views and knows I've joined the Pirate Party recently. I can use everything that I know and enjoy and am good at, and they're even going to pay me money for it!

And I'm going to be in an RL version of Mad Men. Sorta...

**squees incoherently and skips off**
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Doing Latin for money again, I downloaded the Latin dictionary for OO.o because the red squiggles started getting on my nerves, and found a brief commentary discussion in Latin, culminating in,

Multa sunt optanda,
non omnia perficienda -
nisi ipse perficies. :-)

I think this is a wonderful Latin motto for open source programmers! Ditto, for open source lexicographers, story tellers, graphic or video artists, and anybody doing that kind of grass-roots projects.

'There should be a...' -- 'Then make one!'
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I just got a mail from the editor about the vampire essay I wrote yesterday. She said 'I like it very much, especially the fact that you've developed a new angle'.

I am tickled pink! She can be very critical, and I am used to slightly revising most things I write for her, one way or another.

I would like to pass on some pink-tickling to [livejournal.com profile] saphyria and [livejournal.com profile] essayel, though: - to Saph for 'Sunshine', and to Sal for the Lamia and the Scythian vampire connection. Those two aspects are entirely where my lauded 'new angle' into the tired trendy subject came from. Thank you, ladies!
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I know I meant to make you new 'Everybody' icons today, but life seriously conspired to distract me from my purposes. First, there was Project Rant -- getting stuck in that was entirely my own fault, of course.

Then, a friend who is doing a project for the company I work for pinged me with work related things. Apparently, he had just had a brilliant idea and managed to push it through with my bosses in one fell swoop. I think that is excellent. However, I am not Don Draper who is still working even when he's in bed with a woman who is not his wife. I was meaning to do entirely non-work-related things with that time. Like making icons for somebody...

So instead, I talked about work by IM and read proposals and looked at Powerpoint presentations and asked pertinent questions to show I had paid attention.

And now I have to get ready to go to an anniversary party of the Nazgul's kendo club. From which I will be back, hopefully un-cloudbursted-on, before eleven at night my time. Hopefully.

Sorry for the general fail at doing what I really meant to today.-
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I was just on the phone with a bloke who does web stuff for us at work and can only work on our projects on evening and weekends beside his day job, so I consented to sacrifice half an hour to that; and while I was talking to him, Mephisto started to jump up the window pane, really high (five feet or more) to catch some tiny dark bug bzzzz-ing away there.

He took about a dozen loud, vigorous jumps, then had brought the poor thing down. Lucifer had been watching him curiously, and now, as the insect was flailing half-dead on the floor, Lucifer just pounced and ate it.-

Also, one year ago, the weather was mostly nice, and I was in Ljubljana...

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Today at work, my mind got assaulted by a bizarre construct called the 'HP style guide', a 150-page PDF document detailing what advertising or web sites have to look like if they have any official connection with the computer manufacturer, oh sorry, 'technology company' originally known as Hewlett-Packard.

I kept sniggering at the term 'action verb'. Verbs describe actions anyway, so this is a pleonasm which seems to suggest something along the lines of action movies, or action figures. I don't know what happens in the brains of these marketers, if anything.

But the best thing were the colour schemes. Most of them were, well, the names sort of described what colour they are. Apart from the purple. "HP purple" is a soft, creamy cerulean blue.-
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... I fell to wondering about the strange compulsions cell phones put on us to make us lie. Some bloke headed for Loonybin Village (obviously, as he had some knocking tic in his right foot) was telling some person already there that he was immediately forthcoming. And he claimed to be one stop further than he actually was. One!! It makes a difference of two minutes. But the cell phone made him lie, regardless.

... I saw the Clint-Eastwood-esque bloke with his lovely, loving, adoring sheepdog again. The dog consented to lie on the floor today, but kept an elegant, possessive paw draped over its master's rough work-shoe, with a message of 'My human! Get your own!' to all potential canine competitors.- It's too cute for words!


Jan. 12th, 2010 02:03 pm
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Am a weird to find it funny in a cute way (like cartoon mice or something) that the boss and owner of my 'slavery' has the Miss Marple theme tune as a ringtone on his private cell phone?


Jan. 4th, 2010 02:29 pm
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It's fun to sit at my computer with enough coffee to fuel my brain, the cats curled up and sleeping right beside me, and write a 4,800 word light essay-let about bodice rippers that I will actually be paid good money for. I didn't know I know so much about romance novels, but between being in a game founded by a professional romance writer as a playground for her friends, my main Milli!charrie having a lover from a science fiction detective romance series (Oh, I will go on about genre pile-ups! And tropes!), all the borderline purple stuff in Laurel K. Hamilton, and my mother with her horrid preference for Rosamunde Pilcher, I can wing this. Off the cuff. Without getting professorial or defensive or derisive or snarky. And I will totally mention Charlie Monroe, just because I can. Getting paid for mentioning my Milli!Teja's lover is utterly cool.

By which I keep my envy at bay, because the Nazgul seems to have landed the coolest job evah. It's probably not all right to say which exactly (because that automatically tells you where), but it's a job that quite a lot of you here on my flist is either secretly dying, or openly studying very hard, to get. And she has it since today. Just like that. The downside is, it seems to pay peanuts and eggshells, but then, OMG, she really gets to have Lirael's old job, in a way...
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OMG entitled bitch No. 1 from yesterday is totally crawling at me on a slime trail now by email. Thank you, thank you, thank you, kind mithreth, for doing at all tho fatht...

One firm, formal, impersonal email seems to be all it takes to make her drop to her knees and do the Gollum. The loudest, fiercest nuisances are sometimes just reams of flimsy paper flapping in the wind, and the tiniest bit of water or fire puts paid to them.-
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I had a customer go all nine years old on the phone at me today. 'But I want this to be my way right now!' she whinged, petulantly and immaturely. I think I've rarely heard a grown person behave so immaturely while (presumably) sober, and not in a relationship context.

That was way beyond 'entitled bitch' mode. That was 'little lady wanting mama to fix the world' mode.

Embarrassing, really.-


Jun. 4th, 2009 01:28 pm
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Sorry for not turning up in the second or 'crazy' window this morning/tonight; I just zonked out. Woke up when the building site orcs had trouble getting it up starting the engine of their little caterpillar (oh, that poor thing spat and wailed!), and then again at half past ten, and had to totally run to work because I'd said I'd be there at twelve.

Now that I am there, the text that I've come here to translate isn't ready, but that is another chapter entirely -- that is the chapter entitled 'Spontaneity Sucks Unexpectedly', see icon.-
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As [livejournal.com profile] wiebke and I have often agrees, even the last crazies know when to get off public transport.

And I see them on occasion, because one stop before Miserable Village is Loonybin Village, where the big psychiatric hospital is that serves all of Munich and the area around. And yes, the rude term is justified, as sending somebody there in an argument is always meant offensively.

Today, my train to work stopped two and a half stations before that, in the middle of nowhere, because there was one of their usual mess-ups in the station ahead. The train line that serves Loonybin Village is perhaps hit a bit harder than the rest of the Munich S-Bahn, because sometimes, some crazies get out, and you never know if they don't try and balance on the rails or something.

After the train had been stopped for about eight minutes and the first terribly hurried people* of great self-declared importance had whipped out their cell phones and started calling people that they would be late, a bloke got up, whipped a bible from his backpack, and started babbling loudly about Jesus. It was so unnerving loud and distracting, I had to switch my MP3 player from Jethro Tull to Blind Guardian to drown out the noise. Other people in the train were getting visibly nervous at having that guy shout at them, and waving that icky bible of his in their faces. I considered using the emergency button to tell the train driver we had a psychiatric patient freaking out on the train -- but then, the train started once more.

The moment the train was moving again, the bloke sat down and shut up. It was so clearly a case of claustrophobia and religious mania as two symptoms of whatever it is that he is suffering from. As the claustrophobia kicked in in the closed train stopped indefinitely on the open track, he vented it through the religious mania. That makes the encounter no less unpleasant, but the mechanics seem to be very clear. And yes, of course he got off at Loonybin Village.-

*I was in no hurry, as I was going to Other Miserable Village to get stuff from the drug store before taking the bus back to Miserable Village and work, and had ample time.
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After twenty minutes, Mr L started pacing, murmuring, and went off to call a hotline. Am I odd, or is he a moron?


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