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 One of our customers is called Ansgar!!!

**giggles forever**
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There was a tremendous hail- and thunderstorm here today, and I was seeking refuge under an awning while there was thunder and lightning and tremendous downpours that was so loud, I didn't even hear the loudly wailing (from the way its face scrunched up and its mouth was open) baby whose mother was hiding under the awning right next to me with the carriage, the street had turned into a white-water rafting area, and the hailstones were pinging off the pavement and hitting me like little icy pinpricks.

And I was standing there, grinning to myself, and thinking, "Really, Thor, you can't be that pissed off merely because all the fangirls like your little brother better than you?"
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Thanks to one certain very eloquent and thoughtful Irishman in crackchat and on my LJ flist (are you on DW at all with a mun journal yet?), I know find elaborations like this quite offensive and racist, too.

I mean, do people celebrate MLK day two months earlier by wearing blackface, listening to muzak-ised jazz music, putting cheap dreadlock wigs on their heads and eating what they think is soul food?

Yep, it's that offensive, actually. And now I can see how that is so, and can't just unsee it.-
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I found it on unfuckyourhabitat, here.

I can't stop looking at it: - it is so a) wrong and b) funny, at the same time!
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OMG, there is a street here in Munich called 'Trollblumenstra├če' -- troll flower street!

How weirdly poetic is that?!
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1 -- This:

Seems that happens a lot around the circles of people I'm in.

2 -- Character bleed. No, not just the AU version of Sherlock who's trying to troll Antinoos in this thread, with varied success, as Antinoos is a bit too jaded as an urbane citizen of the Roman empire in its heyday to be much impressed with new deities and tales of far-away countries. He's been to the faraway countries, and sampled new cults the way you'd savour the cuisine of your holiday destination. A certain barbarian from a few centuries later would have been much more impressed when he was new. And in fact, it was that barbarian (in his current Milli!incarnation) who gave me the character bleed today. I was having chai latte with the Nazgul in the usual drama coffee shop, and the drama of the day was two teenagers of apparently different gender snogging and canoodling in a corner near to us. They were canoodling quite intense, and even when the Nazgul got out her shinai to fiddle with it, they didn't even notice it. What's a bamboo sword when you can poke each other strategically through your clothes? In any case, I had this Milliways security member in my head chomping at the bit to interfere, and I went 'This is not our jurisdiction' and 'We don't have a Security badge and a battle axe here!' at that headvoice over and over again, assuring him that even if the Nazgul's bamboo sword was a real katana, it's not our business what these kids do. Even if they'd taken off all their clothes and proceeded to bonk all over the coffee shop's nice big brown leather ottomans, it wouldn't have been my business...

But it was irritating, not for the nigh-bonkage as such, but for reminding that headvoice (= entity that is part of me) that it's not my business.
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I am alive. That was in question for a while as my lung asploded*, but I am on the mend.

After they will have differential diagnosed me enough (I feel as if I was in an episode of 'House', only I got a funny mix between House and Bones McCoy, and because we're in Bavaria, his name is both very silly and unpronouncable to anybody not Bavarian), I'll be most likely be sent for recovery to some place in Prien on Chiemsee, where I will be made to do lots of sports.

Until I am back from there, I will be online much less than I used to. But I will be, hopefully, for a while every day, from now on.

Thanks very much for all the good wishes on those three back room posts and for the virtual cats that appeared on my profile! I can't possibly read up my entire flist since last Sunday (especially not on the mobile broadband, which however works much better here than at home), but if you posted or saw something really important and/or interesting, can you please point me there in comments?

I think I'll pick up some slows, but will then return to my bed after a nice afternoon at the table by an open window giving my poor lung lots of all-natural oxygen. [livejournal.com profile] brickling, and [livejournal.com profile] japanologist and his bloke, came to see me and brought stuff, and now I will need to sew buttons on an old comfy purple dress that I can wear wandering around here despite still being ensconced in tubes.

But you'll be seeing me, I love you all; please post cats and kittens as mine are, most likely, destroying my flat but I still miss them horribly.-

Gory explanation under the cut )
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On my balcony, a potted lemon balm plant I bought yesterday and the clematis that has grown up from Falk's terrace since spring are silently and slowly kicking the living shit out of each other.

They are badly entangled already. Let's see what happens.

At least their leaves are so distinctly dissimilar, I can't accidentally put clematis leaves in the windowsill tea.-


Jun. 30th, 2011 07:30 pm
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I woke last night at five from a huuuuge bang that sounded like the end of the world. It was raining horribly outside, so I assumed that some lightning had struck very close. Befuddled, I got up and zombied into the bathroom, where two very spooked cats joined me to huddle with me, worried that we might get fried, drownded, or both.

Then, a second bang! And what do the wee beasties do?

Race into the kitchen and staaaaaare out of the window to see whether anything is happening there!
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The Greek guy opposite who's always watching football is being visited by a lot of other Greeks, with women and children, spilling out on the balcony, eating and drinking and all watching football together, cheering and groaning from time to time.

Must be some major Greek football event.-


Apr. 23rd, 2011 12:40 pm
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MacPhail is actually a name...
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Who would have thought that this sort of thing existed in 18th and 19th century Scotland? Well, one probably would, as there are always hints of some debauched places where people went to just like that and got debauched. Young men do that, mysteriously, in the novels of Jane Austen or the Bront├ź, but we only ever guessed at what they did.

Now we get an inkling.

And I get the feeling that there might be some merrily breeding plot bunnies in there for somebody...

Ignore the drivel about the upcoming royal wedding that the article is referring to, set as an amusing background piece. And thanks to [livejournal.com profile] carolinw for the link!

Odd meeting

Apr. 8th, 2011 07:13 pm
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Rarely do the charries from one's abandoned WIPs walk up to you in the street and nudge you.

I, however, just met Rasputin in the cafe around the corner. Complete with beard, staaaaare, and slightly disjointed declarations about nature and spring.

And no, I haven't smoked anything odd, it was really some slightly reticent proto-staretz who wore the same kind of shoes I favour, and just started chatting to me.

What does the world want to tell me, huh?
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Guess who that is?


No idea? Put down your cup or glass, swallow all you've got in your mouth, then click here for answer.


Dec. 2nd, 2010 12:13 am
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Dear cats,

why do we have 43 square metres if for most of any given evening, we all three of us fit into three? Perhaps for the reason why, when I'm visiting my parents and the kiddies are there as well, my mother, my little lady and I all tend to pile into my tiny tiny bedroom and poke the computers. Still, it's odd.-

your human
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Why do TSA agents iconically wear blue rubber gloves, and not some other colour(s)? Are they not aware of the unfortunate cultural implications of the 'Hands Of Blue'?

At least that's what it makes me think of. But I may be biased, as a SciFi fan and Milliwayser...
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Remember the political uproar around the Stuttgart train station, the police using water cannons on schoolchildren and old age pensioners that I blogged about two weeks ago? The old man with the bleeding eyes?

I just heard that some of the cell phone videos of the event that were up on YouTube have been classified as 'not suitable for minors', and you only can view it when you log in. And it really is not -- it shows RL violence as dealt out by some big burly Uruk-Hai policeman.

Now the joke: one can assume that it was the police who denounced it to YouTube as too violent, in a vain bid to suppress it!
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It finally got to me.

Just before I woke up, I dreamed I worked in some 'Mad Men'-like agency. Which kept haunting me by phone with trivia in 'Devil Wears Prada' style while I was going about with my mum in the rain and dark, trying to find a place to eat in, which was difficult, as they were all outside...

**shakes head at self**
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This should be a movie. Or at least an episode of some X-Files-oid show.-


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