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Maru ([personal profile] yakalskovich) wrote2009-08-29 04:41 pm
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Sal can has pirates. I can has picture. You can has music.

Isn't technology amazing?

[livejournal.com profile] essayel is in Cardiff for the day, and she sent me a picture of a big old sailing ship (= replica of such?) she saw there, mentioning there was pirates and filming. She sent it from her cameraphone to mine as an MMS, and I saved it separately on my fancy phone and then got if off with the USB cable, turned the contrast waaaaaaay up (grey and cloudy day there, and I wanted to see the ship regardless), and here it is:

Picture wot Sal took in Cardiff just a little while ago, already on the intarwebz thanks to l33t mobile tech!

And here, you can have a song about tall ships (and other naval things) which is long and nice to listen to.

I'm still not sure the internet, all these modern inventions, and civilisation as a whole aren't going away again in some Interesting Times soon to come, but while we have them, why not enjoy them?

P.S.: [livejournal.com profile] misslucyjane, how do I embed the box.net player? I have been poking around box.net and its help functions, but found nothing.-

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