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Maru ([personal profile] yakalskovich) wrote2009-12-18 10:42 pm
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BPAL scent of the day


'Winter', in Italian. I thought that was fitting -- it was cold today, and the snow is still on the grass and cobbles of our little courtyard. I had spent a long lazy afternoon poking the internetz and and, erm, washing up the mess from the other day when the Nazgul and I commemorated Rasputin's Deathday like every year. I only got dressed and picked a scent when it was dark and I went out for some food for both the human and cats.

When I opened the bottle, I was hit by a very, very familiar scent -- I used to know it as 'Lotus' (but probably didn't contain anything remotely lotus-like), and it was sold by some terribly eco-friendly grassroots alternative whatnot cooperative non-business when I was a teenager. I loved the stuff and wore it on and off during my high school years, before I went to England and discovered the Body Shop and scents like Winter Dew, which became my favourite for the next few years.

Underneath that blast from the past was another note, dryer and more sober and like green wood and grass and moss, a lot like the more mature and gender-neutral perfumes I have preferred since the nineties and CK One that came out very soon after putting it on; since then, the two aspect have sort of mingled all the time. I think I'm glad I have a large-ish brown imp of that scent, and can wear it quite a few times.

I really like both the day and the scent. Lucifer came and demanded to be cuddled outrageously, his purring louder than the music I was listening to; and the music I was listening to was the newest album from a band I really like a lot, with the song about the Credit Crunch as the title track.

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