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Maru ([personal profile] yakalskovich) wrote2012-05-06 08:49 pm

Odd meta fannish squee

Long ago, when Big Ben was a little pocket watch and I was first playing Margolotta in the old Discworld RPG, I learned of the existence of a certain Carla Bruni, who made quite charming contemporary chansons, with rather cracky lyrics in French, via Ji (whose DW user name I don't know, if any).

I liked. I liked her second album, which was in English with even crackier lyrics, just as much.

But then, colour me extremely dismayed when suddenly she turned up in the tabloids as having an affair with (and then even marrying!!) that miserable little populist and wannabe Napoleonoid that France had just elected president, Nicolas Sarkozy. I kept wailing how she used to make good music, and what a terrible terrible waste, and aberration in taste, that was. What the fuck was she doing there, out-glamouring Michelle Obama??

Today, Sarkozy was voted out. Now, Carla Bruni can go back to making music. If her next album has nice and cracky lyrics again, and that sauntering rhythm I like about her first two (the third, which she made while first lady, was too tame and somewhat unremarkable, as she probably didn't want to offend anybody), I might forgive her aberrations and buy her music again...