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At Red Bear House

As I said, it exists; it's a firm, not a farm, as I made its fictional counterpart over at the [livejournal.com profile] discworld_rpg. An advertising firm, to be precise. I've spent the day here developing a concept for them, earning extra money by using all I learnt online since I had an LJ: the whole online co-operation, community, networking, hub-noding etc. shebang. It's great fun to actually work on something that is so close to where I personally and memetically am.

One central idea I got while RPing and talking by Gamil with [livejournal.com profile] freeformchick on the side, even - it was she who first said "multitasking", which is of course a term I totally need when explaining how people are supposed to learn and co-operate in the 21st century.

Geeky side note: I am working at an actual Linux/KDE workstation for the first time ever; I like it. Very comfortable. Perhaps I should allow [livejournal.com profile] japanologist to set up my little foldup computer with Linux after all. I use Firefox and OOo anyway.

I see no real point in talking about the plot or reviewing it, or even say how much I liked it etc.; most everybody has read it by now anyway. I just collect a few canon snippets/factiods that might be useful for RPage.

  • Tower 181 is said to be close enough to the town of Bonk for people to go there on their day off for a warm bed and a hot bath.

  • There's a "Sektoberfest" in Lipwig - why shouldn't there be one in other places in Ɯberwald? The word is canon, now, anyway.

  • Rottweilers => Lipwigzers

  • Mail coaches: became independent when the rest of the Mail collapsed; are known to "take stuff from anyone on the quiet", which is the solution to the problem that you "can't clacks quince jelly", to quote the Captain from the RPG.

  • There's a dwarf game named Thud that Vetinari plays with Lady Margolotta by clacks.

  • In addition to the morning and evening editions, there's even a Lunchtime Edition of the Ankh-Morpork Times!! Lots of work for William, Otto and Scharissa as well as the dwarves, but they all have junior reporters, iconographers, apprentices and assistants now.

  • Hacking is actually called cracking, and it gets done to the Grand Trunk near the end; Mr Pony of the Grand Trunk company even suspects the UU students to have a hand in that (hello, Skazz!!), but is later discovered t be wrong in that assumption.

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