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Jul. 9th, 2011 05:20 pm
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I feel tempted to try Google + -- does anybody have a spare invite I could have?

Thanks in advance!

Got one! Who needs an invite, who wants to be added to circles?
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Wolves seem to be the ultimate accessory for a fashion shoot this autumn.

Exhibit 1:

((from here))

Exhibit 2:

((found here originally, also here))
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As of today, there is a new Beth Ditto collection at Evans, and I went right ahead and ordered what I wanted. Things are sold out far too soon anyway, or at least were, last year.

The fat ladies on my flist who've been thinking about sprucing up their wardrobe recently? Go there and get something, the stuff is made well and fits nicely, on top of being really bleeding-edge, fashion-wise. They deliver internationally.
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I think this is the modern digital-photographic equivalent of what conscientious restorers of museum objects have been done for decades: when you put a Greek vase or a medieval garment back together for display, you use some contrastingly neutral material for the parts that are missing, plain grey linen among all the tyrian-purple-and-gold, or some white clay for the parts of the delicate red-figures vase that remains missing. If broken statues have hands, but not arms, they get steel bars or thin pieces of concrete.

This is what you do when you want to photoshop the background out from a candid picture of a celebrity and make a point of how honest you are, and that you're not 'shopping' the picture: you roughly outline the real object of the picture, then invert the selection and blur the rest. Roughly enough to leave that odd halo-like margin of in-focus background, but still well enough to focus solely on what you want to show.

I must admit it looks odd, but I guess we'll get used to it.-

Of course, Christina Hendricks looks stunning as always. And if this new principle gives me an excuse to repost the picture of her which I found it on, all the better...

[[From here]]
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Jousting as a serious competition -- thanks to [ profile] carolinw for the link!

Kaltenberg, I must admit, is all show. We nevertheless plan to go again, on July 24th.
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  • Volcano ash allergy
  • bumblebees
  • fresh starts on old things
  • Gogol Bordello
  • denim vest over fancy clothes
  • unashamed kitsch
  • art nouveau
  • well-seasoned mature blokes
  • reinventing old IT tricks
  • women with real boobs (Christina Hendricks or Amanda Seyfried)
  • mainlining things one missed the first time around
  • bran flakes

ETA: More boobs!

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I am scary!!!

[[nail idea seen here]]
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Today, while sipping a white wine spritzer in the little Italian café on my way home, I listened to a young woman busking with a hang.

A hang is basically a portable steel drum shaped like a double wok; it is very esoteric, very rare, and only recently invented in Switzerland.

All you can do on one is, basically, improvise in a half-percussive way, not play tunes or pieces; but the sound is very relaxing.

It was a moment of purest RL luxury. If I ever see her busking again, I'll buy her CD.-


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