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Picture post of Iceland -- bonus Norse myths

Last year, my sister and her husband had time to kill before their plane left from Keflavík airport, and so they went to this Viking museum in Njardvík (basically, across the bay from Keflavík town), and they took all these pictures of this colourful cartoonishly funny art installation about the Norse myths, so I decided I really wanted to go there as well and take my own pictures to iconise, print on large canvasses, or do other fun things.

My mother and sister mocked me for not using an audio guide but instead wandering through the exhibit just looking at what it looked like and taking pictures of cute colourful details. But really, I just wanted the colourful pretties. My flist and tumblr dash tells me enough about Norse myth as it is. Audio guide no thank you.-


Eating the goats that pull Thor's carriage

Thor is furious, but the goats are alive again

Squirrel on the trunk of Yggdrasil

Stag in the branches of Yggdrasil

Odin -- who else?

Both these faces are Loki

Loki gets this guy to shoot Baldur

The creation of people

Sigyn. I think. I had no audio guide and didn't want one. Woman, cave, vessels, snake -- Sigyn. Who else?

Warriors are greeted with horns that presumably contain drink

Said warriors

Who she is, I don't know. Still don't regret the no audio guide thing. She looks lovely, so I took her picture anyway.

Jörmungandr, the Midgard serpent, bites its own tail looking angry.

Sacrificial victims hanging in trees

Priestesses sacrificing somebody into a cauldron. Nobody said Norse myth wasn't bloody...

And with that, we are done! I want to go back to Iceland as soon as a I can and cycle across a sandur. I miss the emptiness. There is far too much stuff here all over the place.-

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The art work is beautiful, really dynamic. Have you watched the show that the History Channel ran last year called Vikings? It was incredibly good and I think you'd enjoy it. The second season should be starting up soon.

I never use audio guides in museums, part of it is I just don't like them but I much prefer to wander in museums and find things.
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I know for a while, full episodes were free on their website but that might have only been in the US. Oh, I hadn't realized he was in it as I started watching it for George Blagden who plays a monk who gets taken by the Vikings and slowly assimilated. And there are a lot of men with beards in it and really interesting hair styles.

Most of the Viking stuff I reblog comes from a Tumblr I follow that focuses on the show but also does broader Vikings' stuff. They deal a lot with aspects of how the myths would feel in sort of reality and culture clashes with the English. Since the main characters are based on famous Vikings who are in that place of being partly legend and partly truth. I highly recommend it if you can find a way to watch it.

You could do a collage of the pictures, that way you could have multiple images since the colors work well together.
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