yakalskovich: (Mephisto)
Maru ([personal profile] yakalskovich) wrote2011-03-23 12:08 am
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Mephisto sings along

I was just dozing, mostly asleep, with iTunes running as a jukebox, when suddenly a familiar little bleating voice started going 'Meeaow meeaow meeaow meow meow!' That's right, he went 'meow' like a normal cat, not 'Ngah!' as usual.

I was so amused that I woke up and started paying attention, and found it was the piece iTunes was playing, or rather, the nyckelharpa.

Whenever the nyckelharpa went off, Mephisto belted out the melody with it, or tried to.

He was singing along.

Here's the song. See if your cats sing along as well.