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The drabble for Penelope

This is [livejournal.com profile] freeformchick her drabble what she earned because she is clever and guessed my riddle right.

It's a contribution to a current plot line at the [livejournal.com profile] discworld_rpg - or rather, a crossover with quite another world/fandom that I'd dragged in for just a one-line joke and that comes seeping in more and more. Persistent beastie...

Shy and pretty

When Gimel brought him, Hadith had immediately liked what she saw when Gimel opened her cloak.

He was blond, and pretty, a human man about thirty years old, but looking decidedly boyish. He was a bit pinched and drawn, but that could be helped. It was Hadith's job, actually, to do something about it.

When he woke, he was sullen at first. He resented his captivity al lot and was chafing to return to the problems Gimel had taken him out of. Gimel hadn't said much about what they were, just that the fellow was a professional Assassin, and had been caught up in other people's problems.

Hadith had asked whether he was Gimel's lover, but Gimel had laughed and said no. When Hadith had wondered why, Gimel had said she could have him if she wanted to, and then she'd told her about the new human pet Beth was so enamoured with he wouldn't sup from anybody else just at the moment. He rather drank tomato juice, Gimel said. No, he wasn't reformed, of course not.

And then she'd gone again, leaving the human, whose name was Arthur, in Hadith's care.

And now Hadith was taking him around the studios and workshops, the parks and courtyards, never leaving him alone as he was still quivering to escape. But he was, slowly, turning his attention to  the marvels he saw around him.

He was shy and pretty, austerely stylish and ever so slightly awkward with people - everybody was quite enchanted with him. Three girls from the human Tricante family, Hadith's special patrons, had started an elaborate bet as to which would score with Arthur first. Others were perhaps less overt, but still very, very interested.  He walked in the sunlit gardens, calmly, straightly, while many eyes watched him with longing from behind the flowing silk drapes that protected from the fiery beauty of the noonlight.

In the evening, when lanterns lit the street, and the multicoloured throngs lounged in patios, and gilded carriages dashed to appointments, Hadith had gone out with him again, to show him off, and show him around. He had been given many glasses of orange wine, and was asked time and again when he'd go and see the latest play. He regarded them with an innocent puzzlement that only challenged them more.

Gimel had been quite adamant that he was not to be fed upon against his will, apart from the little trick she asked Hadith to perform, just to keep him safe. That actually made him more interesting to most. Everybody dreamt of being the one Arthur Ludorum would tell, "Bite me!"

But Arthur was shy and pretty, and Hadith suspected he'd never say it.

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