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From the department for sporting behaviour:
People are putting on their game faces and were scurrying through the streets in moderate football rags and with drinks, in order to go see their team fail in failure the game for third place. There is sound of party and chatting and distant TV football in our courtyards. But no vuvuzelas.-

From the department for free entertainment:
I, however, am watching 'Colour of Magic'.  Jeremy Irons is hamming it horribly as Vetinari (apart from the part where the Patrician in the first few books isn't yet Vetinari, just as the Archchancellor isn't Ridcully). It's terribly over the top, and Twoflower not being Chinese is something I do count as racefail. Also, having the Librarian in human-shape already be short, squat, and reddish-haired is silly. But it's for free on the telly, hence costs me no money nor computer time. And it's not football.

From the department for feline exercise:
My cats are a bit livelier now it's no longer quite as hot. Mephi just jumped five feet high, in order to catch an insect. He caught it, too. My little black cat is quite sportsy.
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[personal profile] ceitfianna 2010-07-10 07:46 pm (UTC)(link)
I have Colour of Magic on my Netflix queue since its the book that pulled me into Discworld. Do you think its worth keeping it on there?

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I loathed Jeremy Irons as Vetinari. Such a poor piece of directing because he could have been very effetive. Charles Dance was infinitely better in Going Postal, though I have to admit that I dozed through most of it.