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Maru ([personal profile] yakalskovich) wrote2011-06-02 08:37 pm


  1. I am now current on 'Game of Thrones' -- while my laundry was going and going today, I watched the two most recent episodes. Oh man -- everything starts happening now, it seems. Only three more episodes of this season...
  2. For once, LJ has put up a new header banner that isn't actively off-putting, twee, dubiously esoteric or simply ugly. And they didn't break the system while doing so. Seems people are learning.
  3. In preparation of going to see Pirates 4 tomorrow with the Nazgul, I bought the music today. It comes with remixes -- and while the score proper is somewhat predictable, the remixes are really interesting. I think I'll just put the remixes on my little all-purpose pocket computer (which one can make phone calls with, theoretically, but which I mostly use for MP3 playing, taking pictures, and text messaging).
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Have you seen the My Mom Watches Game of Thrones Tumblr? Its silly and I think it might make you laugh.
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I found it on someone else's list of things they follow on Tumblr and now look over it. I'm not on Tumblr but I like the pretty things people post.

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So, would you recommend the Pirates 4 soundtrack? I have the 2nd and 3rd already, and enjoyed them, but while I almost picked up 4 last week...I ended up putting it back on the shelf.