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This is impressive -- there are bold and sensible human beings out there, too -- thanks to Thomas the Metropolitan for the link.

And I have GoT, episode 1, on DVD, thanks to Falk the Metropolitan and his awesome format conversion skillz!

Now I go and sweep the floor, then buy the makings of a salad.-

Shout out

Sep. 30th, 2011 02:45 pm
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Am watching a random if current episode of 'Castle' with my early afternoon tea, and there is somebody killing with a sword -- and the first thing Castle thinks of when they say 'sword' is 'Game of Thrones'...
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"I'll wait with the books until the show is finished," I said, and several people agreed with me in various threads.

Now the show is done (OMG where do I start the squeeing and flailing?) for the season, and I'll be starting to read the books on July 1st 2011.

So, I made a comm named [livejournal.com profile] thronathon* for everybody who wants to go on this journey with me,  to discuss and squee and flail and speculate and generally share as we go along. Anybody who's reading SoIaF now after the show is done is welcome, but the default for discussion is 'knows the show, hasn't read the books yet but is doing so as we speak'.

Spoilers will abound, but speculations that have been disproven by the later books will be welcome because we talk as we go along. People who have read the books, or are re-reading them, are welcome to snicker along as we slowly lose more and more of a set of illusions and innocence we didn't even think we still had. People who read the books without having seen the show are welcome as well, but must brace for spoilers -- the default comm member will know what the ninth and tenth episode ended with, and think about foreshadowing etc. along those lines.

We'll all read at our own pace**, so I guess we'll just make posts for chapters and then chime in as we reach that point.

Who'll be with me?

* Kudos to [livejournal.com profile] _inbetween for coming up with the name!

** I, for example, have two times twenty minutes set aside on every workday when I NEED to read because I'll be sitting in the train to and from work, and having seen the same scenery pass by for almost eleven years now, I need a book to stave off the fatal boredom around the Miserable Village where I work.


Jun. 20th, 2011 10:56 pm
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Spoilers for the last ep of 'Game of Thrones'!! )

Also, I plan to start reading the books on July 1st, and I'd love all those people who were waiting to read them until after the show ended to squee and flail and wonder and ponder along with me while we work our way through all (by the end of the read-through) five books. I'll make a comm for us to post in, but have hit a snag -- I can't think of a name for it!

Any suggestions?

Nail art

Jun. 13th, 2011 06:41 pm
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I did the newsprint-on-nails thing I'd found while I was sick. Yay for public holidays -- nothing to do except watch 'Game of Thrones' and paint my nails. My toenails are now blue, with white lacy stickers.

And yay for the first real magic on GoT, apart from those zombies. So far, it had been heavy on swords and light on sorcery.

ETA upon finishing the episode of 'GoT': What?? WHAT??? WTF you what just now??? **mind boggles**


Jun. 2nd, 2011 08:37 pm
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  1. I am now current on 'Game of Thrones' -- while my laundry was going and going today, I watched the two most recent episodes. Oh man -- everything starts happening now, it seems. Only three more episodes of this season...
  2. For once, LJ has put up a new header banner that isn't actively off-putting, twee, dubiously esoteric or simply ugly. And they didn't break the system while doing so. Seems people are learning.
  3. In preparation of going to see Pirates 4 tomorrow with the Nazgul, I bought the music today. It comes with remixes -- and while the score proper is somewhat predictable, the remixes are really interesting. I think I'll just put the remixes on my little all-purpose pocket computer (which one can make phone calls with, theoretically, but which I mostly use for MP3 playing, taking pictures, and text messaging).
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Just now, a UPS guy bearing a heavier-than-expected package toppled over my threshold and almost fell into my entrance area. It was an unusually large package from Amazon, and it contained a doorstopper, which you can see on this picture (while the cats are making short work of the leftover milk from my bran flakes, as usual).

Yep, I caved and bought the books after all. They were only 20 Euros, in a box with Ned Stark on the one side, Daenerys on the other. I thought that was worth it.
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Slowly getting hooked on 'Game of Thrones'. I like how they take time to tell the story, give you time to start caring about all those characters. My favourites so far are Tyrion Lannister, and Littlefinger, and I must admit to a certain predilection for Danaerys despite the fact there this feeling of "one trope too many" around her which so far prevents her from developing much non-tropical personality.

I find it slightly worrying that the entire series of books isn't even completely written yet. Eventually, Wikipedia assures me, people are certain that the three story lines (only starting out at where I am) of a power struggle in King's Landing, Danaerys beyond the sea, and Jon Snow up at the Wall will come together. But how can they if they aren't written yet?

What I like is how there are really alien elements in the familiarity of High Fantasy's perpetual middle ages, starting with the odd square things the priests (or whatever, Maesters?) wear on their shoulders at Jon Arryn's funeral rites at the very beginning, mediterrenean/oriental elements both in King's Landing and beyond the sea, and the steampunk/fallen former technical civilisation elements at the Wall. Suddenly, clockwork elevators and steel t-beam constructions, whoops! That tells us that many long winters ago/before the dragons came/ whatever, civilisation was much more advanced. The Wall itself -- what in blazes might have built it?

So many delightful answers that might be so many years in the coming. I don't know that I'll want to read the books (my to-be-read-pile has reached Pluto, who tells the books on top of the stack that he's a planet, never mind what those haters say), but I guess until somebody commits bad shark-jumping the way Supernatural has, I'll be along for the ride, show-wise.-

ETA: Ahahahahahahhhh, Guppy Sandhu as a barbarian warrior! I knew I know that face!!! That made me hoot with laughter, and totally killed my Suspension of Disbelief there, as bad as Caserta in Star Wards Episode 1... Now I scared the cats away with my raucous laughter.-

ETA2: Now with pictorial proof:


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