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Inspired by the pictures of RDJ in German ‘Lederhosen’, I wrote a cracky ficlet about Tony Stark wearing them to a conference, and Lady Loki being amused.

It's here on AO3 -- thanks to [personal profile] paceisthetrick and [personal profile] ladyoflorien for the beta!
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Over on tumblr, I had a spontaneous ramble about ways of doing work in the MCU/The Avengers.

And I'm not even touching what S.H.I.E.L.D. does. That would require yet another mega-ramble...
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At long last, I've found something to crack the point where I was stuck with my Avengers fanfic, 'Bag Of Cats'.

I inserted just a dash of smut at the place where I was stuck, faded to black on it, faded in again where I needed people for the actual plot to continue, and took it from there.

The rest came out in one big chunk, having sat all ready in my mind for months.

It's finished, the beta (our lovely friend [personal profile] paceisthetrick, to whom I am very grateful for her decommafication of my writing and her very useful observations otherwise!) is added to the doc, all is done and waiting for the dusting.

Then, I can post the chapter and the coda, and turn my mind to new creative ventures...
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Found this brilliant little essay whether Loki (Norse and comics and MCU) is evil on tumblr, thought I'd spread it here, too.

Loki makes people doubt his innocence and his villainy,at the same time, which makes him an intimidating presence and someone people are not likely to underestimate or overlook (Loki hates being overlooked). He does evil things because he’s batshit insane, and he does almost-sort-of-sweet things because he wasn’t ALWAYS batshit insane.

[[from here]]

Yep, that rather covers the Milli!Loki I know, as well...
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I walked my third 5K today; pictures might follow on Monday, if they caught me on any. The more you do something, the less spectacular it gets. My feet hurt a little, and I had a long hot bath, but otherwise, no big thing, really.

Now I have Kingfisher beer and currywurst and Tony Stark looking terribly worried on my telly -- I watched the next bit of 'Avengers', but then ALL THE THREADS came alive at once, so I decided to rather thread. Tony isn't going anywhere.-
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I'm off to No Computer Land for a week, and while I am taking my netbook and the 'surfstick', I suspect the mobile connection wil be all EDGE out there in the boondocks, so I'll check email once a day like it's 1995, and not be seen online or take tags for a week.

Going through ALL THE FEEDS AND TIMELINES one more time just now, I discovered that UnfuckYourHabitat was made aware of and mentioned the fact that I mentioned UnfuckYourHabitat in a fic, and liked that fact. So, with the nice buzz from this oddly circular flattery, I'm going to flounce off into the wilds of RL. See you all next Saturday!

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More fanfic

Jul. 2nd, 2012 10:43 pm
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I wrote (and finally posted) more Avengers fanfic:

I put up the third chapter of 'Bag Of Cats', my Loki/Tony fanfic, and yesterday, I spontaneously wrote a sequel to my spontaneous Darcy/Loki fanfic 'All English', entitled 'Blue Monsters'. It comes with special acknowledgements to [personal profile] ashen_key and [personal profile] innerbrat for valuable inspiration.-
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Why are all the 'Avengers' muns in some faraway time-zone so I'm never on when they are? **sniffles**
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The second chapter of my Avenger fanfic ‘Bag Of Cats’ is now online at AO3. This time, we’re looking at the plot unfolding from an entirely different pair of eyes.

Which fall into the eponymous bag of cats, metaphorically speaking: - hook, line, and sinker…


Jun. 11th, 2012 11:07 pm
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... I was suddenly impelled to write 'Avengers' fanfic while I really had lots of other things to do, when my life was 'splodinating in all directions anyway? And I got an AO3 account?

Having written the second chapter now (currently in beta), I finally trust that this is a thing that's happening, and have posted the first chapter.

May I introduce 'Bag of Cats', where Loki is imprisoned in Asgard and hatches a plan. That plan involves tricking Sigyn, charming Tony Stark while incognita, and generally striving to achieve by deceit what might be freely given under other circumstances -- a typical 'bag full of cats' Loki plan that involves shape-shifting, sex, and wasabi...

Thanks to [personal profile] paceisthetrick for the brilliantly merciless beta!
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Automated messages can be a good thing!

There is a special sort of small happiness that comes from turning on GTalk and seeing the mail notifies of the night go through, when there is both a) a tag on one of your favourite current slowtimes and b) an update notify from AO3 that your very favourite fanfic of the moment has finally updated.

Tag shall be replied to momentarily; the chapter of fic I will read after going to the gym with the Nazgul, to enjoy it properly.

What Maru loves at the moment, or, can there be recs? Yes. RP: Teja finally discovers that women are a thing; fanfic: an Avengers college AU that, with characters completely spot-on, would work as a original novel with a simple search-and-replace. Especially in the probably most done-to-death genre of AU fanfic. They're that good.

ETA: Ahh, and my tumblr dashboard greets me with random Loki. Ahh, yes, good morning, Loki. And now I'll go and do stuff IRL.-
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  • Giving notice at work, and getting a completely civilised reaction while still getting the satisfaction of seeing my soon-to-be-ex boss' face when he read that piece of paper.
  • Using 'I Do What I Want' in a facetious joking argument I was having with my sister via email.
  • Legitimately infiltrating the infamous 'loki' tag on tumblr with some sneaky Fat Acceptance activism.
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There was a tremendous hail- and thunderstorm here today, and I was seeking refuge under an awning while there was thunder and lightning and tremendous downpours that was so loud, I didn't even hear the loudly wailing (from the way its face scrunched up and its mouth was open) baby whose mother was hiding under the awning right next to me with the carriage, the street had turned into a white-water rafting area, and the hailstones were pinging off the pavement and hitting me like little icy pinpricks.

And I was standing there, grinning to myself, and thinking, "Really, Thor, you can't be that pissed off merely because all the fangirls like your little brother better than you?"
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So, as you my dear flist know, I'm from Germany, and I sometimes dredge up background stuff about European politics because I find it important.

This is my journal, and I get to write about what I find personally important, anyway.

So I'm going to explain about Stuttgart. There are several possible explanations of why Stuttgart of all places, and they happen on an IC and an OOC level both.

Spoilers are a given, as this is a srs bsns post If you haven't seen the movie yet and don't want to be spoilered -- avoid!!

So, a little multiple choice test.

Why did Joss Whedon pick Stuttgart?

a) As a very obscure slur on Loki's very wide scope of sexuality in Norse myth?
b) He stuck a pin in a map of the world?
c) Because of an Art Deco train station?

OOC Answers )

Why did Loki pick Stuttgart?

a) Because of engineering?
b) Because of a dangerous error in judgement?
c) Because he always wanted to pluck out an eyeball to the strains of Schubert's Rosamunde?

IC Answers )
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No cut, as these are no spoilers.

a) Why is there an entire album of hard'n heavy music for 'Avengers' if they only used ONE of them in the end credits, plus one song that is NOT ON THAT ALBUM for the entrance of Iron Man?

b) The movie is about 'What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?' Really, that's a bit of a leitmotif there. It literally happens several times, too.

c) Loki Loki Loki LOKI!!!


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