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 One of our customers is called Ansgar!!!

**giggles forever**
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Use commas!

-- dedicated to [personal profile] paceisthetrick, who thinks I use too many... ;=)
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First, I send that fellow to TV-Tropes for the first time in his life; then, I ask him a serious question per email.

And I wonder why he never replies?

It was me who cast his mind into the abyss from which some never return! Silly me!
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Dear cat, please don't sit on my chocolate! Unamused, your human.
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Dear world, I'm happy -- flist knows why. I need more gleeful Loki gifs to celebrate...


Nov. 7th, 2011 02:08 pm
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Welcome to a certain new reader -- you know who you are, if you do indeed find your way here. Do feel free to ignore whatever you don't understand, like the geeky SF and role-playing stuff, the scathing TV critiques and the silly 'memes'.

On the right side of this blog, there is a long list of tags; if you look for things like 'rl' (short for 'real life'), 'fat acceptance', 'fambly' or 'picture post', you'll find things about me, and not just ramblings about characters from books or vituperations about non-working internet services.

For the rest of the world: I gave the URLs of all my blogs to somebody from the rehab place, as that'll help him to get what I'm on about. When I started this journal in 2003, just letting an RL person in here would have been a bit edgy, but by now I think mainstream society has gotten used to what we geeks are like.-
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Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] teriel and his technology of Creating Magickal Entities!

Today I very consciously consulted in-depth with one of my entities, and his input (it's a male entity) helped me to avoid breaking no ends of metaphorical china...

I am so looking forward to Taylor's new book at Immanion Press.


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