Apr. 23rd, 2011 12:40 pm
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MacPhail is actually a name...
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Inner!Urq says: cool!!!

Now, can we please have that in 'crossbow bolts', too?
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A while ago, before I got my smartphone that does everything, I bought a Philips MP3 player because it was the most affordable brand name one that did everything I wanted and not MORE -- I didn't want one with video capability. I had to register the warranty with their web site for it to become valid, so I did.

Since then, they've been sending me emails with advertising for nice cool superfluous electronic products that I don't have the spare money for. But generally cool stuff, so I never felt the need to send them an email to tell them to stop, nor declare their messages spam so my Thunderbird would eat them.

Today, they sent me one for special full spectrum lights that would help me wake up in the darker mornings -- darker by an hour now, because we turned clocks back today. Good and sensible timing, especially for all the S.A.D. sufferers.

I, however, don't get that sort of winter blues. I love autumn and enjoy bright short winter days. Even if I had money to spare for cool superfluous electronics, I wouldn't want that one.

But I happen to have a fictional character in Milliways who does, and for whom affordability isn't the question. Now I just need a plotlet to get something like that to him...
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Remember the political uproar around the Stuttgart train station, the police using water cannons on schoolchildren and old age pensioners that I blogged about two weeks ago? The old man with the bleeding eyes?

I just heard that some of the cell phone videos of the event that were up on YouTube have been classified as 'not suitable for minors', and you only can view it when you log in. And it really is not -- it shows RL violence as dealt out by some big burly Uruk-Hai policeman.

Now the joke: one can assume that it was the police who denounced it to YouTube as too violent, in a vain bid to suppress it!
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[ profile] essayel found a cartoon about Asar-Suti:

More of these here.
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Yesterday, we saw this picture on the wall of the Blutenburg chapel, and wondered why that saint is so hairy. Now we found who he is: Saint Onuphrius.

The Little Lady and I just speculated that he is so fluffy because his name means 'beautiful rabbit' in the original ancient Egyptian...
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There's a new blog on the Cheezburger network where people get posted while making very unintentionally silly faces...
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"This bloody octopus is ruining my life's work!"

David Spiegelhalter, statistician from Cambridge, about Paul the Psychic Octopus of Oberhausen*

*Link is in German; original Times article is behind a f*cking paywall. Thanks to the Nazgul for the quote and the link.


Jul. 3rd, 2010 01:05 am
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OMG what Luciano de Crescenzo called a Neapolitan Swastika Jam. In real life. Probably in America, to judge from the buildings.
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There are deep passes you just can't ignore. You just can't.

People just invite you and leave their defence so wide open, you can't resist.

The pun absolutely has to be made.
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[ profile] alas_a_llama? You were right. Totally right:

((found here))
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Everybody's suggestions for the LolUrq were good, but [ profile] corchen's was the one that made me laugh out loudest, and which is funny for people who don't know the charrie.

So: - pick something I should write a short fic about, or a person or subject for ten icons?
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In the early 1990s, I used to love MacGuyver...

I re-watched some terribly cheesy old episode today which is one of the oldest things on Vladimir Kulich's IMDb entry.

He plays a big blond goon with a German name who is, well, blond.

And looking terribly eighties, which is no surprise, as it's an episode from 1989.

So I took some screen caps as you have to prepare in time when you want to be mean to your pups later.

This one, however, positively beg for a LOLcat style caption, but I can't for the life of me think of one. So, here's a chance for everybody (whether they do know the character I'm using this PB for from Milliways, or only from the writeup of his AU version, from my mentioning him here, or not at all):

=>Competition time!!

Suggest a caption for this picture which can then be added with the ICHC LolBuilder (breaking news, demotivational etc.)! The winner gets a short fic of their own choosing about anything whatsoever, or ten icons of whatever they want.

I might be needing practice in GIMP anyway...
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Just now, in GTalk:

Me: Yadda yadda yadda horrible slavery! I was here at 20 to 10 today! There's not enough coffee in the world!

Nazgul: And I was going to ask you how about going swimming on Friday.

Me: **thinks about ahhhhhh warm water, drifting about while looking at marine monsters on the ceiling** Not a bad idea! But not all that late.

Nazgul: deadpanDo you have to take Urquhart for walkies afterwards?

Me: **almost snarfs what coffee there is onto screen** ROFL!!!! Erm, yes, I'd quite like to be home in the evening for RPing.

Actually, it's not so much Urq on Friday, rather the last day of fashion shoots in Morningstar Manor for which I play the photographer (my main charrie there) and the designer (an NPC), but anyway, yes, I want the RL excursion done before RP gets hopping and people want me there. And while it's generally nice that RL people take that into account, I find it hilarious how the Nazgul put it in words.-


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