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Today, there were even more billboards advertising the start of 'Mad Men' in German television. My whole train station is full of Joan in backlit glass cases!

The one with Don and Rachel (yay Rachel!) says 'Behind each successful woman, there is a man leering at her ass', and the one with Joan says, 'In the leading role, the role of women [in society]', which sounds less starchy in German than in translation.

Here is the first slogan again, on a large outdoor billboard, done with Peggy and Pete, and this

this is the best I could get of the larger version with Joan on it.
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At the end of a long day with lots of spontaneity at work and an excursion to feed the Nazgul's budgies, I was sitting in the train feeling slightly grumpy and only wanting home any more, idly listening to two women in their late fifties that had come from Oktoberfest and had obviously met there, because they were telling each other basics about their life stories.

I couldn't help it, they were right behind me, and not quite worth getting my MP3 player back out for.

One of them was telling the other about how she'd been born in Cincinnati and come to Germany as a professional singer, and how much she loves classical music, etc.

"Can you sing 'Ave Maria'?" the other asked.

And she just started to sing.

In a soft, perfect mezzo, very warm and gentle, not loud at all, with a bit too much tremolo (but that was to be expected, in a almost-sixty-year-old voice), she sang the Bach/Gounod Ave Maria in the middle of a suburban train.

Everybody turned their heads and fell silent.

The woman she sang it for had tears in her eyes. I don't know what the music reminded her of (my storyteller's instinct tells me it might have been her mother's funeral), but it was an utterly moving moment.

It had not been an especially nice, or just remarkable, day for me, before. But now, it definitely was.

One I won't forget.-

Brain rush

Mar. 7th, 2009 01:55 pm
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Far be it from me to tell Americans what to do from a European perspective, but when I was answering a comment just now, I had a brain rush: the larger Detroit area should get an S-Bahn! Money might come from the stimulus package. A polycentric S-Bahn system as in the Ruhr area would probably work very well there.-

The contact form at whitehouse.gov wants a US zip code, or I'd drop the idea there and think of something else that's closer to my immediate concerns. Any idea where to best drop that idea off so it gets heard? [livejournal.com profile] cracicotus (<=expert) or [livejournal.com profile] ceitfianna (<= person because of whose mention of Ann Arbor I spent part of my morning reading up on those places)? Any idea what the best place would be to dump the concept of Detroit/S-Bahn OTP?


Mar. 6th, 2009 12:52 pm
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Public transport? In the US?

Somebody please pinch me to prove that I'm awake and not dreaming of a better world where people suddenly see sense...


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