Jun. 8th, 2014 11:53 am
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For the first time since setting up my main laptop computer with Windows 8 in early January, I'm running it on the external cooler -- all of a sudden, it's turned from 'cold as a witches' titty' to 'too fucking hot'. Within about three days.



Jan. 14th, 2011 11:54 am
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I can see blue sky! No water or white stuff is falling from the sky!The sun is shining!

It still exists. I am so relieved.-


Jul. 22nd, 2010 08:21 pm
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It is just sitting up there in the sky, doing nothing. There are clouds, it is windy, but otherwise, it's just too darn hot.

Lucifer is lying by the french windows again, listless.

Today at work, the network fainted five times from the heat (some hardware in a node in Loonybin Village kept turning itself off), and the actual hardware under my desk (Compaq computer made in 2000 and running Win98, essentially a dumb terminal for the virtual XP computer that lives on a big server in a data centre somewhere beyond the node in Loonybin Village) spontaneously restarted itself twice.

And when I got home, the graphics board on my big laptop needed a special invitation to switch over to windows, as it sometimes does when it's too hot; but the cooler pad I bought on [ profile] bigfluffball's advice is taking care of it very well now, so there's no danger of it fainting from the heat now it's running properly.

ETA at half past nine: It came! It finally came, and now is cooling down nicely. Erm. Not that way.-
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... and it won't cool down.

But I don't mind so much today because I know what I am suffering for.

The hay harvest of my colleague Lena, in whose stables my cats were born. She needs that hay to get her horses over the next winter without too much cost.

She said she'll get the hay in by tomorrow afternoon; tomorrow evening, it can rain. Until then, I'll sweat without complaint.

And if there's a little tabby-and-white tomcat left over by the end of the summer, I'll take him and call him Faun. If not, maybe next year...
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I don't need

I've had that in RL nonstop since last Sunday...
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We are having rain and thunder right now.

I hope it washes the Eyafjallajökull ash cloud right out of the air. Then people can go to Hanover Messe as planned, and my colleagues won't return early from that trade fair to pester me with spontaneity on the days I set aside for catching up with the stuff their spontaneity often keeps me from.-

Thank you, universe.-


Apr. 16th, 2010 03:12 pm
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I meant to wash my windows this weekend, at long last, as the Nazgul is kendo-ing in Heidelberg and I've got the entire Sunday to potter around in housework related matters.

Now the ash from the Eyjafjallajökull eruption on Iceland is coming and promising to deposit a thin layer of dust everywhere in North and Middle Europe.

**rolls eyes**

Reality is conspiring against me washing my windows! And they need it.-

Sphinx, who has been on holiday in Iceland twice already, tells me which places from her lovely holiday pictures (which I very much enjoyed looking at) have most likely been destroyed by the volcano. The cute little local museum run by that ancient and very friendly farmer, and the waterfall behind which people could walk... Such a pity!
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1. Why is it March 6th and snowing like that? I know, I know, it did so a few years ago, too. That's no reason to do it now. However, I did most of my shopping yesterday (just want to go to the eco-supermarket and satisfy my curiosity about washnuts), and on Tuesday, when I was in the laundrette, some guru said on the radio that there would be snow on the weekend, but right after that spring will really come. So there is hope.-

2. Why are some of the best and most universally appealing posts that turn up on my flist invariably flocked? No, I don't mean you -- apart from the part where you write like a young goddess, too, and have really interesting stories to tell. But really, the things that languish in obscurity there -- moving, funny, brilliant, quotable things only given to a choice few! Okay, I flock music posts and suchlike, too. But for some reason, some of the best posts from the best bloggers on my flist are flocked. It's like going, 'Oooooooh look at the shiny -- erm, not.'

3. Why is everybody travelling all over the place this weekend? The Nazgul is in a kendo camp and communicating via text massaging in the breaks (including the very tipsy ones last night, from drinking with the sensei), in addition to everybody in Milliways traipsing around for reasons of spring break.
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Is there anybody here except the southern hemisphere people (Ashie and Elthon, AFAIK) who does not have snow?
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There's snow outside. Hot tea to wake me up. Purring cats on my divan with me. A hot bath in my immediate future, before work, to keep [ profile] nazgulwears' cold from even considering to settle on me next.

And a thread of others discussing my pup to read. Again. Urquhart is a bit of a plot centrifuge, really. He touches somebody, and they start reacting and talking to others and preparing a way to deal with the dangerous lunatic.

While being quite a success with the women. That's canon, too, in the way he charms Maria -- before shooting her through the eye, of course. Saffron is the most fascinating of them, a challenge and an equal, but really, he'll take what he can.

He does, by the way, absolutely take 'No' for an answer, no hard feelings or persecutions. He will argue that he gets his women with either charm or money (totally willing to pay for a professional and use her services, that's canon as well), and the day that neither will get him laid in some way is probably the day he should give up trying. So if he flirts with your female charrie? He'll have no problem with being brushed off, nor cause one for your pup.-
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(As to have one Urquhart-free post today:)

While The Island is groaning (rightfully so!) about Greenland having stolen the gulf stream (What does it want with it, thaw out all its Eskimo mummies like the ones from Qilakitsoq*??), the effect that all this has on the landscape is very pretty.

**ducks from all the snowballs the Brits start hurling at this unfeeling blasphemy**

*No clicky linky if you don't want to see m-things right away!! Wikipedia, as I have often remarked, likes to have gory pictures jump right at you and disturb you deeply when you look something up, and you can't ask them to take them away, because of neutrality and accuracy...


Oct. 27th, 2009 07:03 pm
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OMG it is the time of year where I feel some of my ancestors were bears. If I lived in Anita Blake's world, I'm sure I'd be a were-bear.

Damn, do I ever want to hibernate right now! I had an entire package of chocolate-covered espresso beans at work today, and still never managed to wake up completely. If I suddenly fall off the internet tonight, that's what will have got at me.-

OMG cold!

Oct. 14th, 2009 06:38 pm
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It's grown really cold all of a sudden, with flurries of snow that has scared the suburban trains (big and red and cowardly, just like Lucifer) really badly, so the entire schedule is buggered up. Getting to and from work today was a bit of a chore.

But that's not the OMG cold I mean! I mean the virtual cold in Milliways' virtual outside that Teja and [ profile] ashen_key's newest pup Kait Galweigh agree on abhorring. No snow please, we're from the Mediterranean!

And Google Ads, in its great wisdom, gave me the following in the sidebar of the Gmail thread with all the notifies:

Nose warmers!!! Mwahahahahahah!!! **keels over laughing**
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It is still pissing down hard, and I am so pissed off by not being able to go to Kaltenberg, I even use rude vocabulary and don't thread because my charries would get mun bleed.

One single good thing today: new phone. Having it on hand means I get to take spontaneous pictures of the cats being cute.

Here is Mephi, for example, sitting on the TV and worshipping UFOs.

My kitties, canoodling.-

Cut for feline TMI, and human lamentation )
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Dear World,

you have about five hours to be stopping this deluge already. Or I shall be infinitely pissed off.


- Maru

ETA: It's still raining now in the afternoon, and icy cold. We're not going. I'm REALLY pissed off!
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We hereby officially announce that summer 2009 has been cancelled in Germany.

The cats are already regrowing their winter coat, and eating and sleeping lots, because of the additional metabolic stress.-
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It's March 25th 2009, and it is still snowing.-

On the other hand, it is March 25th 2009, and after years of waiting, I finally have the third book of 'Stone Dance Of The Chameleon'. The bloke apparently not only managed to finally write it, his editors did edit it, the printers printed, the bookbinders bound it as a hardcover, then the books were shipped, some of them to Amazon, and Amazon actually shipped a copy to me.

It is called 'The Third God'. It has triceratopsoid creatures on the cover. I will now read it.-
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Today is March 24th, right? Next weekend, daylight saving starts in Europe and all other places of the northern hemisphere that had not been Bush'ed, right?

Why, oh why, is it then snowing in fat white flakes that even stick to the ground outside the paths, coming down exactly like a burst feather duvet? My little black cat is jumping as high as my head at the french window in the kitchen, trying to catch the flakes drifting past or even hovering in an updraft.

On March 24th! It ain't natural!!

ETA: Now with pictorial proof: a picture the Nazgul took of the snowfall in her courtyard, right now:

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Cool air drifting past.
Finally, the rains have come.
Maru is happy.


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