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I wrote a Milliways fic about Hannibal playing chess with Dracula and remembering his first visist to Paris that is pertinent to all the things, among them the de-aging plot that started in Milliways tonight.

It contains headcanon which is just an open invitation to be Jossed, but never mind...

Prompt me?

Mar. 8th, 2013 06:54 pm
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Will take #ficfriday prompts here or on Twitter: 140 characters there as usual, three sentences there! For any of my Milli!charries, anything you know me to be into, or have written about as per AO3, or even Morningstar Manor if any of those muns is still hanging around...

Have at!
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Spontaneously, an idea fell into my brain, and I picked it up and wrote it:

Ignominiously Incognito Among Ignorants

X-Men, post X-3, past Erik/Charles

After losing both his powers and Charles, Erik Lehnsherr is condemned to go on living as a nobody.
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Here's me with my contributor's copy of Paraimminence, bringing up my number of published short stories to a grand total of two.

And again, all the thanks in the world to [profile] elin_gregory who whipped the mess of material I had into short-story shaped form.

On amazon.co.uk
On amazon.com

There doesn't seem to be an e-book version of any kind.-
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Here is the fourth chapter of 'Bag Of Cats' that I finished on Wednesday, all decommafied by [personal profile] paceisthetrick and posted up on AO3. Chapter 5 is done as well and will be posted (and announced) in the course of the weekend.-
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At long last, I've found something to crack the point where I was stuck with my Avengers fanfic, 'Bag Of Cats'.

I inserted just a dash of smut at the place where I was stuck, faded to black on it, faded in again where I needed people for the actual plot to continue, and took it from there.

The rest came out in one big chunk, having sat all ready in my mind for months.

It's finished, the beta (our lovely friend [personal profile] paceisthetrick, to whom I am very grateful for her decommafication of my writing and her very useful observations otherwise!) is added to the doc, all is done and waiting for the dusting.

Then, I can post the chapter and the coda, and turn my mind to new creative ventures...
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I went to see Thomas the Metropolitan about photography and  learned a lot, and came away with telephoto lens for 'my' Pentax. Ooops. Now I owe him more money -- but as he's going to let me have and keep the Pentax for a VERY moderate price, and there is money in my future in the shape of new job with three months of overlap which means regular moneys from old slavery, and freelance pay from new job, I can afford to pay him off.

But before that, I woke up with a post-Avengers fanfic (ooops!!) complete in my brain, struggling to get out sideways all at once in a big bloody chunk of brainwidth, so I slapped the plot outline into a Gdoc and shall now proceed to write it. The Nazgul arrives at seven for going to the gym, but before that, I can make a start. Would anybody here volunteer to beta before I post it to my brand-new AO3 account? It's going to be a short, in four easy-to-handle parts.

Tomorrow, I go to Prien again with the Lady Lena as I asked to come along the next time she has business there, as I need stuff from St. Irmingard that I failed to buy when I was there in autumn; also, I want to have a shot with the Pentax at that amazing landscape. Now with extra telephoto lens!!

And in the evening, the friend at whose agency I'm going to work will pop by and show me a few things and watch a movie of some sort (non-avengers-related, but I am not that braineaten to mind), so until then, I think I'll have done stuff of some description, but can't yet predict if it's going to be fanfic, picture post, paid work, or something else entirely. It all wants out at the same time.

People can use opiates (and get addicted to them) because there are receptors for that sort of thing in our brains that will react to endorphins, the kind of hormones that cause runner's high and the like. I guess whatever originally owned the receptors to which cocaine or crack docks? My system is probably awash with it right now. I wish I could split myself so I can do all these things at once. Cress! Telephoto lens! Gym! Avengers! Drupal! Picture post! Cats! Prien! Salad! Loki, Loki, Loki!

Erm, yes. Tea, I think...
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There was a documentary just now about the popular German 19th century writer Karl May, who stands out for having colourfully and very successfully written about things and places he only knew from books, more or less pretending that all those invented adventures had been his own when during that time he'd actually been in Saxonian jail for having been a con man -- some of the things he did actually sound rather like something Moist von Lipwig might have done.

There are issues of the dreaded cultural appropriation things around what he wrote, and also strong slashy undertones, but that's not at issue.

What astonished me was the way the documentary makers went around in the man's library that is still in the house he built from the truckloads of money he made with his novels, pulled out books and went 'Oooh! It is all in here! He read books about it and then used what he learned from them! Amazing! Look, here are his notes in the margin!"


I have got news for you. That's what we all do when we write about places where we can't go, or times we can't unfortunately not travel back to. 17th century sailing ships, both of the naval and the piratical kind? Scythians wandering with their wagons? 6th century Rome in its death throes? St. Petersburg in 1916? Mount Athos, especially if you're female?

It's called research, dudes, and combining research with imagination is what allows us to tell captivating tales that feel real and gritty, even if they're not, and we've made it all up.

Okay, we don't claim it was us who did all that. If we do, nobody usually believes us, and our main charrie will be branded a Mary Sue. Actually, to be quite blunt, May's first person narrators 'Old Shatterhand' and 'Kara ben Nemsi' are the biggest literary Marty Stus ever written.

But still, my mind boggles at the thought that these documentary film makers thought that 'research + imagination = storytelling' was anything to be very astonished about, in turn.

In other news, I was just defrauded out of an entire hour! This will force me to reset ALL THE CLOCKS in the house and make me intrinsically late for days on end. And I need to catch a train on Thursday. Waugh, world, why can't we stop doing this? It has been proven it's useless.
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My copy of 'Paragenesis' arrived yesterday! Now I have the book with my short story in on paper, to touch and carry around! Here it's lying face-down on one of the little outside tables of my favourite Italian café, where I was enjoying one of the last few nice days of the year while reading up on what everybody else wrote for it.

Today, my order from Evans arrived as well! I had to get Falk the Metropolitan to take some pics of me wearing it at once, as I can't possibly wait with posting about it on my tumblr until the Nazgul is back from the Fake Plastic Trees. Today she was in Muscat, haggling over the price of daggers...

Autumn arrived as well, so here you see my cats, cuddled up in my wonderful dark purple fleece blanket, being comfy and cosy. I have been mean to them by buying a little bottle of catnip scent oil with which I made them go doolally earlier. Anything can be turned into instant catnippy kitty lovedoll now!

Also, a discful of recent Bollywood music as MP3 arrived as well. I was at the Indian shop this afternoon, getting more chai spices, and when I took out my earphones to ask the bloke behind the counter about some Bollywood movies, I realised that my life contained entirely too much Medieval Scottish Heavy Metal Bagpipe Folk Rock, and not enough Bollywood, so I hastened to remedy that!

What did not arrive was episode 4.10 of 'Mad Men' on surfthechannel.com. They didn't even make an entry for it. I am worried...
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As of today, I am officially a published author of short fiction in an anthology. Which is up on Amazon.com and printed on dead trees, so it counts.

I officially crossed over.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] wiebke for kicking that almost-dead project back to life!
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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] burning_bryght, [livejournal.com profile] alchemistseraph and [livejournal.com profile] i_open_doors:

You claim one or two character/flavour combination, I write 100-300 words about it. Feel free to specify a pairing (canon or crossover!) you'd like to see, but I'm not making any promises to that end.

I offer you two Manor charries (Andras and Ricky) and two Milli-charries (Teja and the freshly-apped-for-plot-reasons Donovan Reece), so you can take your pick. The first three I know rather well, and as for Donovan, I hope to get to know him better through whatever flavour I may end up writing for him.

Requesting a combination does NOT mean you have to do the meme as well, totally not! So go ahead and ask for one.-

Look at my table! )
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With the brilliant new Star Trek movie, fanfic writers and readers are rediscovering K/S, the grandmother of all slash.

So, as a service to those only now getting into this, I offer you my old fics in that fandom:

The Demon of Beta 55

First-time fic set during the Original Series and trying to stick as closely to its look-and-feel as possible, including the cheesy special effects, and resetting all to 'start' for the next episode. I wrote this in 1993 before I had ever read and actual K/S fics that were mostly in hectographed zines at the time; I had only heard of the concept, and re-watched all the eps recently. This is my take, at the time, of what it would be like.

Mastery of the Unavoidable
'Established relationship' fic steeped in fandom and set  between movies 1 and 2. Picks up some of the thoughts I had about slash on the one hand as I had read it by then, and the RL gay people I knew at the time (1994) and still know, largley thanks to... -- well, read the story!
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I just had an email from Crowley. The subject line was "Ticket Updated". What what what what??? Ticket for what? With Crowley? Will Aziraphale come as well? - It turned out to be spam, with a randomly generated sender's name.

Some people on my flist are starting NaNoWriMo, about which I found a funny story about a year ago - not NaNoWriMo as such, but someone who did it and prevailed long before the concept are invented. I posted it last year, but there's so many new people this year, it merits a link if not a re-post:

(NaNoWriMo is one month late!!)

In other news: the suspense is killing me, and I can't do a bloody thing! I shall spend tonight being Lajos instead of glued to the TV, though. I don't want to lay waste to my sofa and become a nervous wreck. Tomorrow morning will tell me either hope or desaster.
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I was just testing the new A9 search engine(Google + Amazon + IMDB, nicely done) by asking the obvious, and when I aked for "Dmitri Pavlovich" the first thing it brough up was - my Wikipedia article, as stolen by some commercial free encyclopedia which simply uses Wikipedia and adds ads. And a bit further down, again. And then the actual Wikipedia link.

What the web has to say about Dmitri now is what I found out!! Schoolkids and students the world over that have to mention him in the course of their studies will go with what I had to say about him. It doesn't say it was me who said so, such is the nature of Open Source (unless you have the Wikipedia version, of course, which has version histories for all articles), but still, I am tickled deep magenta! I am the one now who got to tell the world who Dmitri was.



Aug. 16th, 2004 05:01 pm
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I just realised that the 2-page text I am supposed to write for money this week will allow me to go on at great length about ethical dilemmas and reversals in Terry Pratchett's books - and I will get paid the rough equivalent of 300 Dollar (American, not Ankh-Morpork!) for doing something I might, at the slightest provocation, do on my LJ anyway!!!

If there are enough words left over from the amount I am allowed to write (my problem is writing too much, as a rule, not too little), I might even drop names like Tomjon and Teppic and Carrot and Vimes. For money!!

Even if it's just freelancing for the free blah-blah-blurb magazines you get in book shops: writing and getting paid for it is really glorious. I don't realise that enough.

(The subject, for anybody interested, is "Redemption in Modern Mystery and Fantasy Novels".)
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I had this idea about four weeks ago and have been working on it on and off ever since, finished it on the train going hubwards north, then [livejournal.com profile] schiarire betaed it for me (Thanks ever so much!!!), and now I'll post it.

I hope you like it. It's the night after Locke went home, and it's about everybody who was around at that time (at least the active characters).

Only members of the [livejournal.com profile] discworld_rpg will probably be able to make sense out of this; everybody is quite welcome to read it as well, of course. If you like what I gave your character(s), of course it's yours to keep...

Night )
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Perhaps some of you have heard me going on about me pet theory about the Recurring Character Archetypes some writers have popping up in many of their books? I know about mine - but something [livejournal.com profile] schiarire said to me by email today made me realise I not only have to write him, I very much like to read him as well.

Warning: within might be rambling nonsense, pertaining only to fandom things some you have never heard of. On the other hand, within might be the beginning of a potential Inception article...

Long ramble about writers and their favourite characters )
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...and brings ruins to life.

With the right sort of story to go with it, even a derelict old building is newsworthy:

(Sorry, link is in German; only [livejournal.com profile] wiebke, [livejournal.com profile] floppy_hat and [livejournal.com profile] japanologist can understand this properly from among you. Still, I'm proud of the accomplishment.)
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I guess it's my turn now as well. The way I haven't been writing lately starts getting on my nerves.

My novel characters are looking at me from their pictures on my wall with something nearing saddened reproach for my negligence. The only place where I have been writing these last weeks is here in my livejournal, and of course my reviews at Areion.

I wish I had the serene indifference towards the speed one works at that Ricardo has, but I can't be that nonchalant, what with the Lady Iris, my no. 1 beta, bugging me whenever we meet for a walk with her charming dogs, and Dmitri looking at me from the wall like that:

It might be my own fault for hanging up such a picture, but then, I have been opting out of accepting anything to be my fault lately, as that seems to be a life-long issue with me...

A propos of Ricardo, Amazon has delivered "The Standing Dead" by now, but I haven't started on it yet, as the same delivery contained "Bone Mountain" by Eliot Pattison, and I have always had keep-the-best-for-last tendencies...


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