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  1. I will not advise my Little Lady to do her mandatory internship at Night Vale Community Radio
  2. I will not train my cats to do the dishes
  3. I will not roast a whole dodo for any holiday whatsoever
  4. I will not intentionally topple the precarious rock in Thingvellir
  5. I will not join either HYDRA or SHIELD
Happy New Numbers, as Russell Brand so aptly put it.-
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  1. I will not grow a garden in my bathroom.
  2. I will not pursue plans to be turned into a vampire.
  3. I will not slaughter any arch-enemy of mine just to make tandoori liver.
  4. I will not buy a motorcycle for my Little Lady.
  5. I will not paint my cats' claws magenta.
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  1. I will not drown strange kiddies in the swimming pool.
  2. I will not hire a Ukrainian hit man to kill my Little Lady's maths teacher.
  3. I will not take my cats to Wiesbaden just to hunt the mice in my parents' garage.
  4. I will not compete in a triathlon.
  5. I will not offer blood sacrifice to Loki.
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As I have done in recent years, I will state some resolutions that I can and will keep in 2012.

1. I will not buy a space suit for my little black cat.

2. I will not paint all my walls entirely black.

3. I will always remember where up is.

4. I will not attempt to teach my littlest nephew Finnish.

5. I will not shoot my she-boss at point blank range.

In that spirit: - have a happy 2012!
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My doable New Years' resolutions 2011:

  1. I will not build a machine that translates my cats' thoughts into human words
  2. I will not arm-wrestle Vladimir Putin
  3. I will not date a faun with spotty fur
  4. I will not build a tunnel underneath the Post Meadow
  5. I will not buy a bow and arrows especially to shoot next year's fireworks-throwing orcs

[[2009 was here, 2010 here! The original idea of these was [livejournal.com profile] camwyn's, as far as I know.]]
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((Last year's are here. I kept them all!!))

1. I will not hunt the Loch Ness monster in its native habitat.

2. I will not make a fleece blanket out of the fur my cats shed, however much I am tempted.

3. I will not buy an SUV.

4. I will not acquire a rocket launcher in RL.

5. I will not raise a full-sized pet tiger.
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  1. I will not use my Danish battle-axe to decapitate anybody except superfluous Siemens, Hypo RealEstate, Opel, or general bank and hedge fond managers designated for public deletion.-
  2. I will not teach Mephisto to tap-dance.
  3. I will not nuke the Miserable Village unless provoked.


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