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So, I have been home for two days now, but my mum was here, and she doesn't like it when I'm at my computer while she's talking to her, and as she was really very, very helpful, I didn't insist.

So, I am home, I am still quite anaemic but getting better per iron pill and per day, and picking up where I left off.

For Milliways, that means I tagged all the old threads, but won't mind if anybody fades where we are; I'll put up a new multipup post to celebrate my return soon, anyway.

Okay. On with things now.-
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My new sports jacket is very brightly orange.

Also, I walked 5K in 1:05 h -- personal best. Must be the very, very familiar route to the old castle by the river Rhine that I often walk with my mum. She kept the time, and I just walked.-

Okay, done

May. 29th, 2012 06:18 pm
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I've gone and signed the contract at my new job; I've got the written notice for the old one in my backpack to hand in tomorrow.

Also, I de-flocked the entry where I first talked about it; it's official now.

I can now crow and cackle as much as I want!!
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... sorta, because I have a new job: - I'll be starting in the little agency (Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce sized, not Sterling Cooper sized) where my old, old friend [livejournal.com profile] japanologist is a partner in September (officially and salaried-ly), but will do jobs for them before, which is very doable, as I only work part-time at my present slavery.

I'll be doing everything I can there: - managing servers, databases, CMSes, filling and building web sites (Stephan will teach me Drupal programming, too), editing graphics, typesetting, copywriting, translating, anything that needs doing. They do mostly online stuff and promotions, not classic print media (which is dead, anyway), but basically,yes,  I'll be joining a modern day version of one of my favourite TV shows.

I'll bet you anything that before the year is out, I'll have used Finnish for them, and taken pictures with my beloved Pentax (which I will now be able to buy off Thomas the Metropolitan) in some bland but professional capacity as well. Everybody does anything they can and that is needed, just as they tend to do at SCDP.

It'll be part time (20 hours, which I work now as well, but for a better salary and an option for 30 hours when I've learned the ropes, found me feet and do projects on my own), and that's what I wanted so I can still RP into the night and write for-pay articles for those book magazines. Oh, and if my present slavery wants me to carry on with my biweekly column in their new e-law newsletter, I'll do so as well for the usual fee, no problem. I'm definitely not ragequitting. Ragequitting is unprofessional and only causes more stress than it relieves. Much as I will be happy to never, ever see Madame Main-Stressor again, ever.

I'll sign the contract next Friday (25th), so that's why I am keeping this flocked for the moment, but I'm already in their system, have an email address and a Google drive account there, will be making my 'official' realname Google+ account for work (so if some Martina circles you in the next few weeks or so, that'll be me) so I can do official tech and promo communication there, etc., and have generally hit the ground with my feet already running -- I did the first work with the CMS for them today, putting an article online and fiddling with the illustrations, of which there were far too many to let the text flow around comfortably...

And I won't have to hide who and what I am -- nothing of it! Not the RPing, the fannishness, the geekery, the sports, the HAES, nothing! Stephan knows my blogs, I showed the lady who had the idea to hire me around [community profile] collected_fudz ('That fish chowder -- best thing EVER EVER EVER!!') because they have cooking related projects, there is no need to hide either Yakalskovich or Sethos or Xarminta there, on the contrary, it's an advantage that I've been blogging since 2003 and have been writing text with a wild variety of disparate people in different time zones over the internet as a matter of course for years and years. Stephan even holds similar political views and knows I've joined the Pirate Party recently. I can use everything that I know and enjoy and am good at, and they're even going to pay me money for it!

And I'm going to be in an RL version of Mad Men. Sorta...

**squees incoherently and skips off**
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Er, what? -- Yes, today was Easter again, the Orthodox one; and for the first time in many years, the Nazgul and I didn't go to the Orthodox celebration last night because I was sick. Not as badly as I was on, say, Wednesday (oh my, I was pretty much out of it that night!), but not as improved as I am today.

I saw the Greek guy opposite come home with his family, with some still-burning candles and in a festive mood, and was all jealous because I hadn't been at that church in that milling mass of people and candles and cheerful kids and ancient Byzantine chanting. I love Orthodox Easter.

On the other hand, main thing is really next Sunday -- if I'm fit again for the run/walk in Landshut, then it was a celebration well sacrificed.-
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I did this today -- and am really satisfied with it.


Feb. 3rd, 2012 08:50 pm
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Gym membership was obtained, two units of sports were done cheerfully and without undue exertion (which only leads to soreness), but I still really need this on a t-shirt.
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Russian politics are in an uproar, and LJ as the main Russian language blogging platform, gets DDOSed. It makes sense, and I don't blame LJ in the least.

I just hope for Russia that the people can prevail and get a real democracy, just as the Arabic countries did/are doing.

Country domino: Russia!
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It is still very warm here, in the double digit degrees Celsius; but still, I thought some icicles were in order. These are made of clear plastic and LEDs and provide the frostiness that nature will not yet provide.

Also, the Temmincks are now trying to invade the Miserable Village where I work, under the guise of holding advent concerts. Yes, that guy is spelling his name slightly differently, but I won't be fooled by the 'gh' or the Baroque recorder he promises to be playing...

The Temminck thing is only understandable to those on my flist who once used to be in the Morningstar Manor RPG. We had a family of evil tycoons mostly played by me who made everybody's life quite difficult but provided us with endless and exciting plot, and their last name was Temminck, named for a species of pangolin because their business was called Pangolin Constructions. On the other hand, if Pangolin or somebody like them tried to take over the Miserable Village and turn it into a mall, that would be an enormous improvement for that little Boredomville...
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Another step back towards normalcy -- my hair has a COLOUR again!


Nov. 24th, 2011 06:13 pm
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I'm home, and even Mephi is talking to me again. Lucifer hugged and cuddled for twenty minutes straight at the first chance he got to catch me sitting.

All is well now.
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Tomorrow will be my last day at the rehab place; on Thursday, I will go home to my cats at last.

As there are four official units of sports, and imaginative relaxation while around the time of sunset, this was already my last Chiemsee sunset.

This is the 'Goodbye St. Irmingard's' post. Goodbye tranquil lake and beautiful mountains -- the day after tomorrow, I finally get my life back!
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Here are some small observations from the last few days, minus the spider who is in another post so even the arachnophobes on my flist can safely look at the pretty lake views!

Cut for several pictures )


Nov. 7th, 2011 02:08 pm
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Welcome to a certain new reader -- you know who you are, if you do indeed find your way here. Do feel free to ignore whatever you don't understand, like the geeky SF and role-playing stuff, the scathing TV critiques and the silly 'memes'.

On the right side of this blog, there is a long list of tags; if you look for things like 'rl' (short for 'real life'), 'fat acceptance', 'fambly' or 'picture post', you'll find things about me, and not just ramblings about characters from books or vituperations about non-working internet services.

For the rest of the world: I gave the URLs of all my blogs to somebody from the rehab place, as that'll help him to get what I'm on about. When I started this journal in 2003, just letting an RL person in here would have been a bit edgy, but by now I think mainstream society has gotten used to what we geeks are like.-

Lady's Isle

Nov. 6th, 2011 08:09 pm
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Today, I went to the smaller island in the lake where there is a Benedictine nuns' convent that has been working nearly uninterruptedly since the 8th century.

Cut for Bavarian postcard subjects )
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Here in Prien, there is a street named for the author of Teja's canon!

Turns out he used to spend many summers in this area while he lived in Munich, and later on, he even wrote a short historical novel about it, which I have promptly found online at Projekt Gutenberg (German version, of course) and have now started reading. It's billed as a 'short novel from the migration era' (just like the infamous 'Gelimer'), and I can't say anything about it as I have only just started reading it...


Nov. 4th, 2011 07:13 pm
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Today started out as a bit of uphill work, but I then my doctor picked me spontaneously to test a brand-new echocardiography machine on me, with the company rep explaining the functions of that new model while she worked, which was really interesting (yay new machinery of any kind), and from then on, things went swimmingly, I managed to get my points across, I managed to get an early permission to go swimming because of the very nice things the brand-new machine had to say about me, all the measurements that had been off dropped back to normal, I totally hijacked the session with the dietician I was scheduled for, and then I took a walk by the lake to de-stress.

Cut for shamelessly beautiful scenery )
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Normally, hospitals are considered nasty places, and people will not post pictures from them when they have been there.

But I was in a handsome, well-constructed and well-cared for hospital built in the early eighties, and I actually liked the place and was glad I was there and nowhere else. In fact, when I was taken somewhere else, all I thought of was to get away from there.

So, here are pictures from my non!holiday type absence.

Pictures of a hospital )

I fled!

Oct. 28th, 2011 12:22 pm
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I am home!! I got my heparin to inject myself, and then was sent home. Next Thursday I go to Prien for rehab, but now I have a few days to re-tame my feral cats.

Lucifer loves me, but Mephisto is horrified the time of feline rule and freedom is over.-


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